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This briefing note provides an update following discussions regarding rural bus stopping places at the March 2012 Council Meeting. See Minute C11/12.120.4.

The following information has been obtained from Stagecoach:

Because of health and safety issues and incidents of passengers injuring themselves alighting from buses where there are potholes etc, bus companies are moving towards no stopping unless there is a bus stop and flag (usually on both sides of the road) The bus must be within a "yellow box" marking on the road and there should be a raised kerb. The work to bring all bus stops up to this standard will take time; town bus stops are being dealt with first. The installation of posts and flags throughout the rural areas was the first step towards our stops conforming to the rules. This means that, increasingly, drivers will not stop other than at a designated stop. A request for a new stop opposite the Brickwall Hotel when travelling north has been received from a local bus user and will be considered at the Council Meeting on 08/05/12. There is already a designated stop at the Village Green by the Pumphouse but none on the other side of the road. However, this position is not far enough up the hill and would the Parish Council want a flag etc on the Village Green?

Clerk/RFO, Sedlescombe Parish Council

25 April 2012