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Please see the Sedlescombe Village Appraisal November 2008. The following are draft comments for approval/amendment/removal/addition by the SPC Planning Committee of 27/01/09:


Second sentence - rewrite bold words -The village, with its many timbered houses with origins in the 15th century and its 19th century picturesque pumphouse on the large village green has, in the past, been voted 'The Best Kept Village in All Sussex'.


First sentence - add an "s" to the end of "recreation ground".


Second paragraph. Amend as school buses are only once a day each way during school times. The public 349 bus service runs only every two hours between Hastings and Hawkhurst and the community bus runs on two days a week, two journeys each way to Battle. There is no public bus service to Bexhill. No bus services to or from Sedlescombe can be described as "frequent".


Community Needs for other Services

In the paragraph "In their response to the Parish Council Planning Seminar", rewrite as follows "In its response to the Parish council Planning Seminar, Sedlescombe Parish Council does not feel affordable housing is an issue in the village. According to a recent Parish Council survey, the three things of most concern to residents are speeding traffic, parking and anti-social behaviour". Although there is some concern about the bus service, it was nowhere near the top of the list in the survey.


Rewrite the next sentence to read: "There are two Parish Council run play areas, at East View Terrace and at the Sedlescombe Recreation Ground and another run by Orbit Housing Association at East View Terrace." Add"Sedlescombe has an eight acre sportsfield and pavilion (new 2009)".


Amend next sentence to read "Sedlescombe Parish Council was also asked its views as part of the process of producing......." and then later in the same paragraph amend to read " All outdoor open spaces in Sedlescombe have high usage levels except the private allotments which are fairly derelict due to lack of publicity".


Amend last word in this paragraph to "cited".