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Planning Applications

  • To consider planning applications for the Parish of Sedlescombe (and those outside the Parish which might affect Sedlescombe residents) and to resolve the Parish Council's support of approval or refusal and to inform Rother District Council of the resolution.

Planning Development

  • To study all plans produced by other local authorities or the Government which might affect planning development in Sedlescombe and to comment to the relevant authority.

Planning Control

  • To inform the District Council of breaches of planning control in the Parish.



Annual Estimates

  • To consider the draft annual estimates of income and expenditure as submitted by the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO).
  • To recommend draft annual estimates and precept amount to the Council not later than February in each year.
  • To review the Clerk's Salary at budget time. Changes to take effect from the following 1 April.

Budgetary Control

  • To monitor quarterly statements of income and expenditure against budgets.
  • To consider and approve normal expenditure in line with the annual estimates including letting of contracts.

Banking Arrangements and Cheques

  • To consider and approve banking arrangements as recommended by the RFO.

Loans and Investments

  • To monitor loans and investments.


  • To receive reports of bad debts.
  • To review fees and charges at the appropriate time.

Contracts in accordance with SPC Tender Procedure:

  • To decide the general nature of the work to be undertaken or goods supplied.
  • To consider and accept quotations and tenders in line with the estimates.


  • To review insurances annually.

Revision of financial regulations

  • To review financial regulations annually.
  • To review the Risk Management report annually.





  • To approve design of fencing around pump and to accept quotation.

Pumphouse restoration

  • To approve work to Pumphouse and accept quotation.

Overseeing the work

  • To oversee the proposed work to the pump and Pumphouse.





Pauline J Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Sedlescombe Parish Council
11 May 2010