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24 September 2012 Extract from email from East Sussex County Council:

"Please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to bring this essential infrastructure to as many premises and businesses as quickly as we can. Our aim is to ensure that 90% of premises and businesses in East Sussex have access to Superfast broadband by 2015. Support from Sedlescombe has been fantastic and we are very grateful to be able to include this as part of our procurement process."

Full details can be viewed HERE

15 June 2012 Addendum 1 to Sedlescombe Parish Council’s Superfast for Sedlescombe ‘Final Report’ dated 4 March passed to County and District Councils
05 May 2012 Over two hundred have now registered on the Rural Broadband Partnership website in support of Sedlescombe's campaign.
26 April 2012

Central Government approve County Council's broadband plan. See

20 April 2012 County Council say "We aim to start our formal procurement process as soon as BDUK has given us their approval on our Local Broadband Plan (which is expected to be at the end of April). We are hoping to have the contracts in place with our selected supplier towards late autumn, when we would work with them to map out how best to roll out superfast broadband as quickly as possible."
13 April 2012 Following timetable received from East Sussex County Council:

"We submitted our Local Broadband Plan in February and are awaiting approval from Government (expected at the end of April but we are hopeful this may happen earlier).

"We will then, aim to start our formal procurement process soon after. We are hoping to have the contracts in place with our selected supplier towards late autumn, when we would work with them to map out how best to roll out superfast broadband across the county."

16 March 2012 Broadband Home Page changed following issue of Final Report.
14 March 2012 Sedlescombe's Final Report dated 4 March 2012 was approved by the Parish Council at its meeting on 13 March. Copies have today been sent to East Sussex County & Rother District Councils. Despite this, many more supporters are still needed.
13 March 2012 Final Report approved by Parish Council
04 March 2012 Final Report ready to submit for consideration by the full Parish Council at their next meeting on 13 March.
01 March 2012 County Council issue press release informing that it had submitted its 'Local Broadband Plan' to the Government (BDUK) seeking to draw down the £10.6 million grant on offer.
28 February 2012 Annual Report and Directory for 2012 sent to printers with back page advertising broadband campaign. To be sent to all houses and business premises in the parish.
09 February 2012 Sedlescombe's initial case for superfast broadband completed.
09 February 2012 100th registration reached but we still need more.
26 January 2012 Additional tab 'Do you want to make a personal case? Things you MAY wish to consider' added to broadband home page' to assist anyone wanting to make a personal case.
25 January 2012 Email sent to registered organisations and businesses acknowledging registration and asking if they could add to the Parish Council's case.
21 January 2012 Sedlescombe School to support the Superfast for Sedlescombe campaign by including details in the School's newsletter and on their Learning Platform.
21 January 2012 Email sent to East Sussex County Council covering Outline Draft Report seeking confimation of Sedlescombe's approach. (Also passed to District Council next day)
20 January 2012 SIX days on and registrations pass the 50 mark. Please keep up this excellent start. Can we reach the 200?
20 January 2012 Item published in the ''Sedlescombe News'.
19 January 2012 Fascinating message received from Rural Broadband Partnership. "Hi Pauline - I have noticed that your project is gaining a lot of interest - what is it that you have done to create this much awareness?" Let's all keep up the good work.
19 January 2012 First batch of emails sent to local businesses. Flyer placed on Village Notice Board.
18 January 2012 Flyer produced and ready for distribution
18 January 2012 People now standing by to help anyone having difficulty registering.
18 January 2012 First Emails sent out to acknowledge registration with the Superfast for Sedlescombe project
18 January 2012 Letter included with 31 envelopes being sent out in response to an earlier unrelated questionnaire.
14 January 2012 Start to campaign - details made live on Sedlescombe Parish Council website.
14 January 2012 Project accepted by Rural Broadband Partnership
11 January 2012 Project 97 submitted to Rural Broadband Partnership
10 January 2012 Ron Sunderland submitted a written report to the Parish Council at the meeting mentioned below.
10.January 2012 Short public meeting held for people living or working in Sedlescombe who think it is important that we make a good case for Superfast Broadband here.
31 December 2011 Poster produced for display on Village Notice Board.
16 December 2011

Dave Brabants from Sedlescombe reported on a Business Broadband Roundtable for businesses and organisations hosted by Greg Barker MP.

14 December 2011 Poster produced for display on Village Notice Board.
13 December 2011 Sedlescombe Parish Council's Finance Committee agreed to give the project the Council's full support. Please note that parish councils are not being asked to provide any additional finance.
2 December 2011 Poster produced for display on Village Notice Board due to misunderstanding. This turned out to be another broadband initiative by Action in Rural Sussex and not that run by East Sussex County Council.
1 December 2011 Colin Raymond attended the County Council's Broadband Conference in Uckfield. The conference was designed to begin an engagement process with local communities, to raise awareness and stimulate demand within the parishes with a view to getting Superfast Broadband into their own communities as quickly as possible.Those attending were told that East Sussex County Council will provide £15,000,000 and the Government will provide £10,400,000 for getting us Superfast Broadband. See report by clicking HERE