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  1. Notice Convening the Meeting.
  2. Chairman's opening remarks.
  3. Approval of Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 17/04/12.
  4. Update following Parish Meeting on 30/11/12 re the proposed Brede Lane development.
  5. Short report from the following:
    1. Sedlescombe School
    2. Pestalozzi International Village
    3. Any other representative of a Village organisation or business who has asked to speak.
  6. Report of Parish Council Chairman.
  7. Parish Council Financial Report.
  8. Representatives to be invited to give a short report on how Parish money was spent this year:
    1. Diamond Jubilee Picnic
    2. Battle Area Community Transport
    3. Sedlescombe Sports Association
  9. Electors' question and answer session to panel of District Councillor Ganly, County Councillor Jones, PCSO Demetrius Georghiou and the Chairman of the Parish Council (in the chair).
  10. During the serving of light refreshments, those attending are invited to circulate around the hall to meet the following:
    1. Parish councillors.
    2. County and District Councillors.
  11. A series of photos of Sedlescombe will displayed at the same time.


  1. Name of the Meeting - could be
    1. Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting of Sedlescombe
    2. Annual Sedlescombe Parish Meeting
    3. Annual Sedlescombe Electors' Meeting
    4. Annual Sedlescombe Village Meeting

  2. Timing of the meeting. We usually start at 7.30pm but if children come along from the School, maybe we should bring it forward to, say, 7pm start. The main part of the meeting should end by 8.15pm allowing about an hour for people to circulate.

  3. Agenda for the meeting - draft above.

  4. Should the District and County Councillor speak as usual? OR....

  5. Alternatively, be invited to prepare a page-long written report for the Sedlescombe Annual Report and Directory and then sit on a question and answer panel during the meeting and be available in the hall after the meeting for people to speak to? When speaking to Tony Ganly last week, I mentioned this idea and he was in favour. He doesn't give a report to the Ewhurst Assembly but does provide a page for distribution. I suggested to Tony that this should be something relevant to Sedlescombe electors rather than just general District business.

  6. Should we continue to invite village organisations and businesses to do a table display? I think some people like to set these up but I have noticed that not many people spend time looking at them. We were one of the first parishes, probably the first in Rother at least, to start the display table idea and it may have run its course, although we do get many more attendees than other parishes OR...

  7. Alternatively, we could allow representatives of the School and Pestalozzi, including children and young people, and village organisations or businesses to say a few words as there are usually some current matters that people want to raise. The organisations and businesses would need to let us know they want to speak.

  8. I imagine having parish councillors and Tony and Peter Jones sat around the hall when refreshments are being taken with a board beside them saying what issue they can speak about eg PG can speak about the Lift Scheme, public transport, Rod about parking and traffic in the Village, Roy about grounds maintenance volunteers etc. With just a few chairs around them so several people can hear at the same time. I've found that people have lots of questions and comments to make individually after the meeting which they don't want to raise at the meeting.

  9. For those who don't want to ask questions or speak to councillors, they could look at the photos (ie not the ones we will be showing next week, more old ones).

  10. Peter Jones will not be standing for election next May for ESCC. Maybe we should make a small presentation at the meeting next April to thank him for his years representating Sedlescombe on ESCC and his good record as leader of the County Council. Tony told me he is not altogether happy that he was not chosen to stand for the Police and Crime Commissioner by the Conservative Party.