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5-13 Flagpole and Village Green Update


Number 13-12 Flags of 25/04/12
Number 3-13 Flagpole and Village Green of 05/02/13

The following points contained in the previous two briefing notes should be considered:

  1. 17/04/12 - Suggestion that a flagpole should be erected on Sedlescombe Village Green (VG) made at Annual Parish Assembly by Chairman of the Sedlescombe Branch of the Royal British Legion (RBL).
  2. 2012 - Parish Council's insurance broker confirmed that the Parish Council's (PC) public liability insurance cover would automatically cover the flagpole at no additional premium as long as the PC agreed the installation. This insurance could be extended to cover the flagpole if required at an extra cost.
  3. 24/07/13 - Advice from Rother District Council that planning permission would not be required provided the flagpole was 4m or less in height.
  4. May 2012 - the PC approved the principle of erecting a flagpole on the VG.
  5. June and October 2012 and January 2013 Bulletins delivered to every home in the parish gave details.
  6. RBL raised sufficient funds to purchase the pole and flags and found 4 people willing to raise the lower the flag as appriate.
  7. December 2012 - Pumphouse Designs drew up plans free of charge and PC Planning Committee approved them.