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16 DECEMBER 2011



Greg Barker MP hosted a Business Broadband Roundtable for businesses and organisations within his constituency at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill on Friday 16 December from 10-11.30am.   This was an  opportunity for local organisations, especially those rurally based, to find out more about the Local Broadband Plan and how they can get involved in building a strong case for their area.

The guest speaker was Cllr Peter Jones, Leader of East Sussex County Council.
Technical advice was given by Calum Knowles.
I asked if I could record the meeting but was asked not to - no reason was given.

We were told that due to money from reserves and  the £0  bill for landfill due to the huge amount of recycling we have done locally, East Sussex County Council will provide £15,000,0000 and the government will provide £10,400,000 for getting us high speed broadband by the end of 2012.
The good bit is that areas with the worst problems are likely to get the high speed service first.
Calum Knowles seemed very good on the technical side (and didn't  loose us with gobbledegoook) and had a great deal of knowledge of very localised issues.
I am hopeful that this Broadband Scheme may actually happen.

Watch this space! and if you are local, contact me to let me have your interest.
Please forward this to anyone in East Sussex who may sign up to express an interest in this once the website is up and running in the new year.