Strawberry Hill Farm, Poppinghole Lane taken in 1988 by Frank Johnson
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Disarming an unexploded V.1 bomb


Flying Bomb

DISARMING AN UNEXPLODED V.1 BOMB. In June 1944, there was a top secret operation to disarm an unexploded V.1. Flying bomb, otherwise known as a "Doodlebug" or "Buzz Bomb", which had landed near Strawberry Hill Farm, Poppinghole Lane. According to the papers that have survived, this turned out to be the first complete Flying bomb to arrive in England and it was carefully examined before being disarmed at great risk by a bomb disposal team and helpers.

The three members of the bomb disposal team were awarded the George Medal for their gallant, brave and sustained conduct in disarming the bomb. They were Major John Pilkington HUDSON CBE, MBE, GM, VMH, MSc, PhD, NHD., Dr John Arthur Thorpe DAWSON, Robert HURST M.Sc. This was the second time John Pilkington Hudson had received the George Medal. It was awarded to him earlier for diffusing the first Y bomb fuse in London.

The reports of the day state that these men were overcome by toxic fumes from the explosives and the Strawberry Hill Farmer, Mr Smith, supplied them with milk which helped their recovery from the effects. A part of the Doodlebug was recovered and given to the Robertsbridge Aviation Society.

Further information about the Doodlebugs in Kent can be found here.

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