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War Savings

Transcribed from inset pages added to the Sedlescombe Parish Magazine

War Saving: 1916

Wanted! Every Spare Coin!
Your King and Country want you - to Save!


We see appeals to save on every hoarding. But some still ask, Why should we save? Why not leave it to the rich man to pay for the War; he has the money? But the rich man is paying. A very rich man is spending half his income in taxes alone, if you count in what he has to set aside each year to meet the taxes payable at his death. Much of a rich man's money consists of fields and houses and shares in railway or factory property. You can't take these and turn them into munitions of war. But whatever income, whether of rich or poor, is not spent but lent to the Government, goes directly for the purpose of winning the War.


Which would you rather, buy that tempting thing in the shop, or help to beat the Germans? Have a new dress, or do something to shorten the War? But some don't see it in this light yet. They say, I spend my money freely, because it is good for trade. Now, there is a measure of truth in this in ordinary times but now


Whenever we buy things that we could do without, it means we are getting people to work for us instead of for the winning of the War.


There is no excuse for any of us not saving now. The new plan makes it so simple. You buy a certificate at any bank or post office for 15s.6d. If you really need the money you can draw it out any time. If you leave it a year it has grown to 15s.9d. After that it grows by 1d. a month until after five years it has become £1 and is returned to you. This is far better interest than the Post Office gives. You can buy as many as 500 certificates. It is the best possible way of helping your country, especially if you leave the money the full five years, for the country gets the money now when it wants it so badly, and pays you back in peace time when things have got settled again. It is a splendid way of providing for children. If your boy is 9 now, some certificates bought now would bring in a nice little sum to give him a start when he leaves school.

But many can't run to 15s.6d. at a time. To meet their case, War Savings Associations are being formed all over the country. The Head office is at 18, Abingdon Street, Westminster, from which address all information may be obtained. The rules must be approved by the National War Savings Committee, who provide the books and show you how to keep the accounts. The advantages are clear. One man saving 6d. a week would take 31 weeks before he could buy a 15s.6d. certificate. But if 31 members joined an Association and paid 6d. weekly, they could buy a certificate the first week. Any set of people can form an Association: a parish, a school, the employees of a firm, or the members of a church. It will often be best to use existing organizations, such as a Trade Union branch, or the lodge of a Friendly Society.

Anyhow, if we have not already begun, let us all get to work at once and



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