The preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Sedlescombe is expected to take many months as it goes through the various stages as defined in the Localism Act 2012.

It is expected that the Plan will be completed by the Autumn of 2013 and ready for adoption by Rother District Council. This means the completion of the following stages:

  1. Decision to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan for the whole of the Parish of Sedlescombe by the Parish Council on 18/02/13
  2. Advertising of the Neighbourhood Plan Area for Sedlescombe by Rother District Council 22/03/13 to 10/05/13.
  3. Creation of a committee by the Parish Council on 19/03/13 and identification of extra members
  4. Application for funding from DCLG and others by Parish Council, April to May 2013
  5. Write brief for consultant, April 2013
  6. Seek and review consultant by Finance Committee of Parish Council, March to May 2013
  7. Leaflet explaining Neighbourhood Plans and asking for development sites in Sedlescombe by SNPPG, sent out April 2013
  8. Request for assistance made by Chair of the Parish Council at the Annual Sedlescombe Assembly, 30/04/13
  9. Preparation of background information by SNPPG, May 2013
  10. Information regarding possible development sites received by Clerk by 20/05/13
  11. Street champions identified, May 2013
  12. Proposed survey form to be delivered by hand to every resident of the parish of Sedlescombe in early July for return by pre-paid envelope or via street champions.
  13. Advertising of the Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan at the Sedlescombe Fayre, 27/07/13.
  14. Consultation with teenagers in July 2013.
  15. Ongoing contact with site owners.
  16. Businesses, employers and other stakeholders to be consulted in August 2013.
  17. Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Plan Exhibition to be held in the Village Hall, 14-15 September 2013.

Further stages will be added as time goes on.

See timetable as at 05/08/13 here.