From: Highways Contact Centre []
Sent: 14 July 2006 10:43
Subject: Crazy Lane, Sedlescombe

To:  P J Raymond
From:  Helen Pain
Our ref:  T/Sedlescombe/3

Dear Mrs Raymond

Crazy Lane, Sedlescombe

I refer to your email dated 10 July requesting a weight limit to be introduced on Crazy Lane as Satellite navigation systems are sending coaches down the lane.

As I am sure you will appreciate, it is not an appropriate use of our very scarce resources to implement weight restrictions on roads such as these in an attempt to solve a problem which has been created by a navigation system.  The best way to tackle this is to make contact with ordinance survey who supply the information for these systems.  I will therefore pass your concerns to our Transport Strategy team who are investigating  a positive freight transport hierarchy for the county and who will be liaising with Ordinance Survey regarding problems with satellite navigation systems.

I trust the above information will be of assistance.

Yours sincerely

Brian Banks
Traffic and Safety Manager
highways contact centre
0845 60 80 193

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