World War I women making comforts to send to men fighting in France in the trenches in Brabazon Museum (now Kester House)
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Extract from Sedlescombe Parish News, October 1914 (transcribed by Pauline Raymond)

Summarised accounts for the half year ending August 31st
Total receipts £24:8:1
Total payments £7:6:7
Balance in hand £17:1:6

The Wednesday Working Party has sent out the following:- 120 bandages, 28 locker bags, 22 T and many-tailed bandages, 11 treasure bags, 28 roller bandages, 8 pairs pyjamas, 12 draw sheets, 15 pillow cases, hot water bottle covers, ointment pads, shoes.

Each month two sums of £2 are set aside, one for soldiers' presents and the other for materials for the Working Party.

The names of subscribers are:- Messrs and Mesdames Dallaway, Hayes, Sampson, Snell, Hallett, Combe, Cook, Parker, Hobbs, Willsher, Drury, Moore, Booth, T Soan, T Read, F Thomas, Relfe, R Thomas, H Dengate, W Holmes, Clayton, Barwick, G Simmons, Boxall senr, Batehup, C H Thomas, Beney, Collins, H Archer, Waters, C Thomas, Barber, Grenham, Bryant, F Cooper, R Guy, J Guy, M Read, Oliver, Southerden, Cook, B Smith, Weller, Soan, J Bishop, Edwards, Leigh, Gregory, Oliver, Playford, Parsons, G Bryant, Russell, Hinde, Bashford, Fellowes, Thomas, Crittenden, Sellens, Beney, Messiter, Calton, Ades, E Dixon, Aylett, Hook, J Dengate, Wratten, Mills.

Mesdames Adamson, Godman, Bell, Scott, W Boxall, Cook, Dawson, Boxall, Thomson, Percival, Pratt, Shoesmith, A Bryant, T Playford, Raby.

The Misses Adamson, Lunn, Hatcher, Laker, Gibbs, Bishop, Giles, Cogger, Chifney, Pratt, Avan, Brackpool, Freeland, Staines, Flint, Mabel.

Messrs F Hallett, Chester, J Byner, Button, J Bryant, F Bishop, G Kenward, Rich.

The names of the few who have discontinued their subscriptions are not included in the above list.


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