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VOLUNTEERS, DECEMBER 2012, update 2 following Finance Committee Meeting on 11/12/12


Tree surgery - removal of dead wood from trees at East View Kickabout Area. CONTRACT LET TO ARBOR TREE SURGERY.

Grass cutting and strimming. CONTRACT LET TO LANDSCAPE SERVICES.

  1. 1VG Village Green - Weekly using mulching mower - 26 cuts
  2. 5CP and 6CP Brede Lane Car Park - Every two weeks - 13 cuts
  3. 31EV East View Kickabout Area - 8 cuts
  4. 10PF Riverside Playground - 16 cuts
  5. 11PF Riverside Playing Field - 4 cuts
  6. 26RB Red Barn Field. Strimming path edges 8 times March to October


  1. 27RB Red Barn Field path edges
  2. 14PF Riverside playing field - Giant hogweed monitoring along banks of river
  1. 17PF Riverside playing field - Weekly litter collection and emptying of bins into large bin at entrance
  2. 33EV East View playground - Weekly litter collection

20PF Annual professional inspection of Riverside playground. CONTRACT LET TO DIGLEY ASSOCIATES

Dog bin emptying - weekly 3 bins at Playing Field driveway, Brede Lane car park and Sportsfield - arranged through Rother District Council and paid for annually by SPC. Awaiting quote.


  1. Village Green (VG) [SPC responsibility under leadership of Cllr Roy Chapman and Cllr John Parsons]
    1. Weekly sweeping Pumphouse
    2. Hand weeding around Pumphouse paths and steps
    3. Maintenance of flower tubs
    4. Half-moon edging of path across Green
    5. Clearance of drain covers on and around Green
    6. Painting Pumphouse seats as required
    7. Annual tree inspection
  2. Brede Lane Public Car Park (CP) [Agency agreement with Rother DC under leadership of Cllr Roy Chapman and Cllr John Parsons]
    1. Half moon edging ie cutting where grass meets hard surfacing - as required.
    2. Hand weeding access path by surgery.
    3. Young tree maintenance by toilets including removal of dead trees or branches (other trees remain Rother's responsibility)
    4. Washing outside dog bin
  3. Sedlescombe Playing Field ie tennis courts, playground, grass area [SPC responsibility under maintenance agreement with Playing Field & Recreation Ground Trust under leadership of Cllr Roy Chapman and Cllr John Parsons ]
    1. Hand weeding around the outside edges of the MUGA as required
    2. Annual hedge cutting on northern edge of grass footpath adjacent to playground
    3. Sweeping tarmac areas and removal of leaves in playground
    4. Sweeping of tennis courts/MUGA and removal of leaves, March and November
    5. Washing play equipment
    6. Washing outside dog bin
    7. Removal of nettles from entrance
    8. Annual tree inspection
  4. Red Barn Field [SPC responsibility under leadership of Cllr Roy Chapman and Cllr John Parsons]
    1. Annual clearance around base of fruiting hedge on boundary with village hall and annual trimming.
    2. Wood preservative on two boards every two years
    3. Annual tree inspection
  5. East View Kickabout Area (EV) [SPC responsibility under leadership of Cllr Roy Chapman and Cllr John Parsons]
    1. Autumn clear up ie cut back grass from edges of tarmac, wash boards and basketball back boards, sweep tarmac and collect acorns and leaves
    2. Annual tree inspection
  6. Bus Shelter (BS) [SPC responsibility under leadership of Cllr Roy Chapman and Cllr John Parsons]
    1. Two-weekly collecting litter and sweeping bus shelter - rubbish can be put in large bin at end of Powdermills driveway opposite
  7. Litter collection along roads and lanes. Sedlescombe's litter collection scheme used to involve about 30 volunteers who regularly collected litter near where they live. This scheme was arranged through the Parish Council and arranged firstly by John Roberts of New England Lane and then, up to 2009, by Cllr Ralph Dellow. When he left the Council, Ralph continued to organise the scheme. Ralph has provided the list of volunteers previously used and some people may still be collecting litter in their allocated areas. His list, which was sent to volunteers, highlights the risks and care that needs to be taken. Volunteer needed to co-ordinate litter collectors.

PUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY [(responsibility of ESCC, under the leadership of Cllr Vine-Hall]

  1. Maintenance of rights of way. The work to be undertaken is as follows:

    1. Surveying the rights of way in the parish, recording the condition and any works required.
    2. Liaison with local landowners to improve access by repairing or replacing stiles, installing gates and keeping hedges trimmed back.
    3. Waymarking - attaching information discs to fittings and installing waymark posts.
    4. Cutting the path's vegetation.

  2. Path Warden scheme.

SEDLESCOMBE LIFT SCHEME. (Under the leadership of Cllr Glew). The current Sedlescombe Lift Scheme has been operating successfully for the last six years transporting people for health appointments. It is a self-organising system whereby a patient telephones a driver on the published list and makes the arrangements directly. The driver is paid mileage by the patient @ 50p/mile. It is the driver's responsibility to check that his/her insurance company approves this use of their vehicle.

There are currently thirteen drivers on the list. The Parish Council's role is to maintain the list of drivers and to publicise details. Cllr Glew is the lead councillor. The Parish Clerk organises parking permits for the Conquest Hospital for registered drivers.

SID VOLUNTEERS. [Under the leadership of Cllr John Parsons and Cllr Rod Eldridge in co-operation with PCSO Demetrius Georghiou]. Volunteers receive training and will only be able to volunteer for the scheme if they are willing to operate on sites specified as safe by the Police. Hi-viz jackets should be worn. Derek Wright has agreed to assist with record-keeping at Battle Police Station.

DELIVERY. About eighteen people deliver annual reports and bulletins in the parish on behalf of the Council.


  1. 15PF Twice-yearly moss treatment of MUGA
  2. 32EV Annual cut of hedge along northern edge of area
  3. 35VG Power washing Sir John Keeling seats
  4. 29SP Sportsfield car park -Twice-yearly weedkiller treatment
  5. Clearance of tipped material at the Sportsfield Car Park (completed December 2012)


  1. 21PF Playground repairs to 2 pieces of equipment to raise cables [RC, PA, JV]
  2. Weekly inspection of playground and tennis courts by councillors [All]


  1. 24RB Cut and bale field - Feb 13 and Sep 13 - possibly by local farmer
  2. 25RB Annual (July) bracken clearance - Hastings Conservation Volunteers will do but should not be needed in 2013
  3. Wash wooden seat in Brede Lane on Gammons Hill
  4. Wash plastic seat and clear herbage from around halfway up Church Hill

Clerk/RFO, Sedlescombe Parish Council, 07/12/12