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Earlier in 2013, Cllr Eldridge produced a comprehensive study report on Traffic and Parking Issues in Sedlescombe. He included various "suggested actions". These are listed below for the attention of the Parish Council.

The implementation of some of the items will require funds. Councillors will need to consider inclusion of appropriate amounts in the 2014-15 Sedlescombe Parish Council budget (Finance Committee on 10/12/13).

  1. General - Parish Council to consider the following:
    1. Police to be encouraged to spend more time in the village, specifically at peak times during the week and at weekends to enforce parking restrictions.
    2. Use the media and local publicity machine to get the message across to the public at large.
    3. Introduce a comprehensive traffic management scheme for various problem areas of the parish.
    4. Campaign to reduce speed through the village by using the SID and hand held camera.
    5. Investigate the provision of a new car park area within walking distance of the school and local amenities.
    6. Find parking area for users of the MUGA/play area.
    7. Promote the use of the public car park by the Brickwall Hotel and Queen's Head users.
  2. Speed Limits - Parish Council to ask ESCC to consider the following:
    1. A reduction in the speed limit on the section of Brede Lane from Gorselands to The Street from 30mph to 20mph.
    2. A 10mph speed limit in The Green slip road if it is to remain two-way (see also 7) below).
    3. A 40 mph speed limit throughout the route from Chapel Hill, Cottage Lane and on to Westfield.
    4. A 40mph speed limit in Tollgate Road.
    5. A 20mph speed limit in Stream Lane.
    6. The central village area to be designated as a 20mph zone or even a "slow village".
    7. To introduce speed cameras at either end of the village.
    8. Regular monitoring of traffic using the SID throughout the length of The Street and on approach down Church Hill.
  3. Installation of street furniture, notices and lining - Parish Council (or the owner in some cases) may need to fund if these suggestions are to be put in place:
    1. A barrier at the end of the twitten that links Gorselands with Brede Lane. The barrier should be constructed of a robust material to stop children running into Brede Lane.
    2. Repainting of the white lines across the entry to Pumphouse Yard and opposite.
    3. A white line across the width of the shop front to deter motorists from parking in this area.
    4. A white line across the entrance to the Doctors' Surgery car park.
    5. A white line on the bend from the entrance to the Queen's Head car park up to The Paddock. Metal posts at the start and end of the white line with the posts robust enough to withstand possible vandalism. Notice to be affixed to the posts displaying a Police or Highway Authority notice informing motorists of a possible penalty for parking on the white line.
    6. A notice for display at the start of the surgery pathway requesting visitors to use the car park whenever possible.
    7. A parking bay for disabled road users marked out by the entrance path to the surgery.
    8. A notice for display at the entrance to the Brickwall Hotel in Brede Lane stating "Car Park at Rear of Hotel".
    9. Signage on B2244 to direct persons using the sportsfield to park in the sportsfield car park.
    10. Remarking of junction of Harts Green and Cottage Lane to ensure drivers in Cottage Lane are aware of the crossing of Harts Green. "Slow" also needs to be painted on the road.
    11. Need for a parking layby for cars using the Chapel.
    12. Need for improved signage in Chapel Hill.
    13. Need for improved signage in Tollgate Road.
    14. White line to be painted across the Balcombe Green junction with the B2244.
    15. Installation of red tarmac in central part of The Street to warn motorists they are entering an area where extra care is needed.
    16. Regular repainting of speed limit signs and warning indicators on B2244.
    17. Chicane at both entrances to the village from north and south to slow traffic with speed indicator attached. Could be lit by solar power and paid for by a suitable advertisement.
    18. Additional signage at entry points to the village warning drivers not to speed and to drive carefully through the village.
    19. Sign on the A21 indicating alternative route to Hawkhurst, Maidstone and beyond avoiding village.
    20. Sign at either end of the village indicating a camera to give warning of the use of speed cameras by the Police or residents in connection with the Speed Watch Scheme.
  4. Use of land - Parish Council/Sports Association/Village Hall Management Committee to consider:
    1. Possible use for parking school cars in the sportsfield car park in the morning and afternoon.
    2. Encouragement of parents/carers and church users to park in the village hall car park.
  5. Letters - Parish Council to:
    1. Send letter of complaint to the Traffic Safety Manager of ESCC.
    2. Send letter to the Sussex Police Liaison Officer for Road Safety in support of the application for white lining.
  6. Road signs - Parish Council to discuss with ESCC Highways
    1. More prominently display "car park" direction sign in The Street to encourage more motorists to use the free car park.
    2. Remove signage at bottom of Chapel Hill to discourage use.
    3. Add more prominent slow signage at the Cottage Lane junction with Crazy Lane and where Crazy Lane exits onto A21.
    4. Add slow signs at various points along Cottage Lane.
    5. Add signage at the junction of Harts Green Road and Cottage Lane indicating "stop" or "give way".
  7. Village Green - Parish Council to consider and discuss with ESCC Highways and local people
    1. Reconsider slip road becoming "one way" to stop drivers using the slip road as a short cut onto The Street.
    2. HGV's to be prohibited from using the slip road other than for access to the shop or other premises in Pumphouse Yard.
    3. Coaches to be stopped from using this road as a turning point for their school or other passenger routes.
    4. Motorists to be deterred from leaving their vehicles for long periods of time parked on the slip road. A community notice to be attached to offending vehicles.
    5. Owners of commercial premises in The Green to be contacted for their views.
    6. If the slip road must remain two-way, 2 road humps to be installed on The Green. Travelling south, one hump immediately past Pumphouse Yard and the other opposite the property named "Clayton House".
  8. School - school to take action encouraged with parish councillors on the Road Safety Committee
    1. To continue to put in place parking initiatives and disseminate information to parents via the children and the school newsletter.
    2. Encourage regular exchange of ideas with the Police. Continuation of school safety weeks. PCSO to address the school on a regular basis and the parents invited to attend.
    3. Encourage walking bus with improved incentives for participants. Improved health benefits, fitness and reducing the risk of obesity to be stated.
    4. Greater use of car sharing scheme to be promoted to reduce the number of cars entering the village at peak times.
    5. Staff to be encouraged to park wherever possible within the school grounds. This will alleviate the problem of cars being parked in the car park during the whole school day. More spaces in the public car park will be made available for visitors to the village, particularly at peak school times.
    6. To seek more space within the school grounds or as close as possible for staff parking.
    7. To continue to use the Queen's Head car park for parents collecting and delivering their children to and from school.
    8. Continued liaison between Parish Council and Mrs Ham via the School Travel Working Park (now renamed "The Road Safety Committee").
    9. Pursue construction of footpath from public car park to a point opposite the school.
    10. Investigate with the school the idea of a minibus to take children from Blackbrooks Garden Centre to the School.
  9. Football Club
    1. To be asked to remind their club members and visitors not to park on the B2244 adjacent to the front of the sportsfield.
  10. East View Terrace - Parish Council to consider:
    1. Undertake traffic count using Highway Authority metering device to accurately monitor traffic movements near East View Terrace.
    2. Leaflet drop to all properties in East View Terrace informing them of the general parking problems being encountered on the development.
  11. The Street - Parish Council to consider and discuss with ESCC Highways:
    1. Carry out a feasibility study to assess the possibility of a pelican crossing in the vicinity of The Clockhouse.

Pauline J Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Sedlescombe Parish Council
01424 870508