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May 2011
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Smugglers Trail

SMUGGLERS TRAIL. The Hawkhurst Community Partnership launched "The Smugglers Trail" on Thursday 26 May. Based on the exploits of the Hawkhurst Gang and 18th Centry smuggling in West Kent and East Sussex, the project seeks to inform and entertain visitors through information panels and leaflets placed within hostelries having smuggling connections, each identified with a distinctive porcelain plaque. The Queen's Head, Sedlescombe, is included having been involved with smuggling tea. The launch ceremony comprised unveiling a plaque, an exhibition of the information panels, tea and speeches and was attended by Pauline Raymond (Clerk to the Parish Council) and her husband Colin representing Sedlescombe. Download a copy of the Trail leaflet by clicking here.


2011 SEDLESCOMBE PARISH COUNCIL. At the Sedlescombe Parish Council meetings on 17 May, the following were appointed:

Chairman - Cllr Valerie Wright - re-elected for a further year
Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Planning Committee - Cllr Jonathan Vine-Hall - elected

Representative on the Committee of the Sedlescombe Sports Association and Tree Warden - Cllr Pat Martin - elected and re-elected respectively
Sedlescombe Village Hall Trustee, Transport Representative, Rother Association of Local Councils representative - Cllr Pauline Glew - re-elected
Second Rother Association of Local Councils representative - Cllr Valerie Wright - re-elected

Councillors will serve on committees as follows:

Cllrs Wright and Vine-Hall will be ex-officio members (with full voting rights) of every committee
Cllr R Chapman - Finance and Emergency
Cllr P Glew - Finance and Planning
Cllr J Heap - Finance
Cllr P Martin - Finance and Emergency
Cllr J Mitchell - Planning and Emergency
Cllr A Rand - Planning
Cllr J Reynolds - Planning and Emergency


FOCUS ON EAST SUSSEX. Every year the County Council produces a review of data regarding the county. A new report called Focus on East Sussex 2011 has just been published.

ANNUAL MEETING OF THE PARISH COUNCIL. The Parish Council's annual Meeting is to be held on Tuesday 17 May 2011 in Sedlescombe Village Hall Committee Room 2 starting at 7pm. This will be the first meeting of the new Council which has three new councillors joining the six people who have been members before. The Chairman and Vice Chairman and committee membership will be approved. The agenda is now online.
2011 CITIZENSHIP AWARD. At the Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting of Sedlescombe on 26 April, the Chairman, Cllr Valerie Wright, presented the 2011 Citizenship Award Certificate to Jenny and John Mainwood who have run our village shop and post office for the last 13 years. Cllr Wright spoke of the importance of the village shop, the excellent local staff and the local suppliers. The shop provides many services including laundry, dry cleaning, shoe repairs and the lottery but it is made that extra bit special by having Jenny and John on hand. The presentation was very popular with those attending the Assembly and was followed by much applause.  

PARISH COUNCIL WORK AVAILABLE. Quotes are being sought for:

  1. Provision of a new fence in front of the Sportsfield and
  2. Repair of the bus shelter.

Closing date is Friday 6 May 2011 at 5pm.

BORROW AN ENERGY MONITOR FROM THE PUBLIC LIBRARY. Every East Sussex resident can now keep a close eye on their electricity usage at home by borrowing an energy monitor from their local library free of charge. Availability of the monitors includes the mobile library which stops in Sedlescombe on alternate Thursdays between 10:50 and 11:25 in Brede Lane (5 and 19 May and then alternate Thursdays) but does not include the Sedlescombe library session in the Village Hall on Tuesday afternoons.

The monitors show how much electricity a householder is using at any given moment, how much money this costs and an estimate of the carbon dioxide produced in generating the electricity. You can see immediately the effect on your consumption when you switch off something that is on stand-by, or turn something on, and identify where savings can be made.

Energy monitors can be borrowed for an initial three-week loan with the option to renew them for a further three weeks.

If you are not already a registered East Sussex library user, our library staff will be happy to arrange membership for you, it only takes a minute, and anyone who lives or works in East Sussex qualifies.


VILLAGE MAINTENANCE. Every year, the Parish Council is given the opportunity by East Sussex County Council to choose minor highways work which needs doing in the parish. This year, it is expected that the County Council's Village Maintenance Team will be washing signs, siding, sweeping and carrying out minor repairs to Church Hill, in front of the car park and in front of the Sportsfield and straightening the ground at the end of Hurst Lane starting on 13/05/11.  
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