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1. Rother District Council has suggested that A5 metal signs are erected at the Sportsfield to highlight the introduction of a Dogs on Leads Control Order on 01/09/10. (NB The Parish Council Dogs on Leads byelaw no longer exists.) There would be no cost to Sedlescombe Parish Council.


2. Rother has agreed to undertake the installation of signs to cover all the Dog Control Orders. The Clerk suggests the following:

  1. No dogs
    1. Riverside playground - 2 entrances - 2 signs
    2. Red Barn Field Nature Park - 2 entrances - 2 signs
    3. East View Terrace playground - 1 entrance - 1 sign
  2. Dogs on Leads
    1. Sportsfield - 4 entrances - 4 signs
  3. Clean it up
    1. Sportsfield - 4 entrances - 4 signs
    2. Riverside Playing Field - 1 sign
    3. East View Terrace Kickabout - 2 entrances - 2 signs
    4. Footpath between Balcombe Green and Park Shaw used by School Walking Bus and badly affected by dog fouling - 2 signs

3. If no other suitable places to install the signs are available, the signs will be on metal poles.


4. Rother DC is trying to find a single sign that covers both Clean it up and Dogs on Leads Control Orders.


5. See 2010 Inspection Report where it is suggested that councillors take it in turns to give out copies of the Parish Council's dog leaflet to dog walkers at the Sportsfield. Cllr Vine-Hall is obtaining poop-scoops to give out at the same time.




Pauline J Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Sedlescombe Parish Council
6 September 2010