Sedlescombe Street about 1940

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Outbreak of Second War





Once more at war! It seems almost incredible, like a bad dream from which we might hope to awake to find it no more than a vision of the night. Alas it is all too true though the reality has yet to force itself upon us with its ugly consequences. But it is no time to sit and wring our hands, we must stand up and look around to discover what part each individual should play.

I certainly give spiritual things the first place, because as we say in the Prayer Book "There is none other that fighteth for us but only Thou, O God," and therefore prayer is the mightiest force wherewith to combat any evil, and bring about all that makes for goodness, peace and happiness, and Jesus taught us to ask for all this when He bade us to pray "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done."

But in addition to this there is in our hands through prayer the power to sustain our loved ones in the hours of danger and temptation, and to ask that each of us may be guided by the Holy Spirit to recognize what our particular duty is, and to do it. I trust that we shall pray more fervently, and that the National Day of Prayer on October 1st will be observed as an occasion when every person will attend their place of worship and not stand aloof from what should be the united supplication of the whole nation.

I should be glad if those who have relatives in the forces would send me their full names and unit directly they are called on active service overseas. A list of these will be placed in the Church and the building will be open as usual all day so that people may come in at any time and intercede for these men privately.

We are all very grateful to those among us who have undertaken voluntary work, and a special word of praise is due to our A.R.P. and Billeting Officers who have done such efficient work. Our visitors from evacuation centres seem very happy and pleased with the welcome they have received in our homes, but I would remind you of the very important duty we owe to these people. The children and adults are not mere boarders, they are also our spiritual and moral responsibility. Many come from religious homes and are accustomed to attend Church and Sunday School regularly. There are those who are otherwise, but both the one and the other will take their cue from what we are and do, and it would be to our eternal shame if we caused one of these little ones to stumble through our own religious indifference, and a cause of endless joy if by our example we send back even one child to its own home with deeper consciousness of God, a higher ideal of living, and a growing desire to serve and worship God in Jesus Christ.

Extract from October 1939 parish news


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