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1. The final part of the 2012 Annual Village Inspection took place on Friday 28 September between 09:30 and 10:30.

2. It was attend by Cllr Glew (Chairman of the Finance Committee) and new parish councillor Peter Anson. The inspection was led by the Clerk and Financial Officer, Mrs Pauline Raymond

3. The following areas were inspection

  1. East View Terrace
    1. Kickabout Area. The Clerk provided the background to the Council's ownership of the Kickabout Area and the covenants on the land. The Council has £10 million public liability insurance cover but does not insure the football/basketball units or the litter bin.
      1. Football/basketball units (Record Stormshooters). In good order apart from needing cleaning.
      2. Trees. Dead wood needs removing from the trees.
      3. Tarmac. Tarmac will need sweeping and edging back as part of an autumn clean before winter.
      4. Hedge. Arrangements have been made for the hedge to be cut by Roger's Gardening Services in November.
      5. Grass. Roughly cut. Holes have been filled in by Cllr Chapman.
      6. Signs. One of the two signs on the fence is broken, as it has been for some time. Both signs need cleaning.
      7. Litter. Reasonable.
    2. Metal Seat. The metal seat at the end of East View was painted this summer by the ESCC Parish Maintenance Team. In good order.
    3. Litter bin next to the Seat. In good order.
    4. Summary of expenditure to be included in the Council's budget:
      1. Hedge-cutting (northern edge) and removal of clippings November 2013 - 2012 already included.
      2. Grass cutting 8 times p.a.
      3. Litter collection. Weekly collection and emptying of bin.
      4. Autumn clean-up to include -
        1. Sweeping tarmac and edging back.
        2. Cleaning signs.
        3. Cleaning stormshooters.
        4. Removal of dead wood from trees.
        5. In 2013 - hedge-cutting.
  2. Red Barn Field Nature Park. The Clerk provided the background to the Council's ownership of the Nature Park and the leased car park area of the village hall.
    1. 2 wooden Notice Boards. In good order. Species' lists.
    2. GRP information board. In good order.
    3. Path strimmed at edges and weedkilled during the season.
    4. Boundaries. Boundary at School House now replaced with a small post and wire fence.
    5. Hedges. Surrounding hedges maintained by surrounding landowners who are asked to do so in accordance with Buglife's recommendations.
    6. Fruiting shrubs planted in 2011 in place but need care and attention.
    7. Bird and bat boxes in place.
    8. Dog Control Signs in place at both ends.
    9. Signs in place on top gates.
    10. Pond and ditch. Warning notice in place.
    11. Meadow. Has not been cut and baled this year.
    12. Bracken removal. Removed by Conservation Volunteers but they have suggested that it will not need doing in 2013.
    13. Summary of expenditure to be included in the Council's budget:
      1. Strimming edges of path 8 times p.a.
      2. Weedkilling twice a year.
      3. Annual cut and bale.
      4. Clearance around fruiting hedge and trim.
  3. Recycled plastic seat on Church Hill.
  4. Wooden seat outside Church. Repainted by ESCC Parish Maintenance Team in summer. In good order.

Sedlescombe Parish Council

28 September 2012