Sedlescombe Parish Council


Owner – Sedlescombe Parish Council (ESX 11650, RR/94/2252 refers)
Gifted to Sedlescombe Parish Council in 1995 for use as a play area.
There are no byelaws.
No other body has any responsibility for this area.
Value as community land - £1.

2 X Record football/basketball steel units in tarmac area
Concrete litter bin

[NB Shelter on the site was removed by Orbit Housing Association in 2007 at the request of nearby residents]

Sedlescombe Public Playing Field and Recreation Ground Trust (Charity Commission No.305305).
Sedlescombe Parish Council is the sole trustee.
There is a “no dogs” byelaw in the playground area only.
No other body has any responsibility for this area.  [NB Playground warning signs on B2244 provide and maintained by East Sussex County Council)
Value as community land - £1.

Playground area
“No dog” byelaw in playground area.
Wicksteed Junior swings with grassmat (new 2003)
Wicksteed Toddler swings  with grassmat (surface new 2003, chains & seats replaced and frames repainted 2006)
Wicksteed Simple Simon Nursery Rhymes slide unit (new 2003)
SMP Playgrounds Orbiter roundabout (new 2006 but bearing broken 2007 and subsequently replaced)
Meho Cat Springer 0400PE (new 2006)
Meho Motorcycle Springer 0410PE (new 2006)
RSS Eagles Nest pathfinder Multiplay unit (new 2006)
RSS Trailblazers equipment as follows:

Ø       Amazon Basin (new 2006)
Ø       Everglades (new 2006)
Ø       Grand Canyon (new 2006)
Ø       Jacobs Ladder (new 2006)
Ø       Klondike x2 (new 2006)
Ø       Niagara Falls (new 2006)
Bollards (one replaced 2007)
RSS Signs x 2 on gates (new 2006)
Wraysbury fencing 1.2m with 2 gates (new 2006)
Chestnut spile fencing (repaired June 2005)
Wooden picnic table (new 2006, considerably damage in 2007)
Seat with arms (old)
Half-moon litter bin on fence (old)
Recycled plastic seat provided by SRPRG
Recycled litter bin provided by SRPRG

Tennis courts - 2 hard courts with acrylic surface and nets surrounded by netting with two unlocked gates (resurfaced and refenced in March 2000). No damage reported since gates were left unlocked in 2007.

Surrounding area
Recycled plastic picnic table
2 Recycled plastic seats
Dog bin
Large litter bin (November 2004)
Other litter bin - liner replaced 2007
No parking sign on tree (new 2004)
Trees of various kinds

Dogs on Leads Byelaw.
Freehold Owner – Sedlescombe Parish Council, purchased 1984, ESX 109895
Valued at £30,000 amenity land
Field with pavilion but excluding car park leased to Sedlescombe Sports Association, Thirty year lease from 01/08/2005 (1984 30-year lease surrendered) at peppercorn rent of £1 p.a.  Sports Association responsible for all maintenance apart from car park.  There are three seats, a litter bin (new 2003), a dog bin, a kissing gate into field (new November 2003). 

Pavilion expected to be replaced. Portacabin belonging to Parish Council installed in Summer of 2007.
There is an obligation on the Parish Council to contribute towards maintenance of the Pestalozzi road “according to user”.
Car park extended 2004.  Signs at car park replaced November 2004 and at bridge April 2004.  Environment Agency signs at bridge, car park and end of sportsfield.

Freehold Owner – Sedlescombe Parish Council, purchased December 1998/January 1999, ESX 255274 (following loss by Solicitor of ESX27884).  Purchase value £13,500 (after removal of part of the holding for construction of the village hall).  The Parish Council has retained ownership (leased to the Sedlescombe Village Hall charity) of the village
hall car park.  There are no byelaws.

Legal agreements:  a) Right of way and access to well;  b) Covenants imposed on sale of land for village hall (ESX255944);  c) Lease of village hall car park to village hall.
The following items of furniture are on the land:
Recycled plastic seat
Recycled plastic disabled picnic table
Recycled plastic litter bin
1 interpretation board with new (2006) glass reinforced plastic panel (1 other removed 2006)
2x kissing gates
Bird boxes and bat boxes
Signs on gates, new April 2004
2 noticeboards, new 2006.

Parish Council registered owner since 1973.
Pumphouse building over lead pump surrounded by railings, 2 oak benches.  Insurance valuation increased annually. Parish Council to consider refurbishment of Pump in 2008.
3 commemorative seats (installed 1978) around top oak with plaque on ground re the tree. Parish Council to consider refurbishment of seats in 2008 to mark 30th anniversary.
There are three trees on the Green
Various byelaws
Valued as community land - £1

Three-door noticeboard moved to south wall of Post Office building in 2006 (two small noticeboards held by Cllr Anthony Rand).  New safety glass installed November 2004. Noticeboard retained on south wall of Post Office because new position as detailed in approved planning approval no longer available.

Owner – Rother District Council
Rother/SPC  maintenance agreement 2006-2011.
Tourist information board owned by Sedlescombe Parish Council on wall of public conveniences (Rother/SPC agreement from 28/05/02)
Dog bin owned by Sedlescombe Parish Council (Rother/SPC agreement from March 1998)

Mountain ash trees x 2 near Doctors’ surgery (ESCC/SPC licence since 10/06/1987)

Brede Lane – 1 wooden with metal arms
East View Terrace – 1 metal
Village Green – 3 oak on top Green;  2 oak benches at Pumphouse
Church Hill – 1 wooden with metal arms, 1 recycled plastic
Riverside playground – 1 wooden seat with metal arms, 1 recycled plastic seat and 1 wooden picnic table in play area. 1 recycled plastic picnic table and 2 recycled plastic seats around tennis courts
Red Barn Field – 1 recycled plastic disabled picnic table, 1 recycled plastic seat

LITTER & DOG BINS (outside post office and at Queen’s Head belong to owners)
Sportsfield – 1 dog bin, 1 large litter bin (vgc)
Riverside Playing Field – 1 large litter bin (vgc), 1 dog bin (vgc), 1 half-moon litter bin on fence in playground (ok), 1 new (2007) recycled plastic bin in playground
In bus shelter – 1 half-moon litter bin (new 2007)
Outside Old Chapel – 1 litter bin (vgc)
Village Green by Pumphouse – 2 litter bins (vgc)
Outside Old Hall House – 1 litter bin missing (replaced line 2007)
Brede Lane by seat – 1 litter bin (new 2007) (vgc)
East View Terrace by seat – 1 litter bin (vgc)
East View Kickabout Area – 1 concrete litter bin (vgc)
Brede Lane car park – 1 dog bin (gc but needs new lid)
Gammons Way – 1 plastic litter bin (vgc)
Red Barn Field – 1 recycled plastic litter bin (vgc)

Sedlescombe Parish Council is the Custodian Trustee of the Village Hall
Sedlescombe Parish Council has retained the Car park land and leased it to Sedlescombe Village Hall Charity
In the hall - Sedlescombe Map on cloth (in loft), framed copy of Sedlescombe Parish Map (CR2), 1 wooden gavel (missing 2007 was in CR2)

On permanent loan to Hall (village hall charity insures) –
200 chairs, 4 chair trolleys, 20 tables, 200 plates, cups, saucers, bowls, Water boiler, 17 doz knives, forks, dessert spoons & forks, teaspoons, Lighting and sound equipment
Stage railing
s (not in use 2007)

2 metal filing cabinets
Leather document case dated 1896
BenQ pb7230 projector (new March 2005 valued at £1000)
Personal computer (updated with new hardware July 2006 and new software November 2007, value at £2500)
Dell TOT1/C640 laptop and case and printer (printer not used) (value £1000)
Canoscan 99950F Scanner (value £200)
Brother Laster Printer (new April 2004) (discontinued, replacement cost about £350 for equivalent)
1 wooden desk
Rexel A3 LV340HS Laminator (new March 2006, value £70)
Dell 2007FPW Computer Monitor (new May 2006, value £312)
3-section display board (new 2002, value £100)

PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION - Deposited at East Sussex County Record Office at Lewes

4 Concrete flower tubs – with Mrs S Betts of Highfield
1 small and 1 larger silver cup engraved “Sedlescombe Horse Society” – with Mrs S Betts of Highfield

Security hardware in connection with Safer Villages Scheme – with Mr R Dellow of Little
Tysoe, Churchland LaneLitter pickers x 3

3 December 2007