The Chairman and Clerk made their annual tour of inspection on Monday 4 September 2006. The following items were noted as needing attention:

Sportsfield Car Park (Sportsfield is Sports Association responsibility)

  1. Cut back herbage from sign at car park end.
  2. Weedkill car park.
  3. Cut weeds and clear ditch from car park end.

Riverside Playing Field

  1. Remove small litter bin at entrance.
  2. Install bat box in oak tree.
  3. Install white posts as required (posts in hand).
  4. Repair tennis courts netting at base.
  5. Remove weeds from edge of courts, inside and outside now.
  6. Arrange weedkilling and weed removal from edge of courts in 2007.
  7. Replace tennis hire notice at western end of courts.
  8. Arrange autumn/winter leaf sweeping and removal from tennis courts.
  9. Collect grass clippings in 2007 at playground area only.
  10. Increase number of grass cuttings at playground area only to 18 (from 16).
  11. Attend to junior swing chains as noisy swinging and not straight.
  12. Install additional toddler swing (ordered).
  13. Install additional litter bin near play area gate.
  14. Arrange autumn/winter leaf sweeping and removal from surfacing surrounding roundabout.
  15. Refurbish seat.
  16. Consider opening tennis courts to allow free use for tennis and other games such as football kickabout.

Bus Shelter

  1. Remove ivy from inside shelter.
  2. Refurbish or replace litter bin.
  3. Remove weeds from pavement in front of shelter.
  4. Weedkill pavement in front of bus shelter in 2007.
  5. Monitor closely because of regular damage.


  1. Paint pump railings.
  2. Remove graffiti from pillars.


  1. Consider position of noticeboard.
    1. As currently, on south wall of Post Office - NB if here, clear herbage. This site has the disadvantage of vehicles passing close by and of being less obvious to the majority of users of the Post Office. If this option is chosen, the noticeboard will need refurbishment.
    2. In front of new Post Office fence in roughly previous position. This site has the disdvantage of the new fence not being strong enough to take the weight of the board and the need to dig up the new slabs if the noticeboard is to be installed on posts in the ground. If this option is chosen, the noticeboard will need refurbishment.
    3. Possible new site for a new 3'x4' (approx. size) noticeboard on short wall between Post Office and Queen's Head. This site would need approval of the Post Office and the Queen's Head and would have the disdvantage of only accommodating a smaller board than currently which would usually not allow events to be publicised as well as Parish Council notices. The cost would also be the highest of the three options because of the need for a new noticeboard.

Seat on top part of Village Green

  1. Repair cracks in concrete around seats on top part of Village Green.

Litter bins on Village Green

  1. Repaint three black/gold litter bins.

Brede Lane Car Park

  1. Remove dead trees in front of toilets to leave single trees.
  2. Car park weedkilling and weed removal.

Gammons Hill Seat and litter bin

  1. Refurbish seat.
  2. Refurbish or replace litter bin.

East View Terrace Kickabout Area

  1. Trim hazel suckers at entrance.
  2. Repaint shelter - NB Rother officers have offered to do.
  3. Repair fence.

Red Barn Field Nature Park

  1. Path weedkilling.
  2. Remove board at Balcombe Green end of path.
  3. Install new GRP poster when received.
  4. Cut hedge at Balcombe Green end only.

Pauline Raymond, Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer, 04/09/06
T: 01424 870508
E: sedlescombe@freezone.co.uk
W: www.sedlescombe.org.uk