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1. Sue Walton made three comments on the Proposed Submission Core Strategy. The following are the main points of her comments:

  1. Suggestion that there "may well be an argument for it (ie Marley Lane and its industrial sites) to be subsumed into the Battle Town Council area [these are currently part of the parish of Sedlescombe]. The A21 presents both a physical and intellectual barrier with the Marley Lane site remaining remote from Sedlescombe Village."

  2. Suggestion that it would be appropriate for new employment floor space that it is suggested is needed in Sedlescombe to be located more conveniently to the Village than that in Marley Lane. She suggests that the current footprint of the unused buildings at the Pestalozzi Village could perhaps offer opportunities for small businesses focused on crafts related to the High Weald's agricultural heritage to provide accessible employment opportunities for young people.

  3. Need for there to be "a real commitment to improving the public transport provision in rural areas because buses do not run late enough into the evenings or frequently enough at weekends to encourage or enable those living in rural communities such as Sedlescombe to forgo their cars. This is particularly difficult for young people who have no access to private transport and have to travel to the larger towns for college or employment."


P J Raymond