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1 RR/2009/2093/P Hurst House, Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe. A planning application was submitted by Jonathan Vine-Hall to build a sand arena at Hurst House.
2 The proposed siting of the sand arena was objected to by near neighbours who attended the meeting of the Parish Council's Planning Committee on 08/09/09 because it would adversely affect the amenity of their properties and the tranquility of the area. Cllr Wright who visited the site prior to the meeting said that the plan submitted with the application showed the incorrect position of the proposed sand arena.
3 SPC's Planning Committee resolved: That the Parish Council objects to the proposal as submitted. Whilst not objecting to a sand school being built, it should be situated in an area more sympathetic to neighbours in Hurst Lane. The sand school as shown on the plan would be very close to the properties. If built, it would be likely to detract from the amenities of the residents of those properties by being visually intrusive and noisy.

4 The application on Rother's website shows two sets of amended plans, ie

  1. On 11/09/09, a plan showing a new position in the same field for the sand arena. The old position can be seen faintly on the same plan.
  2. On 29/09/09, a revised plan and detailed design statement showing an earth bund obscuring the arena from properties in Hurst Lane.

The revised plan and detailed design statement were received by the Parish Council at midday on 05/10/09. No request was received from Rother for further comments.

5 Objections as follows have been included on Rother's website:

03/09/09 Ralph Dellow, Churchlands Lane Increase traffic
Open up entrance opposite Churchland Lane
Noise and visual aspect will affect people living nearby
Continual creep of urban development

14/09/09 A Pearson, Bexhill Visible to public from Hurst Lane
Visible in wider AONB
Harmful to character of area and will be an eyesore
No justification for another sand school
Plenty of existing facilities to exercise horses
16/09/09 J Hanagarth, Hurst Lane Very visible from front bedrooms of home
Impact on quiet enjoyment of property
Noise from western riding will be audible from home
Will hear galloping and reining of horses and shouting of instructors
Congestion already caused in lane by horse boxes and people using indoor riding arena
Very visible to general public
Out of place in area and not in keeping with attractive lane in AONB
Why not use field further down the lane where no houses will be affected, other than a tenant?

23/09/09 Stephen Hardy of Campaign for Protection of Rural England Lack any form of landscaping
No details of materials to be used
No details of intensity of proposed use

24/09/09 Mr and Mrs J Bartlett, Churchlands Lane Inappropriate size, scale and location
Detract from appearance of area and impact negatively upon local residents and general public
Noise will be heard by local residents
Clearly visible from large part of Hurst Lane and from junction of Churchland Lane
Visible in wider landscape
Materials not found locally will be imported
Departure from planning policies
28/09/09 Wayne Glaze, Hurst Lane

- presumably comments regarding the new plans

Current use of field for sheep and hay cultivation
One field gate from Hurst Lane serves the site
Still elevated from the public highway and in full view of the public
Impact on amenities and quiet enjoyment of homes of local residents, increase traffic and harm the character and setting of the area and High Weald AONB
Proposals and activities will be visible to local residents and general public
Activities proposed will be heard by local residents in their homes
Contrary to Rother and ESCC policies

06/10/09 Dr Slater, Hurst Lane Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty should be maintained and protected
Reasonable expectation of intrusive noise and visual impact for the properties raised above the lane
Reasonable expectation of increase traffic
Unenforceable assurances for future use

05/10/09 Wayne Glaze, Hurst Lane Correspondence re pink planning notice
Not acting as agent for neighbours
Site visit with Planning Officer held - "unlawful development" of creation of large earth bund noted
Some element of development control responsibility of ESCC
Rother has not consulted ESCC

09/10/09 Wayne Glaze, Hurst Lane Seeking timetable confirmation
Undertakings given by applicant in letter of 29/09/09 mentioned and confirmation requested that, if the application is approved, conditions will be attached to ensure compliance with the undertakings
Complaint made that undertaking given in 2007 that indoor riding school would not be visible from the public highway but it is


6 Mr Vine-Hall's answer to objections was added to the site on 05/10/09. In brief, these are as follows:

  1. Sheep have not grazed this field since 2003.
  2. Gate within field to be used and not directly from Hurst Lane and therefore no negative impact on traffic on the lane.
  3. Development will not be visible due to bunding and proposed screening.
  4. Development will not have negative impact on traffic. Reduced travel to practice at Bodiam.
  5. No audible noise. Riding done at slow controlled pace. Bunding and distance from lane will negate any noise generated.
  6. Rider in arena will be below sight level.
  7. Planting plan included.
  8. Arena not visible from Tresco or Midhurst and will have no negative impact on the amenity of these houses.
  9. Proposed bund will be seeded with wildflowers.
  10. No extra people will be visiting the property as a result of the development. Applicant will ride own horses and does not need a qualified instructor.
  11. Alternative sites are dealt with in the design statement.
7 Mr Vine-Hall's reasons for wanting to use the current site are:

  1. The site is in close proximity to the stable area (approx 50 metres) and accessed via woodland owned by applicant.
  2. Edge of area closest to Hurst lane is 85 metres away.
  3. Field has 25 metre woodland edge along Hurst lane forming visual treebelt and barrier.
  4. Site is 100 metres from any residence.
  5. Site has no ecological importance.
  6. Field uneconomic as produces only 30 small bales of hay per acre.
  7. Adjacent neighbours have accepted the field as a location where horses could be sited.
  8. Combined effect of the existing tree belt and proposed planting, the space between the arena and the lane/houses, the bunding along the arena edge, no lighting, private use, little noise other than horses being ridden will ensure no negative impact on neighbour amenity.
  9. Development is attached to and adjacent to the existing equestrian facility.
8 On 05/10/09, Mr Vine-Hall asked the Clerk whether the revised plan and design statement would be considered at the SPC Planning Committee Meeting to be held on 06/10/09. The Clerk replied that the matter was not on the agenda but that she would ask members whether they wished to consider the revised plans/design statement at another meeting. Mr Vine-Hall asked for this meeting to be held this week which was not possible because of the need for 3 clear days' notice of Council Meetings. The urgency was caused by Rother DC wanting to write their report on the matter this week.
9 The Clerk suggested to Mr Vine-Hall that he could withdraw his application and submit a fresh one allowing time for everyone to consider the revised plan and design statement. He objected to paying an additional application fee which, he said, is not necessary because all the information is at hand.
10 On 06/10/09, Cllr Tony Ganly rang the Clerk. At the end of the conversation, he summarised as follows regarding Mr Vine-Hall's courses of action:

  1. To let the matter go ahead at Rother.
  2. To get Cllr Ganly to ask Rother Planners to delay completion of their report until the Parish Council has had the opportunity to look at the new plans.
  3. To withdraw his application and submit a fresh one.
11 When the Parish Council Planning Committee looks at the new plans (agreed 06/10), it will need to consider whether the new plans show the arena in an area more sympathetic to neighbours in Hurst Lane? If yes - could support.

12 Mr S Mills, Rother's Senior Environmental Health Officer has visited the site and verbally and provisionally agreed with the agent and applicant that the hours of use will be amended from "daylight hours" to 0830 to 1830, 7 days a week. Report dated 01/10/09.



Mrs P Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, Sedlescombe Parish Council
01424 870508, sedlescombe@freezone.co.uk, www.sedlescombe.org.uk
7 October 2009 - amended 13/10/09