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Agenda item C11/12.119.1, 13/03/12

Regarding the correspondence between the Clerk, Cllr Jones and the Head of Children's Services at ESCC. The correspondence was entered into because Rother Planning Strategy Team said that they were guided in school numbers by the County Council. The Clerk made the following comments:

  1. The Parish Council is opposed to any further extension of Sedlescombe School because of the congestion in Brede Lane.

  2. The Parish Council is opposed to further development in Brede Lane because of the traffic congestion caused by the School.

  3. The Parish Council considers that providing more space in school buildings than is needed for local children and not providing any additional parking only increases traffic problems in villages, especially those in close proximity to towns.

    The County Council answered as follows:
  4. It is acknowledged that the current situation places an "enormous strain on the traffic issues in the area". The County Council works with Schools to have appropriate travel plans in place.

  5. "The School's popularity and ability to bring in pupils from a wide geographical area does ensure currently its sustainability and presence in Sedlescombe."

  6. "The School has a capacity of 210 and as of October 2011 there were 198 pupils attending; we are anticipating that the School will continue to be close to full in the foreseeable future. Our forecasts do take account of existing housing commitments and future housing allocations of the magnitude identifed in the Core Strategy. Therefore, given that we believe it to be unlikely that existing capacity at the School will be exceeded, we have no justification to extend the provision of additional permanent capacity at the School particularly as the forecasts suggest that the proportion of children at the School who are resident in the Sedlescombe area is likely to remain fairly small." If however, additional housing numbers were added to the Core Strategy, the County Council would manage the situation through a combination of application of the admissions code and physical management of the site. It appears not to be the concern of the County Council Education Department where cars will park.
    NB Current approved allocations 28 properties. Core Strategy allocations an additional 8-26. DPP is trying to have the number of properties in the Core Strategy considerably increased.

Clerk/RFO, Sedlescombe Parish Council

6 March 2012