SPC logoClerk's Briefing 2-13 - Spilstead Airstrip

HISTORY (partial):

RR/98/1323/P Continued use of land as an airstrip - approved conditionally.

Condition 10 - An aircraft movement record of all take-offs, landings and purpose or destination of flights, together with the aircraft registration number, shall be maintained and made available for inspection on 24 hours notice by the Local Planning Authority and by Sedlescombe Parish Council.

RR/2009/17/P Continued use of land as an airstrip without complying with temporary condition imposed on planning permission RR/98/1323/P - approved. NB All other conditions imposed on RR/98/1323/P, together with the flight protocol, remain in full force.

On 30/01/13, a resident living near the site in Stream Lane e-mailed the Clerk as follows: I would be grateful to know if the Parish Council have examined the flight records at the airfield recently? I believe that it is in the interest of all in the Parish that we know that the number of flights per year are within the legal limit. I should say that I have no reason to believe that they have been exceeded.

The last time copies of the logbook were taken by a parish councillor was in March 2009.

Pauline J Raymond