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1. In December 2010, Sedlescombe Parish Council published a booklet entitled "Sedlescombe's Pump & Pumphouse - a brief history".


2. Pauline J Raymond, Clerk to Sedlescombe Parish Council since 1975, carried out the research and wrote the booklet. The cost of printing was met by a Battle Partnership Grant.


3. Every household in Sedlescombe has been given a free copy. Further copies can be purchased from Sedlescombe Stores (price £1). Second class stamps x 5 sent to Pauline at Woodland Cottage, Chapel Hill, Sedlescombe, Battle, TN33 0QX with your name and address will secure a copy by post.


4. The publication of this booklet celebrates the restoration of Sedlescombe's exceptional pump structure which was in use to draw water from the well on the Village Green up until 1958. Although the well is still there, it has been decided that the pump would not be made to pump water again but, instead, a small pump will be available for demonstrations from time to time. The Council is very grateful to Reg Glew for working on this demonstration model.


PumpPump inscription


5. The booklet tells the story of how the pump came to be built on the Green in 1900, who was the benefactor and who the ladies were who are commemorated on its top. It goes on to talk about the local materials used to build the Pumphouse and various incidents that have occurred over the years, even mentioning that "wilful damage" was caused to the pump in 1901. Later, there are several quotes from people who remember drawing water from the well. Throughout the booklet are lots of photographs old and new.


2 February 2011