MEMBERS PRESENT:  Cllr R Dellow (Chairman of the Committee), Cllr Mrs P Glew, Cllr Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Mrs S Martin (co-opted), Mr R Glew (co-opted), Mrs J Dellow (co-opted).  Mrs P Raymond (Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer).   Also present:  Mr Craig Atkins (Orbit Housing Association).  Mr Roy Harrod (Treasurer of East View and Conqueror Community Association). Tina Grevett (PCSO) to give PCSO Crotch’s report. Members asked that their condolences are sent to our old Police Constable, Mick Kempster, whose son had recently been killed in a local car accident. 

CS06/07.28   APOLOGY OR ABSENCE was received from Cllr Rand (doing voluntary work for the Council at the playground). 

CS06/07.29   MINUTES.  The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 04/07/06. 

CS06/07.30   INTERESTS.   Members were reminded to disclose their personal interests as the item was announced.  None disclosed. 

CS06/07.32   PCSO REPORT.  Members agreed that this item should be taken next to allow Tina Grevett to leave the meeting.  Tina reported that Pete was taking his cycle test today (all PCSOs being required to take cycle tests).  He had worked 21 days in July.  Because of staff shortages, he had had to help with cover and had, therefore, spent less time in Sedlescombe.  His report (with a few additions from Tina) was as follows:


31.1 Speed Initiative Device.  Cllr Mrs Glew reported that eleven people had committed to times during the SID week and another twenty people are willing to consider helping.  A reminder is being inserted in this week’s parish news.  [ACTION CLLR MRS GLEW]

31.2 Use of fire appliances to act as a crime deterrent.  Dave Yates of the Fire Service was to e-mail the Clerk regarding his suggestion.  Nothing heard.  Clerk to chase.  Cllr Mrs Wright reported that the Fire Service have a fire engine complete with computer games for attending village fetes etc. She will obtain further information.  [ACTION CLERK & CLLR MRS WRIGHT]

31.3 Anti-social behaviour at East View Terrace.  Vodka bottles, some smashed, had been found at the Kickabout Area at this week’s inspection.   Further discussion deferred until Craig Atkins had given his report.

31.4 Football and basketball training at the Kickabout Area.  Cllr Dellow had arranged to meet Peter Haddock, who may be able to arrange training, this afternoon.  Further discussion deferred until Craig Atkins had given his report.  [ACTION CLLR DELLOW – meeting with Peter Haddock]

31.5 Anti-social behaviour at Riverside.  Very soon after installation, the picnic table at the playground had been scratched and, later, damaged by burning.  A site meeting had been called to discuss what should be done.  Subsequently, tree work was undertaken to provide a much clearer view of the playground.  Cllr Martin is acting to stop dog walkers allowing their dogs to foul in this area.

31.6 PCSO car.  The Committee was disappointed to hear that the car is still not marked as its use as a crime deterrent is nil without the marking.  [ACTION TINA GREVETT]

31.7 PCSO overtime.  The Clerk had paid £500 to the Sussex Police Authority for PCSO overtime.  A report of the use of the money is required.   Clerk to chase.  [ACTION CLERK]

31.8 CCTV surgery.   PCSO Crotch had reported at the last meeting that he intended to hold a PCSO “surgery” in Sedlescombe within the next month.  Nothing had been heard of this.  Cllr Dellow to speak to Inspector Franklin.  [ACTION CLLR DELLOW]

31.Special Constable advert.  The Committee approved the Clerk’s advert for insertion in local papers inviting applications from a person willing o be a volunteer Special Constable in Sedlescombe.  The Chairman would have like to have applicants contact the Parish Council but the majority of members wished the applications to be made to the Police direct.  The probable cost of the advert was discussed.  Cllr Dellow to speak to Inspector Franklin regarding the advert’s content and cost[ACTION CLLR DELLOW]

31.10 Crime report for noticeboard.  Awaiting PC Cleverley’s return from holiday.  [ACTION PC CLEVERLEY]

31.11 Shortage of PCSOs.  Tina had reported that Peter Crotch had been providing cover in other areas and no-one on the Committee had seem him (apart from the Riverside meeting) in the last month.  It was hoped that his presence would be more noticeable when the marked car could be parked by the Village Green.  Although it was admitted that some parishes could have bigger problems than Sedlescombe, Peter Crotch’s slow follow-up action was regretted by the Committee.   

CS06/07.33 REPORT FROM CRAIG ATKINS (Orbit HA) AND THE EAST VIEW AND CONQUEROR COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVE.  Craig reported that, on 11/07/06, after several meetings, a fully-constituted community association had been formed at East View/Conqueror Terrace.  As part of the Constitution, the Parish Council will be provided with a copy of the Constitution and the Minutes of the Association’s meetings.  Members of the Committee will be e-mailed with the papers.  [ACTION CRAIG ATKINS/CLERK]

Roy Harrod was introduced to the Committee as the newly-elected Treasurer of the Association.  A bank account will be set up and fund-raising undertaken.  The Association, which is supported by Orbit, Rother Homes, the Buzz Project (now under Emma Barker) and the Youth Development Service, is open to all residents of any age at East View and Conqueror Terrace free of charge.  One vote/household is allowed.  Further meetings at the Scout Hut are planned with Orbit paying for the hire of the hut for another five occasions.  Craig reported having multi-agency meetings to discuss the youth problems in Sedlescombe and Westfield and that the Youth Development Service had put in a bid for a youth worker for Sedlescombe, Westfield and Ninfield.  Orbit has also put in a bid for funding for a Youth Worker pro tem.  Craig offered to provide funding from his limited budget for several sessions of football training at the Kickabout Area.  [ACTION CLLR DELLOW/CRAIG ATKINS]

The Committee congratulated Craig on these developments. Craig reported that there are currently two empty one-bedroom flats available for rent at East View. 

C06/07.34 Responsibility of Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators (subject at request of Mrs Jean Dellow, Chief NHW Co-ordinator).  This item followed receipt of an anonymous letter from a resident of East View complaining that the volunteers are not “committed to the position that they volunteered to take on”. The suggestion that neighbourhood watch co-ordinators in the past had walked around their patch was totally refuted by the Committee.  Although, currently, the ring-round NHW system is not in operation, co-ordinators are being encouraged to read the noticeboard outside the Post Office and to pass on any relevant information to the properties on their patch.  Some co-ordinators are more effective than others.  It is, however, up to the householders to contact the Police when required.  It was noted that the number of houses in the parish of Sedlescombe that are registered with the Police under the NHW system is far above the national average.  In Sedlescombe, home security advice and installation is still available as is support for people who have experienced crime.  Cllr Dellow and Mr Glew will deliver flyers re doorstep callers and check that properties registered under the NHW system have yellow stickers.  [ACTION CLLR DELLOW/MR GLEW] 

C06/07.35 Report on parishes meeting with Sgt Funnell held on 13/07/06 at RobertsbridgeCllr Dellow had attended the meeting which is in addition to the ones being held by Inspector Franklin.  He was pleased to meet Sgt Funnell but the remainder of the meeting although pleasant was ineffectual.  The emphasis was on communities working together but, after six weeks, Cllr Dellow was still waiting for a reply to his e-mail. The Committee agreed that, should another invitation to meet the Sgt be received, the Clerk should write to him explaining that no-one from Sedlescombe would be attending because, although very pleasant, the meetings seem to do nothing to improve communication and that Sedlescombe Parish Council has its own Crime & Safety Committee where problems can be discussed.  Cllr Dellow will continue to attend Inspector Franklin’s meetings (next meeting tonight).   [ACTION CLERK] 

C06/07.36 Request for prohibition of consumption of intoxicating liquor in designated places in the Rother area (under the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001)Following the damage to the new table at the playground, Cllr Mrs Wright had contacted Derek Stevens (Chief Executive of Rother DC) seeking a drinking in public places ban.  Subsequently, Derek had written to all parish clerks asking them to report all incidents involving problems with drinking to Inspector Franklin.  Cllr Mrs Wright will suggest this letter is also sent to PCSOs, the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer, Rother ASBO Panel and Housing Associations.  She will also chase up at the next RALC meeting.  [ACTION CLLR MRS WRIGHT] 

C06/07.37 Mini motor bikesDealt with earlier. 

C06/07.38 DATE OF NEXT MEETING.  10/10/06. 

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