Addendum 1 to Sedlescombe Parish Council’s Superfast for Sedlescombe ‘Final Report’ dated 4 March

We have now been able to establish that the area covered by the Sedlescombe Exchange is far greater than was first thought.  In consequence the case for an early upgrade of the Sedlescombe exchange is considerably stronger than the Report suggests. 

It is now known that the Sedlescombe Exchange also covers a substantial part of the adjoining parish of Whatlington.   It is stressed that this area contains a significant proportion of home-based businesses in addition to the 50(?) units on the Vinehall Farm Business Centre and that these are positioned at the furthermost distance from the exchange.


Whatlington falls outside the scope of Sedlescombe Parish Council’s Report and, as a neighbouring parish, is outside the jurisdiction of Sedlescombe Parish Council.  However, it forms a crucial part of the case for an early upgrade to the Sedlescombe Exchange and thus needs to be taken into account.  Sedlescombe’s case is otherwise seriously understated.


In terms of registrations of interest it is important to note that Whatlington Parish Council has encouraged their parishioners to sign on to the County Council’s website and these are therefore not included in the well over 200 registrations already made by Sedlescombe folk on just the Rural Broadband Partnership website.

SPC - 15.06.2012