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1. PESTALOZZI PLANNING APPLICATIONS SINCE THE LAST PESTALOZZI BRIEFING NOTE DATED 12/04/10. Please read this note in conjunction with the previous Clerk's Briefing Note.

  1. RR/2010/1264/P Conference Block amendments. Proposed relocation of approved conference block to site of approved Administration Block. Delegated to approve; conditions not yet available. The proposal is to swap the approved administration and conference buildings allowed in approved regeneration application RR/2007/397/P. RR/2010/1264/P, if approved, would allow the conference facility to be built allowing conference facilities to be offered outside term time., whereas a smaller than originally-planned administration facility would be accommodated in Sainsbury House. The exterior of the conference building would remain the same with minor changes to the internal layout.

  2. RR/2007/397/P Sainsbury House amendments. On 17/05/10, Pestalozzi made an application for non-material amendment to the existing planning permission RR/2007/397/P (major regeneration application). This related to Sainsbury House only without the permitted extensions with a varied internal layout for 30 bedrooms with en suites. 60 students will still be able to be accommodated. The cladding to the wall and roof are excluded. Pestalozzi was eager to carry out the amended work to Sainsbury House in the summer of 2010 and Rother granted permission in June 2010.

    It was noted by the applicant that there would be a need for rewording of several conditions attached to RR/2007/397/P. These were pre-commencement conditions re tree planting, surface water, foul water drainage, contaminated land assessment, archaeology, ecology and wildlife (see para.5 below). Pestalozzi needed to avoid having to meet these conditions which are intended for the whole development when they were only carrying out internal alterations to Sainsbury House accommodation block.

    It was also stated that the Section 106 Agreement will need amendment too.

  3. RR/2010/1671/P Housing. Proposed residential development comprising of 6 No. detached dwellings with detached garages, access road, parking, landscaping and drainage. Outline permission was granted in 2007 (RR/2007/378/P) and is outside of the recognised Local Authority Development Plan. It was allowed as enabling works to facilitate the overall financial plan for the renovation and development works to the main Pestalozzi Village. A decision on this application is awaited.

  4. Section 106 Agreement. RR/2007/378/P (housing) and RR/2007/397/P (comprehensive regeneration works at Pestalozzi) are subject to a single Section 106 obligation. The applicant has stated that the obligations set out within this agreement may need to be updated and/or reviewed following any decision granted for the full housing application.

  5. RR/2010/2134Variation of conditions on RR/2007/397/P. A current application has been submitted to vary the pre-commencement conditions referred to in para 2 above. by excluding Sainsbury House.




Pauline J Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Sedlescombe Parish Council
25 October 2010