Rifle Club 1908 Sedlescombe History
Rifle Club


Extract from Sedlescombe Parish Magazine, June 1908

On Tuesday evening, April 28th, a meeting was held for the purpose of forming a Miniature Rifle Club for Sedlescombe and District, including Westfield, Whatlington, and Staplecross. Major Prendergast presided, and was supported by:

Mr Harvey T.B. Combe, JP
Major W H Mullens, JP
Messrs G Kellogg-Jenkins
J Byner
W Alchin
E Peirce
W L Gregory
T J Hilder
J Rogers
and G Simmons

The Chairman stated that an informal meeting had previously been held, and they had received so many responses from residents of the district that they had now £11.10s in hand. This would enable them to start a Club. He proposed that Mr Harvey Combe be President. He had taken a great interest in the matter, and had provided a rifle range, which was a very generous gift. Mr Combe said the range would be a short one, up to 100 yards. He hoped all would join. They in the Southern part of England stood a chance of being invaded at any time, and it was necessary that they should be able to stand up for themselves.

Major Mullens proposed that Major Prendergast be the Captain, and said it was fortunate they had one so eminently fitted to undertake the duty.

Mr J Byner was elected Secretary and Treasurer, and a Committee was formed consisting of

Messrs T J Hilder
J Kenward
G Simmons, Sedlescombe
J Rogers, Westfield
G Dann, Whatlington
F Peirce, Staplecross

The rules provided that the entrance fee be 1s, Members to be over 15 years of age, and the annual subscription 1s, payable in advance. The price of the ammunition to be 1d for five rounds. The Club is to be affiliated with the N.R.A. and the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs, enabling the Club to secure cheaper ammunition and to qualify for the Astor Grant.

The Chairman said they hoped to get up Competitions, and it was decided to have the shooting days Tuesdays and Saturdays, from five o'clock to dark. W Byner announced that he had already received forty names of intending members.


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