East Sussex TN33 ONB

                                                                                      21st April 2008



Councillor Wright Chairman

Sedlescombe Parish Council

Woodland Cottage

Chapel Hill


East Sussex TN33 0QX





Dear Councillor Wright.


I am writing with reference to your council’s letter dated 15th January 2008 confirming my appointment as Internal Auditor for the council’s financial year 2007/08 and  would advise the following:-


I have no personal or business interests with the council, councillors or clerk.

I will carry out the audit with integrity, ethically and objectively.

My internal audit on the council’s financial procedures will be carried out, for this year, on the areas outlined in your Audit Plan.

My fee is as agreed in the sum of £80 and I will carry out the audit, as arranged with your Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, in the week beginning 19th May 2008   


Yours sincerely,



Valerie Bennett




Copy to Mrs P. Raymond Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer