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Bus Passes. Unfortunately, the company being used to send out updated bus passes has failed to make the necessary arrangements in time for 1 April and some people are being told by bus drivers that they will not be able to use their old passes from that date. We have been informed, however, that this is not the case and that the expired passes have been extended to 30 April.

The County Council webpage on Concessionary travel schemes is worth looking at


Age Concern Information Day. On 11 April between 10:00 and 15:00, there will be an Age Concern/Help the Aged Information Day in Sedlescombe Village Hall. All welcome.

  New Coffee Mornings. A local resident is arranging a series of weekly coffee mornings in the Queen's Head, Sedlescombe, the first on Friday 18th April 10:00 to 12noon. This will be an opportunity to meet friends and our new Police Community Support Officer, Demetrius Georghiou (Demi for short), when he is available. All welcome.
  Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting of Sedlescombe. On 29 April in Sedlescombe Village Hall. Table displays will be on show from 19:00 and the meeting proper will start at 19:30. All welcome. The Annual Parish Council Report and Directory 2008 is being distributed by a team of volunteers to every home in the parish. Please contact the Clerk for additional copies.
  Youth Meeting. On Tuesday 6 May 2008 19:00 to 20:30 in Sedlescombe Primary School there will be an Open Meeting to discuss the Sedlescombe Youth Club Project.
  Countryside Voice. The Spring 2008 magazine of The Campaign to Protect Rural England "Countryside Voice" has been received. Ask the Clerk if you would like to read it. Also supplied is the booklet "Houses and Gardens 2008".
  Action in rural Sussex Newsletter March 2008. A copy of the Newsletter has been received. Ask the Clerk if you would like to read it.
  Centewire catalogue. A copy of the Centrewire catalogue of gates and stiles for rights of way has been received. Ask the Clerk if you would like to see it.
  High Weald Landscape Trust. The High Weald Landscape Trust is a fund raising charitable trust seeking to help address conservation issues by assisting with funding of practical land management projects, education helping to create awareness of the need to conserve the unique and historic landscape of the High Weald, and information in support of conservation land management. A Small Grant Scheme has been established which is open to organisations, businesses, community groups and individuals who wish to develop practical projects that conserve, protect and improve the landscape of the High Weald. Grants may cover or contribute toward the cost of practical work, capital investment such as fencing, tolls or machinery, or professional support. Grants will normally be in the range of £500-£10,000, providing up to 75% funding for non-profit projects, although in exceptional cases 100% may be provided, with up to 50% funding available for business or commercial operations.
  Health Scrutiny in East Sussex Newsletter No.19 April 2008. This newsletter is produced by East Sussex Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee and provides an update on the progress made with Health Scrutiny in East Sussex.
  Sedlescombe Wastewater Treatment Works. The construction works that 4DeliveryLtd. has been carrying out on behalf of Southern Water in Brede Lane have now finished. The work is expected to bring improvements to the sewerage system in the local area and has been completed to enable Southern Water to meet its regulatory obligations to the Environment Agency. Households affected by the works have been asked to complete a short questionnaire and for every complete questionnaire Southern Water will donate £1 to WaterAid, the international charity that improves sanitation and water supplies in the developing world.
  Dog Control Orders. Rother District Council introduced a "Removal of Dog Faeces" Order in the District on 1 April 2008. It now intends to introduce an "Exclusion of Dogs" Order from certain areas all year - Bowling greens, enclosed children's play areas, sports and playing fields under the control of educational establishments and ornamental planted areas of public walks and pleasure grounds. Dogs will also be excluded from certain other specified areas including Red Barn Field Nature Park in Sedlescombe. In other areas such as parts of Bexhill and Camber beaches, dogs will be excluded between 1 May and 30 September only. Fixed penalty notices will be introduced of £75 and failure to pay the fix penalty notices may result in prosecution. Representations about the Exclusion of Dogs Order can be made to Rother District Council with "Dog Control Order" in the heading) by 16 May 2008.
  South East England Regional Housing Board. A copy of the South East England Regional Housing Strategy 2008-11 has been received. It sets out the objective to increase the number of new affordable homes built in the region. Ask the Clerk if you would like to read the report or see the website.

Quiz Sheet in aid of Sedlescombe's New Sports Pavilion. Pop into Sedlescombe Stores for a copy of the new quiz sheet "How well do you know Sedlescombe?". There are 40 questions that will test your knowledge about the Village. The prize is a £20 M&S voucher so it is worth giving it a try. The closing date for entries to be returned to the Stores is 8 May.

Then on 11 May, Pauline Raymond will be leading a short historical walk around the Village Green and elaborating on some of the answers. Tickets for the walk are £5 and this includes tea and biscuits in the Queen's Head at the end. Numbers have had to be limited so buy your ticket as soon as you can to be sure of a place.

  Premises Licence, Pestalozzi International Village, Sedlescombe. Pestalozzi has applied to Rother District Council for a new licence to allow Plays, Films, Live Music, Recorded Music, Performance of Dance, Facilities for Making Music/Dancing Monday-Sunday 1300-2300 (all indoors in existing buildings). As a near neighbour has objected to the granting of this licence, a meeting of the General Licensing Panel of Rother District Council has been called and will be held on Wednesday 30 April at 0930 at the Town Hall, Bexhill. A report by Richard Parker-Harding is available online.

Commitment to save energy and help fight climate change. On Friday 11 April, an Age Concern Information Day was held in Sedlescombe Village Hall where there was an excellent selection of tables giving out relevant information. Representatives from the Energy Saving Trust were encouraging people to sign up to saving 20% of the energy they currently use. The leaflet states:

Almost half of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions come from things we all do every day. Leaving the TV on standby for instance, or using the car for short journeys, wastes energy and results in needless Carbon Dioxide emissions. ........ If we all commit to save 20% of the energy we use every day, together we can help fight climate change.

  • When making hot drinks only boil as much waster as you need.
  • Turn down your thermostat by 1 degree C.
  • Turn appliances off standby.
  • Install cavity wall insulation.
  • Top up your loft insulation to 270mm (10.5 inches).
  • Replace 3 lightbulbs with Energy Saving Recommended ones.
  • Install a condensing boiler.
  • Buy Energy Saving Recommended appliances.
  • Wash your laundry at 30 degrees C.
  • Not use the car for short journeys.


  Grants for young people - the Youth Opportunities Fund. Young people between 13 and 19 who live in East Sussex can apply for grants between £500 and £5,000 to pay for summer activities. The closing date is 6 June and details can be found on the County Council's website.
  Other funding sources. The County Council keeps a webpage on its website updated with links to sources of funding.
  Childcare consultation in East Sussex. The County Council has been consulting on childcare availability in East Sussex this year. The results of the consultation are now available online.
  Over 60S Lunch Club. The Club next meetings at 12 noon in the Queen's Head on Tuesday 29 April. A 2-course lunch, plus tea/coffee is £7.95 each. The club meets on the last Tuesday of each month apart from December.
  Sedlescombe Green WI. The meeting on Wednesday 23 April at 7.30pm in the village hall is the group meeting. The speaker is Mr Fergus Garrett of Great Dixter Gardens.
  Sedlescombe School May Ball. Sedlescombe School has a May Ball at the Brickwall Hotel, Sedlescombe on 8 May and tickets are available at £30 each, from the school on 01424 870585.
  May Fayre. Arrangements are in hand to celebrate May Day in Sedlescombe on Saturday 3 May from 2pm at the Queen's Head. There will be traditional maypoole dancing performed by the children of Sedlescombe school along with games and a bouncy castle. A craft fair will also be taking place with many varied stalls including wood turning, handmade jewellery, cards, dolls' house creations, virgin vie, collectors' bears and more. There will also be a barbecue. This is another of fund-raising event arranged by the special Sedlescombe pavilion fund-raising committee.
  Plant Market. Sedlescombe and District Garden Society are holding a Plant Market on Saturday 10 May in the Village Hall. There will be a wide range of plants available. This is always a very popular event.
  Step Back in Time Working Bygones. Advance notice has been received of the 15th Anniversary Show celebrating St Michaels Hospice's 21st Anniversary. It will be held on 2 and 3 August from 10am to 5pm at Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe. Lots of attractions.

Lorries. The Parish Council has been investigating the "lorry situation" as it continues to receive complaints from local residents. The situation at 23 April 2008 appears to be as follows:

  • The lorries are travelling to and from the tipping site which is Monk Lakes (advertised as the largest purpose built fishery in the UK), which is in the parish of Marden in Kent on the A229 (around about 25 miles between the collection and tipping sites). This site is in a direct line through Sedlescombe from Hastings/St Leonards. Monk Lakes is in the process of a large earthmoving job which has about 18 months to run. They have an Exemption Licence to use soil to construct a raised area for pleasure fishing lakes and have full planning permission for the construction. The job is being overseen by the Environment Agency and Maidstone Borough Council. The bulk of the work will be completed within the next 6 months and then a further year will be required to finish it off. They are determined to finish the job as quickly as possible, hence the high number of lorries going to Monk Lakes.
  • The removal of spoil from the Hastings College site is virtually at an end.
  • Spoil is now being removed from the Tesco site in St Leonards. This job is expected to be virtually complete by 13 June 2008. The contractor is negotiating with Hastings Borough Council to find a nearer tipping site but has not been able to obtain planning approval.The owner of Monk Lakes does not expect any more soil to arrive from the Hastings area after the Tesco site is complete.
  • Some lorries are still expected to pass through Sedlescombe from both of these sites for a while.
  • The Tesco site haulage contractor has been asked by the Tesco contractor to avoid using the B2244 unless absolutely necessary.
  • The lorries are regularly monitored by Tesco. Random vehicles are followed from site to tip. Drivers have been reminded about their conduct.
  • According to the Hastings Borough Council Planning Officer, Tim Cookson, the Council is not in a position to control the route of lorry movements by way of planning conditions. Alternative methods of moving the spoil were considered for the College development particularly as it is next to the station but this would require a separate siding with associated new track and signalling etc. In the light of these considerable costs, it was accepted that it was unviable.
  Removal of payphones. BT is consulting about the proposed removal of 38 payphones in the Rother District. The reason is that, of the 61,792 public payphones in Great Britain, 60% no longer cover their costs. 99% of UK homes now have a phone at home and 85% have a mobile phone. The increase in mobile phone ownership over the last three years has resulted in the number of calls from public payphones being less than half of what it had been earlier. It is proposed to remove three public payphones in Sedlescombe - at East View Terrace, in The Street and at the junction of the A21 and B2244. The Parish Council will consider the proposal at its next Council Meeting to be held on 13 May and will be pleased to receive details of any objections you may have to the removal of these phones prior to that date.

Aerial Bundled Conductors. EDF has submitted planning applications to replace the existing four-wire power lines in Sedlescombe with covered conductors which are bundled together in a single cable, known as Aerial Bundled Conductors (ABCs). This widely-used modern system is much less vulnerable to branches blowing against the line which might otherwise cause flickering lights or power cuts, particularly in severe weather. ABCs need reduced clearances to nearby trees, so branches need trimming back less often.

This is part of a rolling programme to refurbish the overhead network in the South East. Using ABCs means EDF can improve more of the network much more quickly than if the cables were put underground. They provide most of the benefits of underground cables at a much lower cost and without the disruption of having to dig up roads and gardens to get cables into houses and business properties.

  BlueTongue Vaccination. The Parish Council has been asked to publicise the SE region vaccination campaign against Bluetongue being arranged by Animal Health and Welfare Sub-Group, Sustainable Food and Farming Board (SE). Please see the attachments for further information.

Rother Free TV. Rother Free TV is an exciting new project being delivered and funded by Rother Voluntary Action. The free web TV channel has been set up to promote what's happening in Rother, helping to promote the community groups that exist, show what they do and help residents to find out more about the services on offer in their community. The channel will also air films of local events and films made by local people about local stories, issues, news and much more.

Free Workshops are being held on 6 and 20 May 2008 at Old Bank Chambers, 1 Buckhurst Road, Bexhill, 12-4pm for you to learn more about how to make a digital film and use it to further promote the work your organisation does.

Rother Voluntary Action has digital video cameras for community groups to borrow. Please phone Adam Clamp, Rother TV Project Manager on 07812 383103.


Annual Assembly Report. Sedlescombe's 2008 Annual Parish Assembly was very well supported with a total of 125 people attending. The meeting was lively with plenty of participation from the floor.

Madeleine Gorman, Head of Amenities at Rother District Council was a surprise guest speaker and she brought along up-to-date information about the distribution of green waste bins. Although she could not give firm dates, nor confirmation of the roads to be included in the next roll out, she could say that 214 Sedlescombe properties will be included. Ms Gorman was able to sort out the plastic items which John Kemp, a Sedlescombe resident, had brought along to be divided into recyclable and non-recyclable although she acknowledged that we have a long way to go on clear marking of products. A priority for Rother is finding an outlet for cardboard for recycling and Ms Gorman is working on this with Wealden District Council.

Sedlescombe's County and District Councillors, Peter Jones and Tony Ganly gave interesting reports. Cllr Ganly informed the meeting that BT is proposing to remove all three of Sedlescombe's payphones because of falling use. Ernie Burgess was horrified to hear that the payphone at the junction of the A21 and B2244 is likely to be removed because of its usefulness to report the frequent accidents that occur at this junction. Residents were urged to write to Rother District Council if they want to object to a payphone's removal with full details of why it should be kept.

Concerns about the number and speed of lorries carrying spoil from building sites in Hastings and St Leonards to the only tipping site in the area at Monk Lakes, near Staplehurst in Kent were given a good airing. These lorries have been driving through Sedlescombe in convoys of up to 20 in a quarter of an hour since last October and the Parish Council had been informed that they will continue until at least mid-June. Police Inspector Heather Keating said that our PCSO can and does use a speed gun to check on the speed of lorries and other vehicles through the Village. Although some lorries may be travelling too fast, others, because of their size and noise, appear to be going too fast when they are within the speed limit. A comment was made that, as soon as a yellow jacket is seen, information is passed between lorries so that they slow down. Members of the public can report bad driving whenever it is spotted through Operation Crackdown; leaflets were available at the meeting.

The Parish Council Chairman, Cllr Wright, gave up-to-date information about the work being undertaken by various agencies to get a youth club for Sedlescombe's young people. For some months, the youngsters have been able to use a room at the Queen's Head, thanks to the generosity of the landlord, Grant Burberry but they are very keen to obtain their own premises. The whole Village has just been surveyed and the results will be given at an open meeting at the School on Tuesday 6 May at 7pm.

There was some discussion about whether a loan should be obtained by the Parish Council this year to make up the shortfall on the money required to build a much-needed sports pavilion at the sportsfield. Some people wanted to see more input from those using the field whilst others said they were willing to support loan repayments through the Council Tax, even though they never want to participate in sport themselves.

After more questions and comments from the audience, Cllr Wright made a surprise presentation of a golf bag to fellow parish councillor Pat Martin who joined the Council in 1983 and was thus celebrating 25 years on the Council. He was thanked for all his work, not only chairing the Council's Planning Committee and Emergency Working Group, but also for all his practical work, including his recent work at the School planting trees and bulbs.

Eighteen table displays had been set up around the hall by a variety of local organisations and clubs, together with a display by Sedlescombe Stores to represent local business. Tea and coffee was served and those attending were able to look at the displays and chat to club members and each other.

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