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Agenda item C11/, 13/03/12

1. Parking of vehicles in Ladybird Lane

  1. The following instances have been reported to the Parish Council since the last meeting:
    1. Parking of vehicles in Ladybird Lane by dog walkers on a daily basis (24/01) - not the Parish Council's responsibility.
    2. Parking of fifteen cars in Ladybird Lane at the time several football matches were in progress (15/01).
    3. Parking of twenty cars in Ladybird Lane at the time several football matches were in progress. However, at the end of the matches when all participants had left, there were still four cars parked on the Lane (26/02).

  2. The Minutes of the meeting of the Sports Association Committee held on 20/02/12 record the following:

    The committee and sports clubs are doing all they can to prevent parking in Ladybird Lane. The football club remind all its members on a weekly basis and team managers are tasked with controlling parking. The Association has sought quotes for “No parking” signs to be made that can be erected on match days. It was noted that Pestalozzi have not bothered to put up signs themselves so those not familiar with the area have no idea parking is not permitted. If they did, this could help alleviate the problem. ACTION: Sec to write to Pestalozzi suggesting they consider this. 

    Unfortunately, this proved not to be correct as on the following Sunday Ashley found all visiting team managers said that they had not been informed about not parking in the Lane.

  3. On 01/03/12, the Parish Council was informed by Ashley that he was having two no parking boards made up for that Sunday, one for the Lane and the other for the car park entrance.

  4. A note has been added to the new Terms and Conditions document adopted in February by the Sports Association Committee regarding no parking in Ladybird Lane.

  5. NB In addition to parking in Ladybird Lane, the Sports Association has been informed that, from time to time, cars are being parked at the rear of the pavilion completely over the footway.

2. Sportsfield Car Park. The following action has taken place since the last meeting:

  1. Ashley has met with Cllr Vine-Hall regarding the culvert under the car park entrance. They have agreed that nothing needs doing to it apart from collection of rubbish, also regularly checking that the valve at the river is functioning properly.

  2. Ashley has met with a representative of Grass Reinforcement Solutions and has obtained a quotation for installing grass reinforcement matting in order to provide an extension of the car park. However, the Sports Association Committee no longer want to progress this idea.

  3. The size of the area which could be used for additional parking has been measured as 900m2.

  4. Ashley met with Andrew Gerken of Pump House Designs on 19/01/12 who provided a quote for carrying out a check survey and preparing the drawing for the car park extension and submitting it to Rother. The total cost of £235 was approved by the Chairman of the Council and the Chairman of Finance and an order was given for the work on 01/03/12.

  5. The Sports Association believes they can dig out the area, take the topsoil away, fill with hardcore plus a suitable topping and roll out the area with the cricket roller. Prices are being obtained. The Parish Council is being asked to take on the work in order to save the cost of VAT. The Council is giving help with finding funding opportunities to the Sports Association but the Association has asked if the Parish Council will be able to provide any funding.


Clerk/RFO, Sedlescombe Parish Council

6 March 2012