Sedlescombe Street

Sedlescombe Parish Council

Minutes 1936-1944 extracts



Col. W E Hume-Spray DSO to attend a meeting to explain details on Air Raid Precautions.


Parish Council asked to select person to be in charge of Air Raid Precautions in the Parish.  Major Briggs put forward.


Booklet received from Medical Officer of Health “The Protection of Foodstuffs against Poison Gas”.


Major Briggs gave up appointment re Air Raid Precautions and nominated Mr W F Thomas.


from Home Office re “Billeting of Children” – unsatisfactory arrangements made locally during the crisis last year.


Letter to be sent to Mr W F Thomas expressing appreciation of the work done re Air Raid Precautions during the recent crisis.


Chairman outlined government scheme whereby it was necessary to appoint a Chief Billeter and 8 visitors to ascertain how many children could be conveniently accommodated.


Because of war conditions, Council considered whether work on kerbing the Village Green should continue.


No telephone for communications with Mr W F Thomas, The Chief Warden, at night.  Authorities to be asked to provide an extension from Mr Thomas’s business premises to his private home.


Battle Rural District Council suggested in interests of economy that a nearby house should receive messages at night and pass them on to Mr Thomas but no house conveniently placed to take messages.


Half gallon petrol/month allowed for the motor mower.


Parish Council asked by WI to arrange disposal of surplus garden produce.  Refused as no-one in position to give their whole time to the organisation of the scheme.


Chairman agreed to organise disposal of scrap metal.  Mr Hill offered ground at his premises for a dump.  Large quantities of scrap metal had been left at various points in the centre of the Village for road barriers.  Local Defence Volunteer Force to be asked if it could be removed to the Village dump.


Letter received re placing obstructions in fields to prevent enemy aircraft landing.  Chairman had replied that he knew of no fields in the Parish where it would be possible for aircraft to land.


Battle RDC to be asked about Parish Council’s financial responsibility in respect of any local emergency due to enemy action.


As result of War Weapons Week in Rural District Council area, total of £144,712-5s-10d collected, £2,862 from Sedlescombe.  Parchment to be framed and placed in Village Hall.


Pamphlet “Help for the Homeless” received explaining position which might arise locally as a result of enemy action.


Home Guard occupying Brickwall House.


Danger to public from barbed wire on Village Green.


Home Guard to erect protective barrier to protect road users from barbed wire on Village Green.


Damage done to Village Green by Military Authorities during exercises.


Chairman asked if parish Council had any say in election of members to the Food Committee or Invasion Committee and could Parish Council make enquiries about provision of a Communal Feeding Centre at the Tithe Barn.


Mr Thomas unable to repair Powdermill footbridge as all his men taken away to carry out war work in other places.


Zone Command of Home Guard to be asked if barbed wire obstacles could be removed by the Village Green.


Adjutant 22nd Battalion Sussex Home Guard regretted not being able to moved barbed wire obstacles as they would be required in event of enemy action.


Mr Thomas’s men again withdrawn for bomb damage clearance.


Barbed wire could not be removed from Village Green as required for protection of Battalion Headquarters.


Mr W Thomas, ARP organiser, thanked for the vast amount of work which he had undertaken.


Clerk reported barbed wire obstacles had at last been removed from Village Green by Military Authorities.

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