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Council Noticeboard March 2008
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East Sussex Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee Annual Report 2007 (3Mb) received.
Notice of Public Meeting received re the Rother Woods Project (Butterfly Conservation), 27/03/08 in Beckley Village Hall at 19:30 - posted on the Sedlescombe Environment Working Group webpage.
The Parish Council is a member of Campaign to Protect Rural England. The Spring 2008 Sussex Branch Magazine and the magazine "Fieldwork" have been received. Please ask the Clerk on 8704508 if you would like to see it  
"Your e-County monthly". Every house has been delivered the East Sussex County Council (ESCC) magazine "Your County". If you want, you can also subscribe to an e-mailed newsletter.
The Parish Council has received three Local Government magazines this month. These are "Clerks and Councils Direct", "The Clerk" and "Local Council Review". Parish Councillors are welcome to ask the Clerk to borrow any of these magazines.  
The new Local Housing Allowance Scheme, which will replace Housing Benefit, comes into effect on 7 April 2008. This will introduce substantial changes into the methods used to calculate the amount of financial assistance available to tenants of private landlords to help them meet their rent liability, and the way the allowance is paid.  
Litter is an ongoing problem in the roads and lanes around Sedlescombe. The Campaign to Protect Rural England have published some facts in their March 2008 Fieldwork magazine and a link has been provided on this webpage.
The people living in Sandrock Hill have long been asking for a pedestrian footway. The last time the Parish Council asked the County Council to provide an estimate of the cost of such provision, was in 2003 when the cost was quoted at about £15,000. In February, Cllr Dellow and the Clerk met Highway Engineers and, subsequently, an estimate of more than £26,850 has been received. Without specific powers to spend money on this work, the Parish Council's contribution, if it was agreed to proceed, could only be about £6,000 leaving a substantial shortfall in funding.  
Church-goers and people living in the vicinity of the Parish Church would like to see double white lines to prevent overtaking outside the Church. Parish councillors have met with Highway Engineers and have been told that this would not be supported either by the County Council or the Police. The reasons are that, thankfully, there is no crash record at this site caused by overtaking but also that if white lines were to be installed, no-one would be able to park opposite the Church. This would cause an additional parking problem in the area.  
The "road narrows" sign on the B2244 approaching the river bridge has spent most of the last few months the wrong way round. This has been reported to the County Council several times but each time it is reset it gets turned around. Unfortunately, the sign cannot be removed altogether because it is a legal requirement to have the sign to show that the bridge is narrower than the road.  
The Parish Council has received several complaints about the height of the hedge on the B2244 opposite the Chapel Hill/Pestalozzi Village turnings. The hedge restricts visibility for those turning right into Chapel Hill or Pestalozzi Village. The owner, who lives in Croydon, has been written to. Unfortunately, the County Council has no jurisdiction over the height of hedges so we are in the hands of the owner.  
At its meeting on 25 March, the Council's Finance Committee agreed to make a £50 donation to the Sussex Air Ambulance in support of the work they do in this area. This is the first time such a donation has been made by Sedlescombe.  
The Finance Committee was pleased to hear that Rother District Council has responded to its request for something to be done about the layout of the Brede Lane Car Park. The recycling bins will be moved and a one-way system introduced. It is hoped that by making these changes, more people will be willing to use the car park rather than parking in Brede Lane. The work is expected to be done next month.  
A copy of the Spring/Summer 2008 edition of Pestalozzi News has been received. Please contact the Clerk (870508) if you would like to borrow it. This edition has not yet been posted on the Pestalozzi website but previous editions can be seen and, no doubt, the latest will be posted soon.


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