MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF THE CRIME & SAFETY COMMITTEE HELD ON TUESDAY 4 JULY 2006 IN COMMITTEE ROOM 2 OF THE VILLAGE HALL PRESENT:  Cllr R Dellow (Chairman), Cllrs Mrs P Glew, Cllr Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Mrs J Dellow, Mr R Glew.  Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer:  Mrs P Raymond Also present:Peter Crotch – Police Community Support Officer, Police Constable Jayne Cleverley
David Yates, Fire Station Manager at Battle, Neil Robinson, Fire & Rescue Service
 The Chairman welcome visitors to the meeting 

CS06/07/19   APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Cllr Rand (work commitments), Mrs S Martin (home commitments).

 CS06/07.20   MINUTES.  The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 16/05/06. CS06/07.21   INTERESTS.  Members were reminded to declare interests as they arose. 


22.1 SID Initiative and possible concurrent road safety campaign.     The members of the Fire & Rescue Service had been invited to the meeting to suggest ideas for a road safety campaign in Sedlescombe during the week of the SID Initiative.  The F&RS now has a key role to play in preventing road traffic collisions  and has drawn up a “Road Safety Strategy 2006-2010.  The following suggestions were supported by the Committee.  Further arrangements will be made nearer the time.  All involvement of the F&RS will be dependent on operational duties. 

·         Fire & Rescue van to be sited in the Village, possibly the Green, during the SID Initiative for a couple of half days plus, on another occasion, the “seat belt sledge” to be used to highlight the need for passengers, particularly children, to be restrained in cars.  The event would need to be well signed so as not to distract drivers.

·         To give out “not to speed commitment” leaflets.

·         Possibly fire engine to visit the school.  As a separate event, something might be considered for the playschool to encourage use of child restraints in vehicles. Cllr Mrs Glew reported that nine people had committed to a time for the SID Initiative and 22 others are not currently willing to commit to a time.   The Chairman brought forward agenda item 23.1 Use of fire appliances to act as a deterrent while Dave Yates and Neil Robinson were present.    Dave to consider what could be done and to e-mail the Clerk.  Dave Yates and Neil Robinson were thanked for their contribution and left the meeting.

22.2  Anti-social behaviour at East View Terrace Kickabout Area.  The Clerk had not received any further complaints and had not received any information from Orbit HA.  However, complaints had been received about damage to garage doors at East View.  PCSO Peter Crotch to continue to monitor the area and witnesses to be encouraged to inform the Police.

22.2.1  Football and basketball training at the Kickabout Area.  Cllr Dellow to ask Rother’s Sports Development Officer, Adrian Gaylon, if he can suggest someone who could do some training of the children at East View.  RECOMMENDED:  That the Parish Council investigates arranging and paying for some training.

22.2.2 Proposed leaflet drop at East View with details of police numbers, crimstoppers and contacts for Anti-Social Behaviour officers.  PCSO Crotch has recently dropped leaflets into the East View houses so the idea will be reconsidered later in the year.

22.3 Anti-social behaviour at the Riverside.  Damage to the tennis courts fencing was reported to the Police and, recently, there has been further minor damage at the courts.  PCSO Crotch was asked to do some patrols at the Riverside, particularly after the refurbishment of the playground is complete.

22.4 PCSO phone and car.  PCSOs are no longer provided with mobile phones.  Messages to be sent to him via e-mail or the 0845 number.  His number is PCSO826.  Cllr Mrs Wright will be meeting Inspector Franklin and Toyota this afternoon about a car for the Sedlescombe PCSO.  Toyota have criteria that they would like to see met eg. car to be mainly for Sedlescombe, car to be parked outside the Post Office while the PCSO is walking the streets.  PC Cleverley confirmed that Peter will be able to have exclusive use of the car when he is here, and when he is not, other PCSOs will use it.  It is not expected that the Parish Council will have to contribute towards the car.

22.5  PCSO Overtime cover.  Members were informed that the cost of the overtime is £20/hour (more on bank holidays).  Hours worked can be up to midnight.  Approval in principle had been provided by the Parish Council.  RECOMMENDED:  That £500 is paid into the Sedlescombe overtime pot for the 2006/7 year with Peter managing the overtime.  He was asked to provide a regular resume of how the overtime money has been used.

22.6  Mini-motorbike problems. Not currently a big problem

22.7  Electrical safety leaflets.  Alan Birtwistle had provided a few electrical safety leaflets and DVDs although not the ones that were expected.  Cllr Dellow was asked to consider holding a safety event through the NHW.  However, doubt was expressed about whether the public would attend.

22.8 CCTV vehicle.  PCSO Crotch was congratulated on passing his CCTV driving licence.  He reported that he plans to hold a PCSO surgery in Sedlescombe in the next month in the van and could hold one to coincide with the SID Initiative.  The CCTV van can be used at the Kickabout Area to record anti-social behaviour.  It seemed it could also be used to record dog fouling instances.

22.9  Special constables.  The Clerk had confirmed that it is in order for the Parish Council to advertise locally for a special constable under Section 31 of the Local Government & Rating Act 1997.  Police Inspector Franklin had confirmed in writing that the advertisement is in order and that anyone recruited with the assistance of the parish partners should spend the majority of his/her time in that area.    RECOMMENDED:  That the Parish Council puts an advert in the Friday-Ad and in the Rye & Battle Observer seeking a special constable for Sedlescombe. The next special constable training session is planned for November 2006.  The Dellows to collect a draft leaflet from Battle Police Station tomorrow.

22.10 DJ Workshops.  No progress appears to have been made although Craig Atkins of Orbit Housing Association is supportive. 

C06/07.23 CRIME AND ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR FORUM, 16/05/06.  Cllr and Mrs Dellow had attended.  Most items have been covered in the agenda, apart from the following:

23.1  Patrol Plans.  PC Cleverley agreed that the Parish Council could have a copy of the Patrol Plan drawn up by PCSO Crotch.  The Dellows to collect from Battle Police Station tomorrow.

23.2 Funds for local crime and safety initiatives available from Inspector Franklin.  Cllr Mrs Wright to ask Inspector Franklin for the grant criteria. 

CS06/07.24   PCSO REPORT.  PCSO Crotch reported that an arrest had been made regarding break-ins at the Bridge Garage and another concerning property stolen from Sandrock Hill.  An aest for shop-lifting was made at Blackbrooks Garden Centre.  A fare dodging incident and criminal damage to the tennis courts had been reported.  The NHW had informed the Police about door-to-door duster sellers and the Police had attended.  The NHW group are anxious to be given a follow-up call so that they can be sure that the aggrieved have been visited.  Unfortunately, a person in Chapel Hill who asked for a visit from the PCSO, after Irish men had visited three times trying to sell generators, had not been visited yet.  It was also noted that this incident had not been included on the NHW  by e-mail.  Police Constable Cleverley agreed that a crime report would be provided for the noticeboard.  She also reported that Battle PCSOs (now eight) were being deployed in Hastings and Camber, leaving this area short. 

CS06/07.25   NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH.  CLLRS DELLOW & MRS GLEW, MR GLEW AND MRS DELLOW DECLARED THEIR PERSONAL INTERESTS AS MEMBERS OF THE NHW GROUP IN SEDLESCOMBE.  PCSO Crotch was given a copy of the NHW Newsletter and informed that there is an engraving tool in the Village which can be borrowed by residents.  Mrs Dellow, Chief Co-ordinator, in her report said that the number of properties covered by the NHW had increased recently with the new co-ordinators being found and others taking on extra properties. 

CS06/07.26   POLICE/PARISH COUNCIL MEETINGS.  The Committee noted that a new round of meetings had been set up by Sgt Damen Funnell so that he can meet with Parish Councils.  The first meeting is to be held on Thursday 13 July at 10am at The Lodge House, The Bruderhof Community, Darvell, Brightling Road, Robertsbridge.  On agenda of full Council tonight. 

CS06/07.27   DATE OF NEXT MEETING.  15 August 2006. 

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