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Summary of Jobs, last part of 2010/11 and 2011/12

updated 29/03/2011

For Clerk/RFO
Bus shelter repairs Quotes to be obtained See F10/
Repainting of tennis court markings Requested by users To investigate, see F10/
Adjust gate to Riverside Playground. Bottom right hinge needs welding and self-closing spring required Spring ordered, see F10/
Repair top end of Green where grass has been eroded. Insert matting, reseed/returf and protect until grass is established. For volunteer in the spring Six planters proposed See F10/
Dog bin at sportsfield Wrong dog bin lid returned and cost refunded. New bin to be purchased. See F10/
Sportsfield front boundary Quotes for closing off field gate, replacing fencing, planting beech See F10/ for details
On village sign post Received plaque re Village of Year- Awaiting fitting when post painted or washed
Metal grille at pumphouse

Grille painted. To be finished off.

See F10/
Dog bin in Brede Lane Car Park. New notice Done
Printing 2011 Directory in first quarter of 2011 Fastprint Done & delivered
Printing Sedlescombe's pump and pumphouse Fastprint Done & delivered
New Village sign Received and fitted Done
Plaque for new railings Received and fitted to railings Done
For R Wood    
Clean and repaint Village Sign post.   R Wood sick but will be washed at least
Mowing contract 2011 season F10/11.24.5, 25.2, 26.4, 32.4, 35.2
Litter contract 2011 season F10/11.25.1, 25.4, 26.3, 28.1, 32.1
Hedge cutting contract EVT Kickabout and Riverside hedges cut December 2010

F10/11.25.3, 32.5


Replace wooden slat on back of seat in Brede Lane.   F10/11.30.2. Done
Sweep tree debris from East View Kickabout Area tarmac surface.   F10/11.25.4. Done
Replace chestnut paling and white plastic posts at Riverside Playing Field (4 posts in hand). Chestnut paling repaired and 2 white posts replaced. 2 more to be done F10/11.32.
For Languard    
Weedkilling 2011 season F10/11.33.
Remove moss from corner of courts 2011 spring To be done by Languard in time for netball season.
For volunteer    
Washing playground equipment JB? (John Bartholomew)  
Washing cobbles at Pumphouse. If water supply can be sourced  
Reconcreting base of pump. JB  
Removal of minor graffiti from seats in Church Hill. JB Cllr Glew has graffiti kit
Power wash Sir John Keeling seats and ground under seats. If water supply can be sourced  
Power wash dog bin at Riverside to remove lichen. If water supply can be sourced.  
Redecorate noticeboard and replace one handle.   Still to be done
Replace plastic tarpaulin on top of litter bin at Riverside (or other method of keeping out water) and decorate wood panels. JB Wood panels decorated. Top to be waterproofed.
Redecorate frame of Tourist Sign on wall of public conveniences JB Done
Smooth off sharp edges at one end of log on rope bridge at Riverside Playground. JB Done
Fill hole where steering wheel has been removed on Toddler Slide at Riverside Playground. JB Done
Redecorate slide supports of Play Tower where rust is emerging at Riverside Playground. JB Done
Secure base of fireman's ladder at Riverside Playground JB Done
Fix glass reinforced plastic Red Barn Field sign on the village hall end noticeboard at Red Barn Field JB Done
Removal of wooden "lectern" at Red Barn Field. Reg Glew Done
Oiling tennis gates and other playground gates JB Done
For Cllr Martin & Cllr Marland    
Adjust ropes on Horizontal rope ladder and Rope bridge at Riverside Playground.   Done
For Cllr Vine-Hall    
Replace kissing gate at entrance to Sportsfield with disabled pedestrian gate. With Reg Glew idc To speak to ESCC
EVT Kickabout Area damaged fence Repaired Done
For Cllr Rand    
Drain at Pumphouse 2011  
Attend to and rescrew signs to tree at Riverside. Done Done
Minor adjustments to tennis courts netting. 2011  
Replace wells covers in Red Barn Field 2011  
For Reg Glew    
Construct pump demonstration kit   Done
Tennis net deteriorating Leave for the time being  





Pauline J Raymond
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer
Sedlescombe Parish Council