World War I women working in the Brabazon Museum to make comforts for the troops in France in the trenches
Sedlescombe Names at the Front


"The war still continues to occupy our minds very much indeed, and is likely to do so for some time to come.

Let us continue to put all our trust in God and abide His time, and continue our intercessions on behalf of our King and Empire and Warriors, etc.

We append a list of names to be remembered at the Throne of Grace.

Men connected with Sedlesombe who have joined or rejoined the Colours:-

I At the Seat of War -

Lieut. Herbert Foster, Gloucestershire Regt.
Alfred Claud Hyland, Coldstream Guards.
Francis Henry Jones, Royal Army Medical Corps.
William Duly, Royal Marine Artillery.
George Faulder Page, II Lancashire Fusiliers
Harry Bishop, Royal Artillery.

II Ready to proceed to the Front -

Lieut. Claude Bell, 9th Cavalry.
Lieut. Boyce Anthony Combes (sic), Royal Fusiliers.
Sergt. Albert Edward Bryant, Royal Sussex Regiment.
Lance-Corporal Harry Archer, ditto.
William Boxall, ditto.
Jack Carter, ditto.
Charles Brooker, ditto.

III Recruits now in Training -

James Bashford.
Douglas Percival Dallaway.
Leonard Charles Dallaway.
Nelson George Dawson.
Harold Fellowes.
Albert Hallett.
Percival William Playford.
Ernest Relfe.
Percival Relfe.
George Woodwards.
And others.

As the Royal Sussex Regiment is at the front, we should remember them too.

Mr Claxton and Mr Molyneux are drilling on Wednesday evenings about 10 men of Sedlescombe as Red Cross Society Ambulance Bearers for the Sedlescombe and Westfield temporary Hospital.

Mr Parker has further collected the following for the Red Cross Society:-

Miss L Wood, 5s.; Mr and Mrs Robert Thomas, 5s.; Mrs Edgar Reed, 6d; Mrs Haseldene, 1s. Total 11s.6d. Previously acknowledged, £5. Total £5.11s.d.

The ladies are doing their part in preparing comforts for our warriors. Sedlescombe women have been busy working for the men at the Front and for the wounded in hospital, and early next month are sending through the Westfield and Sedlescombe Red Cross Detachment, the following garments to Headquarters for distribution:-

Four dozen shirts, three dozen pairs socks, six nightingales, twelve hot-water bottle covers, and a number of nightshirts.

The following is a list of the workers:-

Mrs Archer, Mrs Bell, Mrs Bishop, Miss Bishop, Mrs Combe Button (sic), Mrs Chester, Mrs Dallaway, Mrs J Dengate, Mrs Drury, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Freeland, Miss Flint, Miss Faulder, Miss Freeland, Mrs R Guy, Mrs Holmes, Mrs Hilder, Mrs Hazeldeane, Nurse Laker, Mrs Molyneux, Mrs Martin, Mrs Parker, Miss Parker, Miss Pratt, Miss Relfe, Mrs Smith, Miss Smith, Miss Soan, Mrs Snitch, Miss Snitch, Mrs R Thomas, Mrs Veness, Mrs Willshere, Mrs Wheatley.

We wish to thank Mr Parker who has kindly officiated at the organ during the absence of Mr Martin and Mr Molyneux for his kind help in the Sunday School, etc.

Before another Magazine appears we shall have made a way for the new Rector, who hopes to begin his Ministry here on Sunday, October, 18th.

We take this opportunity of bidding farewell to our readers and to express our best wishes for a great blessing on the Parish which is about to begin a new chapter in its history.



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