1. HISTORY.  The Plan is now entering its final year having been published in October 2002.  It  was last reviewed in September 2005.


2.1 Overall aim:  To make Sedlescombe a vibrant place that values its past but looks to the future and where people are proud to live and work and be part of a caring community. 

2.2 Other aims:

  1. To achieve an informed and participating Sedlescombe Community.

  2. To achieve a safe and healthy Sedlescombe Community.

  3. To help provide amenities and services in Sedlescombe.

  4. To support business and rural employment in Sedlescombe.

  5. To protect and enhance Sedlescombe’s built and natural environment.


3.1 An Informed and Participating Sedlescombe Community

  1. Open Parish Council.  An Open Council has been maintained with Agendas and Minutes of Meetings being available on the noticeboard (Agendas only), the Village Library and the Website.  Council papers remain available under the Freedom of Information Act.   All Main Council Meetings have been preceded by Open Forum.  The Clerk has remained available to answer a variety of questions from residents.

  2. Keeping residents informed. Residents have received an increased amount of local  information this year with delivery of the quarterly Bulletin/Annual Report.  The Annual Report which was professionally printed for the first time in 2006 and incorporated the popular Village Directory, was awarded second prize in a nationwide parish council competition to find the Annual Report of the Year. The Website was relaunched in September ( under the complete control of Sedlescombe Parish Council.  It includes Council agendas and minutes, reports, lists of local organisations and business details, links to relevant other websites, articles and information regarding Sedlescombe Archives etc.  Fourteen table displays by Village organisations and businesses were again provided at the Annual Assembly.  Local organisations’ notices have been displayed on the Parish Council noticeboard.  Distribution of Welcome Packs has increased now that there is a regular agenda item reminding councillors of the scheme. 

  3. Parish Council links with other bodies.  The Parish Council has linked with other parishes in consideration of Rother’s request for them to take over the public conveniences in the Village.  It has welcomed the formation of a new East View and Conqueror Community Association and is pleased that it will be provided with Minutes of the Meetings.  Through its Crime & Safety Committee, it has, in the past year, worked with Orbit Housing Association Officers, Rother’s Anti-Social Behaviour Officer, East Sussex Fire Authority, Sussex Police, Police Community Support Officers, Pestalozzi International Village, St Michael’s Hospice, Safer Rother Partnership, East Sussex County Council Road Safety Department and Rother District Council.  The Clerk has regularly attended meetings of local clerks and a clerks’ training day for Sussex clerks.  The Parish Council has been consulted on many issues including the planned redevelopment of the Pestalozzi International Village.  It keeps in close contact with the Village Primary School.  Members have served on the Sedlescombe Riverside Playground Regeneration Group, Village Hall Management Committee and Sedlescombe Sports Association.  Several meetings of a working group made up of parish councillors and sportspeople have been held in connection with plans for a replacement sports pavilion. 

  4. Encouraging participation.  Residents responded to the invitation from the Parish Council to participate in a new Sedlescombe Lift Scheme following requests from people needing lifts to attend medical appointments.  First review planned for November 2006.  If successful, schemes in other villages could be based on the Sedlescombe model.  Action in rural Sussex interested.  Thirty residents responded to invitation to undergo training and participate in a road safety campaign with a Speed Indicator Device.  Businesses and Local organisations advertised in 2006 amalgamated Annual Report.  The Council has received enquiries from other businesses who would like to advertise in next year’s Directory.  Members of the public are included in the Footpaths, Environment and Emergency Working Groups and serve on the Crime & Safety Committee.

NB No action has been taken on the following in the 2005/6 year.·         Village Design Statement – proposed theme of 2006 Parish Assembly.  On advice of District Planning Officers, Village Design Statements do not seem to be necessary with the introduction of Local Development Frameworks.  NO FURTHER ACTION PROPOSED.·         Powerpoint Treasurer’s Report to Annual Assembly.  Idea not pursued in 2006.  Further consideration nearer date of 2007 meeting. ·         New noticeboard arrangement to include Neighbourhood Watch board outside Post Office following shop extension.   Alterations to the plans mean that a new noticeboard arrangement has not been produced.  FURTHER CONSIDERATION BY THE PARISH COUNCIL IN CO-OPERATION WITH MR & MRS MAINWOOD OF WHAT IS TO BE DONE WITH THE NOTICEBOARD WILL BE UNDERTAKEN 2006/7.·         Primary School citizenship event to inform children about parish councils.  FOR FURTHER CONSIDERATION BY THE PARISH COUNCIL. 

3.2 A Safe & Healthy Sedlescombe Community

  1. To participate in reducing crime and disorder.  Distributed a Neighbourhood Watch advice sheet and stickers to residents.  Undertook a crime survey in the autumn of 2005.  Worked with the Police and Police Community Support Officers.  Donated funds towards employment/overtime for the PCSOs.  Provided Police with a draft advertisement for a Sedlescombe Special Officer.  Members attended an assortment of meetings with the Police.  Successful efforts made to obtain a car for the PCSO.  Engraving tool available for free use by residents.  Requested Rother to consider imposition of a “No Drinking in Public” order.  Locks etc. fitted by volunteers free of charge.  Regular meetings of the Parish Council Crime & Safety Committee held attended by a variety of different people (see 1c above).

  2. To encourage road safety and traffic calming schemes.  Discussions held with landlords of Queen’s Head and Mr Mainwood (Sedlescombe Stores) regarding improved pedestrian safety in the Green.  Discussions held with East Sussex County Council on same subject.  Volunteers found to take part in training for manning a Speed Indicator Device (see 1d above).  Worked with Parish Maintenance Team to improve Stream Lane footway and arranged that it should be cut regularly.  Maintenance of other footways in the Village.  Residents encouraged to cut hedges for road and pedestrian safety.

  3. To assist in informing residents of health and safety issues.  Arranged for Fire Authority to visit Sedlescombe during SID campaign with display of what happens in accidents if people are not wearing seatbelts.  Additional information on motorists expected to be obtained from SID operators and passed on to the public through the Bulletin.  Lifeline promoted.

3.3 Responsible dog ownership.  Councillors tried to educate dog owners.   

4.  To help provide Amenities and Services in Sedlescombe.  Working with Sports Association re sportsfield pavilion and funding of it.  Resurfaced paths and steps around Pumphouse.  Repairs by councillors of fences at the Kickabout Area.  Worked with residents to refurbish the Riverside playground.  Substantial grant aid obtained from Landfill Tax Credit Scheme.  Maintained tennis courts and councillors inspected every two weeks.  Bus shelter repaired as required. 

5. To encourage local organisations, societies and other bodies that promote social, leisure, cultural and service activities in the community.  Helped the Playgroup submit planning application for a storage shed at the Village Hall.  Advised new Bowls Club on raising funds for new mat.  Advised Village Hall Management Committee on obtaining funds for barrier for village hall.  

6. To maintain, improve and promote footpaths and bridleways within Sedlescombe boundaries.  Footpaths Working Group carried out maintenance of footpaths.  Applied to East Sussex County Council for designation of a new path along the River Brede to Rye (original proposed action).  Conducted winter walks.  Contact with East Sussex County Council re access problems on public footpath. Meeting with County Council officer re new arrangements for working with volunteers.

7. To promote activities and services for all residents.  Working with Orbit Housing Association who may be able to obtain the services of a youth leader for Sedlescombe in association with other villages. 

8. To support local business and suitable rural employment.  Encouragement of Brewery regarding replacement landlords at the Queen’s Head.  Advertised local businesses in Directory and on website.  

9. To encourage low-key tourism in support of local business.  Supported Whydown Caravan Park in its planning application for extended facilities. 

10. To protect Sedlescombe’s built environment.  Planning Seminar attended by councillors and Clerk.  Chairman sat on selection interview for Architect to design redevelopment of Pestalozzi International Village.  Councillors/Clerk attended pre-application meeting  with Pestalozzi and encouraged them to hold a public meeting. 

11. To protect the wider environment including water and river quality. Giant hogweed removal project from riverbanks in the parish in association with landowners. Small change project advertised and arranged by Environment Working Group. Work started on producing a "Waste Not" booklet for Sedlescombe. Two new information boards provided at Red Barn. Glass-reinfoced plastic poster ordered for Red Barn. Worked with British Trust for Conservation Volunteers in providing a fence at Red Barn and clearing the pond; photo opportunity with MP, Greg Barker. Additional bird and bat boxes installed at Red Barn. Hedge maintenance discussed with landowner. Swift nestboxes obtained and installed on properties in parish. Arranged that some old sheep should graze Red Barn Field as a cost-effective way of keeping the grass down.

12. To support litter control. Three members of the Environment Working Group has taken over co-ordination of litter collection in the parish from John Roberts. Litter collectors being contacted and given new gloves.