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Finance Committee Meeting 18/10/11 Jobs including updates at the meeting

Agenda item F11/12.38

R Wood Grounds Maintenance contract 2011 season in progress

Roger's Gardening Services appointed 2012 F11/12.29.1. No mowing on Sundays or Bank Holidays

R Wood Litter contract 2011 season in progress

Roger's Gardening Services appointed 2012 F11/12.29.2

Languard Weedkilling including removal of moss from corner of courts 2011 season in progress

Quotation from Languard obtained - 3 applications herbicide £935 - tennis court edges, Brede Lane car park and access path, Pumphouse, Red Barn Field Nature Park fp, Sportsfield car park.


Monitoring and treatment as required of giant hogweed on River Brede banks in parish £350.


Moss treatment of both tennis courts in March 2012 - £45.

Fastprint Directory 2012 due March 2012

800 copies x 36-page booklet £508

850 copies x 36-page book £530

Rother DC Dog bin at Sportsfield, Riverside and Car Park SPC emptying contract with Rother in progress Weekly emptying to continue - 2011 cost £2.09 bin x 52. Total cost £326. 2012 costing not yet available.
Came & Co Insurances 2011 with Came & Company (£1085) End of 3-year agreement 31/05/12. Indicative quote from Came & Company for 2012-2015 £1136.61 for single year including 5% no claims discount. £1079.78 for 3-year agreement including 5% no claims discount.
A Alexander Internal Audit (No choice with external audit) Andrea Alexander 2011 £125 A Alexander approved F11/12.21.3
Cllr Martin Tree inspection at Riverside, Red Barn, Village Green, East View Kickabout SPC responsibility Cllr Martin reported (approved F11/12.25). All trees surveyed and recorded on plans. No major work required just removal of dead wood and small saplings. Cllrs Martin, Vine-Hall and Chapman to form winter work party.
Volunteer Removal of minor graffiti from seats in Church Hill. Unfortunately Mr Bartholomew will no longer be able to undertake voluntary work for the Council Cllr Glew has graffiti kit
  Sportsfield front boundary

Planting beech

Hedge planting deferred for time being.

  Sports pavilion Inspection Council agreed instigation of Annual SPC expert inspection to check pavilion, pipes, wires, cables etc in accordance with lease. Cllrs Chapman and Heap to undertake
  Seat at Sportsfield Redecoration ?Community Payback or volunteer
  Ditch Future maintenance - returned to Sports Association. Sports Association budgets should take account of need to save for ditch maintenance

Approved F11/12.31 this year only. Football Club has donated £300 and Pestalozzi Trust £200 (yet to be received from Pestalozzi).Work completed and bill paid. Culvert checked and OK.

  Metal gate at east end of Sportsfield Ground below has dropped leaving dangerous foot trap Ditch contractor to move some spoil to fill in foot trap under gate.
  Drainage pipe from Chapel Hill to ditch also water pouring from Chapel Hill through entrance to Ladybird Lane into ditch SPC has not approved diverting of water by ESCC from Chapel Hill into ditch of Sportsfield Re-opened conversation with ESCC. During heavy rain, water pours not only down Chapel Hill but also from Paygate Road into Ladybird Lane entrance. New road layout at bottom of Chapel Hill could help.
  Ladybird Lane surface SPC has agreed in principle to pay for bellmouth of car park Basecoat and construction of passing places on south side of LL complete. Top coat to be applied when houses are complete.
  Ladybird Lane posts on verge Have been taken out and put back after drainage work but large gaps. Some posts need replacing. Monitor. Current parking problems. Hazard tape put between posts ?by builder
  Signs on tree at Riverside Attend to and rescrew. One sign to be replaced (PJR). Winter work party to do
Volunteer Litter bin by Powdermills drive Minor maintenance To be done by volunteer
  Survey of residents' wishes re tennis courts  

Playing Field Trust to consider. Committee to consider future of the courts in connection with the budget.

See separate report

  Repainting of tennis court markings Requested by users See F10/ On hold.
  Tennis courts

Surface deteriorating, Hole on eastern side of the courts - RC to repair.

Fence needs reclipping.

Clerk has a replacement net in hand but not too bad.
  Power wash dog bin at Riverside to remove lichen.   Company located. Awaiting insurance details - nothing received. Another company identified.
  Washing playground equipment   Company located. Awaiting insurance details - nothing received. Another company identified.
Volunteer Gate to Riverside playground Bottom right hinge needs welding and protruding latch pin needs looking at (inspector suggests fitting a cover). To be done
R Wood Riverside Playing Field (4 posts in hand). Replace chestnut paling and white plastic posts at drive.

Chestnut paling replaced.

  Replacement of fence at Riverside play area SPC responsibility


  Cutting back of all trees around Riverside plus removal of some small trees SPC responsibility

To be undertaken by winter work party

  Playground equipment

Raise ropes on Grand Canyon (also cable loose top rh side), Jacobs Ladder, Niagara Falls.

Klondike - rotten end of plank - for smoothing

Contacted Record RSS. Sent measurements between posts on three pieces. They suggest could be mole activity causing foundations to loosen. 2 options - to manufacture shorter ropes which in long term would not solve issue. Break out posts and re-set but will recur if mole problems are not dealt with.
  Playground equipment - cradle swings Replace all shackle bolts on chains

To be ordered.

  Overhead power cables at playground UK Power Networks to do site safety check Awaiting information
  Water Safety Report ROSPA recommends carrying out if area within walking distance of open water Finance considered F11/12.26. Maintain fence.
  Weekly inspection of Riverside Play Area By councillors Finance considered sufficient F11/12.24.1
  Professional inspection of Riverside Play Area ROSPA in 2011

Finance approved Digley Associates F11/12.24.2

  Seat Old seat in play area Broken metalwork at both ends. For welding
  Agreement Playing Field Trust/Parish Council   Awaiting Solicitor
  Bus Shelter "No smoking" sign Replace after repairs. Need proper sign
  Bus shelter repairs Quotes obtained


  Pumphouse Replace missing tiles Cllr Chapman to do
AR Pumphouse Drain To be considered


To be done - County Council work team

Volunteer Reconcreting base of pump.   VW to arrange
  South Pumphouse Seat Damage to one side. Needs a bracket and screw BEM done.
  Top end of Green where grass has been eroded Six planters proposed Mark Winchester to provide and install complete with plants
Volunteer Washing cobbles at Pumphouse. If water supply can be sourced Suggested asking local business to provide power and water for a small payment.
Volunteer Power wash Sir John Keeling seats and ground under seats. If water supply can be sourced Suggested asking local business to provide power and water for a small payment.
  Signs on Village Green "No parking" and "Clean it Up" - not displayed

Clerk to obtain for installation on bins

  Village Green byelaws Not displayed previously

Now on noticeboard

AR Drainage Replace wells covers Red Barn Field fund to be used. To be actioned urgently.
RC Gate boundary with Village Hall Repair bottom bolt Done RC
PJR Gate boundary with Village Hall Replace padlock Done Clerk
D Blowey Grounds maintenance Grass David Blowey cut and baled in Sept 2011
Con Vol Bracken Removal Done by Conservation Volunteers Ask to pile bracken away from properties next year
PM Trees Inspect Inspected by Cllr Martin. Nothing to do.
  Fruiting hedgerow Maintenance in 2012

For trimming around base in winter.

Cllrs Weekly inspections Introduction of weekly safety inspections No action.
  Grounds maintenance New agreement 5-year agreement signed and dated 28/11/11. Grass and 3 young birch trees (one tree being replaced in November).
  Tourism board Side of public conveniences Welcome to Sedlescombe board in commemoration of the next year's Jubilee. £260 quote to be approved. Grant applied for from Battle Partnership.
  Car park lines Rother DC aware Rother not willing to remark yet
  Dog bin For power washing Located contractor. Awaiting insurance details.
  BREDE LANE WOODEN SEAT For power washing Located contractor. Awaiting insurance details - nothing received.
  EAST VIEW TERRACE METAL SEAT AND LITTER BIN Seat for repainting By ESCC Team 2012 - if they come (not urgent)
  Trees Inspect

Inspected by Cllr Martin. Removal of dead wood and removal of 3 ash saplings approved.

  Large holes dug in surface by youngsters Do not appear to be in use but grass has grown over and they are therefore a hazard Clerk met Community Payback 12/10/11. Work will be undertaken using green waste chippings from ESCC clearance of adjacent footpath to fill holes.
  Given by Ruth Hodges Recycled plastic Power wash. Awaiting insurance details - nothing received.
  Near Church Wooden For removal of graffiti
  SPORTSFIELD FOR SPORTS ASSOCIATION Not SPC responsibility but highlighted during inspection and reported to SA To be raised at Sports Association AGM
  Sedlescombe Sportsfield metal sign on tree Needs tlc Ashley to deal
  Sedlescombe Sportsfield new signs Warning and direction signs needed Ashley and Derek to consider
  Disabled area next to pavilion Manhole cover - OK according to Sedlescombe Sports Association Heavy duty replacement cover needed according to the Parish Council. No action
  Sports garage To be moved beside pavilion, clad and new roof fitted. £1600 included in Sports Association budget. Sports Association. Risk assessment provided but HSE advice on asbestos removal must be followed.
  Maintenance of Sportsfield apart from car park Sports Association responsibility. Help being given by Football Club Some help being given by Community Payback
  Clearance of rubbish at Sportsfield car park Sports Association responsibility To put into skip or use for hardstanding
  Portacabin Belongs to Parish Council. Has Sports Association goods inside which can be removed when the garage is moved Ashley knows of 2 takers for the portacabin
  Blue container Belongs to Parish Council. Ashley wants to move to where Archery Club hut was to provide more parking in the car park. Concrete parts of old garage could be used as hardstanding.
  Recycled plastic seat at Sportsfield Sagging Ashley proposing to add brace at back.
  Fence at southern side of field Sports Association responsibility. Fence collapsed Ashley to ask Community Payback to sort out if possible.
  Tree inspection at Sportsfield, Sports Association responsibility  


Pauline J Raymond, Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, Sedlescombe Parish Council