JOBS 2010/11 SECOND HALF AND 2011/12




Work to be undertaken as soon as possible by the Parish Council

  • Replace notice on front of dog bin in Brede Lane Car Park. ["Dog Waste Only Sticker" £9.59. Both include carriage]
  • Install tarmac at entrance of the Sportsfield Car Park in association with the Pestalozzi International Village. {Approximately £4,000]
  • Repair culvert under entrance of the Sportsfield Car Park. (Sports Association has the necessary pipe).
  • Clean out ditch at Sportsfield Car Park.
  • Replace manhole cover again in Sportsfield Car Park.
  • Move portacabin from behind the pavilion to temporary position on Sportsfield Car Park. DONE 06/09/10.
  • Depending on Parish Council decision regarding the portacabin remaining at the field, carry out permanent installation.
  • Close off field gate to Sportsfield at river bridge and replace fencing along frontage of Sportsfield.
  • Either replace lid of dog bin [Lid Kit £36.20] at Sportsfield or provide new larger dog bin [Our bin is 25L and costs£84.24 including delivery. The 35L bin is £183.09 including delivery]
  • Replace two damaged slats on top of Marmax picnic table at Riverside. [Price including delivery is £42.56. Screws and drill bit are included.] Amended to allow a local resident to try turning the slats over.
  • Clean and repaint Village Sign post and black wrought iron bracket. (Consider additional plaque commemorating Council's 2009 Village of the Year success).
  • Cut and bale Red Barn Field (job arranged by Cllr Rand to be done by David Blowey).
  • Repaint warning sign in Red Barn Field (job already given to Roger Wood).
  • Removal of wooden "lectern" at Red Barn Field.
  • Drainage work as agreed at Red Barn Field and replacement of two well tops (in 2010/11 budget).


Longer-term larger projects to be undertaken if money is available

  • Replacement of tourist information board in Brede Lane Car Park.
  • Make tennis courts a multi-use games area using grant aid.
  • Replace wooden picnic table that is prone to vandalism at Riverside Playground with recycled plastic table.
  • Replace old wooden seat at Riverside Playground with recycled plastic seat.
  • Replace old wooden painted seat outside Church with recycled plastic seat.


Work to be undertaken by a Working Party or other voluntary arrangements

  • Redecorate frame of Tourist Sign on wall of public conveniences.
  • Redecorate noticeboard and replace one handle.
  • Power wash Sir John Keeling seats and ground under seats.
  • Make up ground around concrete base of Sir John Keeling seats with soil and grass seed to remove trip hazard.
  • Repair top end of Green where grass has been eroded. Insert matting, reseed/returf and protect until grass is established.
  • Remove post attached to Mountain Ash tree on lower Green.
  • Remove Village Sign etc. Hinges and rod to be sent to Signs of the Times. Sign and metalwork removed and with Clerk.
  • Repair kissing gate at entrance to Sportsfield.
  • Councillors to distribute dog leaflet, possibly giving out free poop scoop if can be obtained for free. (Cllr Vine-Hall)
  • Attend to and rescrew signs to tree at Riverside.
  • Replace plastic tarpaulin on top of litter bin at Riverside and decorate wood panels.
  • Power wash dog bin at Riverside to remove lichen.
  • Minor adjustments to tennis courts netting.
  • Adjust gate to Riverside Playground. (Cllrs Martin/Marland)
  • Adjust ropes on Horizontal rope ladder and Rope bridge at Riverside Playground. (Cllrs Martin/Marland)
  • Smooth off sharp edges at one end of log on rope bridge at Riverside Playground.
  • Fill hole where steering wheel has been removed on Toddler Slide at Riverside Playground.
  • Redecorate slide supports of Play Tower where rust is emerging at Riverside Playground.
  • Secure base of fireman's ladder at Riverside Playground.
  • Fix glass reinforced plastic Red Barn Field sign on the village hall end noticeboard at Red Barn Field.
  • Removal of minor graffiti from seats in Church Hill.
  • Removal of graffiti from ground around roundabout at playground.
  • Replace wooden slat on back of seat in Brede Lane.
  • Sweep tree debris from East View Kickabout Area tarmac surface.
  • Replace white plastic posts at Riverside Playing Field (4 posts in hand).

Work to be passed to others

  • New Agency Agreement Rother/Parish Council regarding grounds maintenance of Brede Lane Car Park - Rother District Council.
  • Clear blocked drain in front of paper recycling bins in Brede Lane Car Park - Rother District Council (already reported by Clerk).
  • Investigation of dip in front of public conveniences in Brede Lane Car Park - Rother District Council.
  • Removal of the middle of the three large trees in Brede Lane Car Park on grass verge bordering Brede Lane.
  • Replacement of bus shelter in connection with proposed Park View development - developer.
  • Drainage Chapel Hill during construction of revised junction Chapel Hill, B2244, Ladybird Lane - Pestalozzi.
  • Clearance ditch southern side of Sportsfield - Sedlescombe Sports Association.
  • Clearance ditch eastern side of Sportsfield - Pestalozzi.
  • Repair of manhole cover in disabled car parking area - Sedlescombe Sports Association.
  • Maintenance of pavilion - Sedlescombe Sports Association.
  • Removal of Sportsfield old garage from beside pavilion - Sedlescombe Sports Association. DONE
  • Removal of shower portacabin altogether - Sedlescombe Sports Association/Football Club. Now moved to Sportsfield Car Park.
  • Removal of one metal container and replacement garage from Sportsfield Car Park - Sedlescombe Sports Association.
  • Extension of Sportsfield Car Park - Sedlescombe Sports Association.
  • Installation of Exclusion of dog signs at Riverside, Red Barn and East View playground - Rother District Council.
  • Installation of Dogs on leads signs at Sportsfield (4) - Rother District Council.
  • Installation of No fouling of land signs at Sportfield (4), Riverside Playing Field (1), East View Kickabout Area (1), Footpath between Balcombe Green and Park Shaw used by School Walking Bus (2) - Rother District Council.




Pauline J Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Sedlescombe Parish Council
August/September 2010