World War I women making comforts for the troops in the Brabazon Museum (now Kester House), Sedlescombe
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Kitchener World War I Recruiting Poster


August 1914 (transcribed by Pauline Raymond)

A meeting in connection with the above was held last Wednesday afternoon, in the Brabazon Hall. Mrs Combe, of "Oaklands", presided, and explained the wishes of the War Office. Over £9 were promised in money or materials in the room. Mrs Parker was invited to canvass the parish with a view to enlisting the help of one and all in the interests of our sick and wounded warriors. It was decided to issue a circular shewing various articles needed.

Mrs Molyneux and Miss Faulder have kindly undertaken the cutting out and distributing of the materials to be made up by kind hands into garments, which, when finished, will be sent to our warriors at the Front. Socks should be washed once before being sent, as that, so "an old Grannie" writes to the Press to say, makes the men's feet less likely to be blistered.

It should be noted that the Red Cross Society is the only one recognized by the War office for conveying contributions to the Front.

Mr Parker is kindly making a house to house collection with great success.

We append subscription lists up to date:-

Mrs Combe, including guarantee
Mrs Molyneux
£3: 0: 0d
Mrs Lea
£3: 0: 0d
Miss Faulder
£3: 0: 0d
The Lady Beatrice Banbury
£1: 0: 0d
The Rev.W.E.Tourtel
£1: 0: 0d
Mrs Ross Reed
Mrs H A B Combe
Mrs Parker
Mrs Leigh
Miss Pratt


Head of Centre
August 25th 1914

The following articles are still needed to equip the hospital being prepared at Westfield for the wounded by the Westfield and Sedlescombe Detachment of the B.R.C.S., any contributions in kind or money will be gratefully accepted:-

24 flannel day shirts, 100 night shirts, 16 bath towels, 30 face towels, 20 pairs slippers, 60 pairs socks, handkerchiefs, soft rags, 6 enamel basins, 12 small tin basins, 2 enamel pails, 10 plates, 5 feeding cups, 12 spoons, brushes and brooms, coal vases, 20 waterproof sheets.

Mr W G Parker has collected £5 (list of donors herewith), and will be glad to receive further subscriptions:- Mr and Mrs H W Martin, 10s; Mr H M Hayes, 6s; Mrs Snell, Mrs E M Smith, Mr and Mrs E W Hilder, Mr and Mrs T G Hilder, Mr and Mrs Button, Mr and Mrs Gregory, Mr and Mrs G Simmons, Mr and Mrs C Thomas, Mr and Mrs Willsher, Mr and Mrs Holmes, 5s each; Miss A Snell, 3s; Miss R Snell, Miss Flint, Mr A Veness, 2s6d; Mr H Dengate, Mr and Mrs Blake, 2s; Misses Phyllis and Joan Willsher, Anon, Mrs Sampson, Mrs M Reed, Misses Wood, W M Jones, Flucke Gibbs, Mr and Mrs John Dengate, Mr and Mrs L Dallaway, Messrs E Blundell, F Thomas, R Guy, 1s each; Mrs E Blundell, Scott, Playford, Hallett, Grenham, Misses E Hallett, M Osborne, M King, E Chifney, Messrs R Morris, F Cooper, Wheatley, Mepham, 6d each. Total £5.

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