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Pump and Pumphouse Renovation


To renovate Sedlescombe's Village Pump in order to:

  1. Raise the public's awareness about aspects of life in rural areas in the first half of the 20th century, particularly regarding the water supply.
  2. Gather together information regarding the provision of Sedlescombe's pump and pumphouse.
  3. Gather together information regarding other water pumps in private ownership in Sedlescombe parish.
  4. Record people's memories and experiences about water collection.
  5. Record the method of construction of the pump not only in a report but also in DVD format.
  6. If possible, return the pump to working condition so that it can be used to demonstrate how it was used.
  7. Alter the protective grille around the pump to make it more attractive, to safeguard the lead outer casing of the pump from vandalism and to make it easier to see the refurbished pump.
  8. Identify goods connected with water collection eg wooden yokes.
  9. Provide a reason for visitors to come to Sedlescombe to the benefit of local businesses such as the shop, pub, local hotel, garage workshops, antique shops and the newly-opened beauty salon.



Mrs P Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, Sedlescombe Parish Council
01424 870508, sedlescombe@freezone.co.uk, www.sedlescombe.org.uk
2 September 2009