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Yellow lines

1. Parish Council 2011 Annual Report. The following had been included:

"Sedlescombe has now become a Car Park" is one of the many comments about the parking situation in the Village made by respondents to the 2011 Sedlescombe Survey. The Council has even received a comment from someone from Staplecorss that he and his friends no longer use Sedlescombe's businesses because of the parking situation in our streets. While we know that the "not more than one vehicle for sale within 500 metres" rule has been broken, difficult parking cannot be attributed entirely to vehicles left for sale on our roadsides. The car sales business staff have to park somewhere and there are the people who work for other local businesses or their customers, even the village shop, the local pub and the beauty salon. In addition, more homes have two or three vehicles per household but not enough parking space. The building of new homes in an already-congested area of the Village last year did not help and two more will be finished soon. Add to this, the growth of the Village School which now has around 200 children, the popularity of the doctors' surgery and the Brickwall Hotel and you can see that the problem emanates from many areas. The size of the Brede Lane car park is, at certain times of the day, inadequate but, at others, space is available and it would help if visitors to local businesses would park in the car park and walk the last few metres to their destinations. Our PCSO has focused on dangerous parking by people collecting children from school and has given out tickets where appropriate. The Parish Council has been made aware of the County Council's survey into children's modes of travel to school and that more than the average number of children who live within walking distance do not walk to Sedlescombe School. If you know why this is, please tell the Parish Council.

Yellow lines. Some people see the painting of "no waiting at any time" double yellow lines as being the answer to our parking problems. Safety is the only reason for traffic restrictions, especially considering the lack of enforcement. The implementation of any parking restrictions requires the backing of a formal Traffic Regulation Order. As this is a time-consuming and expensive process, the County Council always carries out a full-village parking review rather than investigating isolated requests for parking restrictions. The Parish Council has been informed that there are twenty-eight such parking restriction reviews across the county waiting to be dealt with which will be prioritised on safety grounds and that only one or two applications are being considered each year. It looks as though yellow lines would be a long time coming in Sedlescombe even if it was decided they would be a good idea.

2. Raised by resident at Annual Parish Assembly, 26/04/11

At the Assembly, a resident asked County Cllr Peter Jones whether lines could be painted in The Green to stop long-term parking which prohibits residents from parking outside their properties.

Another person asked whether there was any improvement in the time taken before a yellow line survey could be undertaken by the County Council. See Parish Council's 2011 Annual Report entry at 1 above.

3. Reply by County Cllr Jones

County Cllr Jones suggested that the reduction in the backlog of yellow line requests across the county could be something that the increased County Council capital budget could be used for. He asked an officer of the County Council to contact me after the meeting to discuss yellow lines.

4. Conversation with Helen Paine of East Sussex County Council

Helen Paine telephoned me on 03/05/11. There are still at least 25 villages/towns awaiting a parking review in the county and one or two a year are still being completed. The situation remains:

  • Double yellow lines can only be installed after a full village survey and then only on safety grounds. They will not be installed to stop parking for convenience reasons. Parking is not permitted at any time of the day or night.
  • Single yellow lines have in the past been installed to stop parking between certain hours. The resident at the Assembly mentioned Norman Close in Battle where a scheme was introduced about 15 years ago to stop parking between 0900 and 1000 so that drivers catching a train and wishing to be away all day could not park their cars in the Close. This would also affect residents as well as other people wishing to park on the highway. The times and days of control for a single yellow line must be shown on a plate adjacent to the stretch of single yellow lines.
  • White lines across an access are used to keep the access clear.
  • The Police can take action if a parked car causes a danger or an obstruction.

The County Council will only add a village to the yellow line survey list if requested by the Parish Council. A resident does not have any right to be able to park outside his own property.

Pauline J Raymond
Sedlescombe Parish Council