Cllr R Dellow (Chairman of the Committee), Cllr Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Mrs S Martin, Mr R Glew, Mrs J Dellow (co-opted)
Mrs P Raymond - Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer

Others present

Mr Craig Atkins (Orbit Housing Association)
Mr Ian Morris (Chairman East View & Conqueror Community Association) - also a part time youth leader
Inspector Warren Franklin
PCSO Peter Crotch

The Chairman gave a particular welcome to Inspector Franklin and to Mr Morris.

C06/07.39 Apology for absence was received from Cllr Mrs P Glew (work commitments).

C06/07.40 Minutes. The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 15/08/06.

C06/07.41 Interests. Members were reminded to disclose interests as they arose. None disclosed.

C06/07.42 Report on matters arising from previous meetings:

42.1 PCSO overtime. The Chairman explained that it had been expected that the PCSO overtime money would be used in Sedlescombe during the school summer holidays. Inspector Franklin reported that because Sussex Police officers of all levels and PCSOs had been used in August to help the Metropolitan Police to search a school in Crowborough in connection with terrorist threats, PCSOs were not available to work overtime at that time. Operation Temptation targetting youth problems had been run independently where PCSO overtime money had not been used. He was pleased to report that anti-social behaviour throughout Rother in the school holidays had reduced.

He suggested that the Parish Council should say when it wants to have additional cover in the Village. Two weeks' notice is needed. Members agreed that PC Cleverley should be asked to schedule PCSO overtime on Bonfire Night and Halloween in the central part of the Village. Regarding Halloween, Sussex Police is making "No Trick or Treat" leaflets more widley available.

PCSO Crotch informed the Committee that another PCSO had been assigned to this area which will give extra cover.

42.2 PCSO car marking. The car, supported by St Leonards Motors, had been marked although some were not impressed with the livery; a publicity press photo was to be taken after the meeting at SLM's premises.

42.3 Special Constable advert. Inspector Franklin reported that, although the Police were willing to place the advert in the local paper, there had been a delay because the new Sussex Police Specials Co-ordinator was looking at the issue of paying Special Constables. This had arisen again because Gatwick and British Rail Specials will be paid. The November training programme is now full, so it will be April 2007 before a Sedlescombe Special can be appointed. Inspector Franklin confirmed, however, that Sedlescombe does get Special cover as Rother has ten Specials but, of course, he/she is not known to the Parish Council.

42.4 Proposed ban on the consumption of intoxicating liquor in designated places in Rother Area. Although the Chief Executive of Rother District Council had asked clerks to let the Police know about drink-related incidents in their parishes, Inspector Franklin stressed it was the local authority's duty to deal with this matter. He said, however, PCSO Grevett would forward any drink-related incidents she received notice of from parishes or through reports to the Police to Rother.

42.5 Damage to fence at East View Kickabout Area. The Clerk reported that the fence had been repaired and, subsequently, damaged again. Cllr Dellow would do what he can to effect a repair once he has finished other voluntary footpath work.

42.6 East View football/basketball training. Mr Atkins reported that he had found someone willing to do the training but the Youth Development Service wanted the young people to be asked whether this is what they want. See Minute C06/07.47 below.

42.7 East View & Conqueror Association Constitution and Minutes. E-mailed to members as promised.

42.8 Production of ASBO forms. The Clerk had printed several ASBO forms as requested. It was agreed that these would be given to NHW co-ordinators. The Clerk was asked to include details of how to report anti-social behaviour in the next Bulletin.

42.9 Use of fire appliances as a crime deterrent. The Clerk reported that the Fire & Rescue service had been in the Village giving out arson and anti-speeding leaflets. Cllr Mrs Wright said that the special fire engine with games should be booked for next year's Fete.

42.10 Use of CCTV van to deter speeding through the Village and at East View to deter anti-social behaviour in the evenings. PCSO Crotch reported that he had been using the CCTV van in Sedlescombe when on a late duty and would arrange to make as many future bookings as he can. A member reported seeing the van in the Village.

42.11 PCSO surgery. The PCSOs would be holding a surgery in Sedlescombe on Saturday 21 October, 0900 to 1300 on the Green. The surgery had been advertised in the Observer and a leaflet would be distributed in the Village soon. The NHW group was invited to provide details of its security equipment offers and to take along ASBO forms.

42.12 Speed Indicator Device Initative. Cllr Dellow thanked the heroes involved in the recent campaign especially Cllr Mrs Glew who organised the Initiative, Reg Glew and Jean Dellow who spent many hours beside the SID machine and Sally and Pat Martin who set up the SID each morning at 7am. The Clerk also thanked Cllr Dellow himself who had been fully involved. Members were provided with a report prepared by Cllr Mrs Glew and the Clerk. Amendments suggested by members would be incorporated.

The conclusion was that, despite the 30mph speed limit through the Village, a sizeable minority of drivers chose to ignore both the normal signs and the Speed Indiactor Device and travelled within the 30mph limit at speeds of up to 70mph. The number of people not wearing seat belts was an unexpected finding and, considering mobile phones are not in use continually, the number of people seen using them whilst passing the SID was high. A meeting was being planned by the Parish Council on Friday 27 October in the Hall at 7.30pm for the public to comment on the campaign and to raise other road safety issues. If the SID is used in the future for other than encouraging drivers to slow down, it will be necessary for everyone taking part to record a standardised set of data for the figures to be of any real use.

The Chairman brought forward agenda item C06/07.45 PCSO powers with regard to road safety violations. PCSO Crotch said some warning letters had been written to offenders seen driving through the Village. Inspector Franklin said that SID volunteers could keep a note of car registration numbers for future targetting. This will be checked with Graham Beattie of the County Council Road Safety Department.

42.13 Distribution of bogus caller stickers. Cllr Dellow and Reg Glew had delivered a new style 'bogus caller' double sided window sticker to every home in East View Terrace. They had also planned to deliver yellow stickers to those properties registered under the NHW system but the NHW body had been unwilling to provide stickers for people who had already been provided with them.

42.14 Parish Meeting with Sgt Funnell. The Clerk had responded to Sgt Funnell's invitation to a parish meeting as agreed at the last meeting. Members had been provided with a copy of the e-mail.

42.15 Crime Reports for Noticeboard. Monthly reports would be e-mailed to the Clerk for inclusion on the noticeboard.

C06/07/43 PCSO Patrol Schedule. Members were provided with copies of the Schedule covering Sedlescombe, Cripps Corner, Ewhurst and Staplecross villages. It was agreed that the PCSO Report would be fitted into the schedule so that the Parish Council can confirm when the PCSO has been in the Village and where. This follows continual assertions of residents that they have never seen him.

C06/07.44 PCSO Report. A weekly report had been received from PCSO Grevett on 23/09/06. PCSO Crotch provided a September Monthly Report.

C06/07.45 PCSO powers with regard to road safety violations (see 42.12 above).

C06/07.46 Report from Orbit Housing Association by Mr Atkins. All the flats are now filled and a one-bedroom house that had been abandoned is likely to be filled soon.

Craig reported that he is doing a doorstep survey to find out how many Orbit tenants have under-10 children that could use a refurbished playground. Cllr Mrs Wright spoke about children not living at East View who want to use the playground. However, Orbit Housing Association's priority is to its tenants who pay for the grounds maintenance. The question Orbit Housing Association is asking is whether the under-10s playpark is encouraging anti-social behaviour.

Craig reported how tenants can move to another property.

C06/07.47 Report from East View & Conqueror Association. The Chairman, Mr Morris, reported that he and the new Buzz Project Co-ordinator had, recently, met and talked to youngsters around the East View estate. The youngsters expressed their annoyance at being moved on from wherever they meet their friends because of their rowdiness. A follow up meeting for young people had been arranged in the Scout Hut for 17/10/06. Cllr Mrs Wright said that youngsters were welcome to attend meetings of the Parish Council with comments and requests for help.

Mr Morris confirmed that it was hoped that the Association would also be able to help the older residents of East View.

C06/07.48 East View Kickabout Area. Mr Atkins reported that Orbit Housing Association has been having complaints about the rowdy behaviour at the Kickabout Area for about 2 1/2 years. Young people from Sedlescombe and other places such as Westfield and Hastings meet at the Kickabout Area, predominantly in the shelter. The shelter is used as a bar with crates of alcohol and the behaviour of the youngsters deteriorates as they become fuelled with alcohol. Although, recently, the number of incidents has decreased, the number of people using the Kickabout Area for this purpose is increasing and the length of time they are staying at the Area is lasting up to 2am.

Mr Atkins commended the Parish Council for providing the Area with its equipment and shelter in the first place; it had become rather successful in attracting youngsters. However, its position is too close to neighbouring properties as, according to NPFA guidelines, it should be at least 30 metres away.

The issue of drink/driving was not a problem according to Inspector Franklin as youngsters tend to always have someone amongst the group who doesn't drink to make sure the others get home safety. Inspector Franklin reported that there are similar problems with young people drinking and being rowdy in all the Villages throughout the District. The Police come when they are called (15 times in September to Sedlescombe) but often find that the problem people have dispersed or are hiding in the darkness.

Orbit Housing Association and the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer are targetting the 19-25 year-olds with Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs). The youngsters currently identified are from the Village and have lived at East View since the houses were built. Orbit has submitted an application for Lottery funding for the provision of a youth worker.

All members had been e-mailed Ian Morris's East View Kickabout Area Appraisal Report and supplied with the Clerk's Report on the advantages and disadvantages of the Kickabout Area. Mr Morris's long-term solution is to close the Kickabout Area and to relocate it somewhere more accessible to the whole Village. He suggests some of the equipment could be reused and a wheeled play area for bikes and skateboards could be added. If an all-weather impact absorption surface could be provided, the whole facility would appeal to a wide section of the community. Additional costs could be met through grant funding. He suggested that, as there is a limit to what a small village can do, the Parish Council should be looking to providing a single area of resource.

Mr Atkins informed the Committee that the recommendation from the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer and the Police is to remove the shelter and to continue to work with the young people to find a solution to current problems. In the longer-term, the recommendation is to move the facility to somewhere else in the Village.

The Clerk, in her report, had drawn attention to the fact that, if the Kickabout Area is removed, any child over nine would not have anywhere in East View Terrace to play. If the under-10s playpark is also removed, as is being considered by Orbit Housing Association, no child of any age would have anywhere to play in an estate of 110 houses.

Further consideration would be given to these discussions by the Parish Council.

C06/07.49 Fire & Rescue Home Safety Visits. Cllr Dellow reported that there had been several instances where Sedlescombe people had put their names down for fire safety checks, and the Fire & Rescue Service had lost their details for up to a year. There were no known problems in this area at present.

C06/07.50 Matters arising from the meeting of the Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Forum held on 15/08/06. Members were provided with a copy of the Minutes of the meeting attended by Cllr Dellow.

C06/07.51 Ringmaster scheme. NHW Chief Co-ordinator, Mrs Dellow, reported that there had been some slip-up and all details of the Sedlescombe NHW co-ordinators had been lost. A new ringmaster scheme should be running soon once all the relevant information has been re-registered. She hoped that it would be possible to filter out only Sedlescombe information so that co-ordinators do not receive very long messages covering the whole district which clog up their answermachines.

C06/07.52 Date of next meeting. Tuesday 5 December 2006.

Cllr Mrs Wright said we should all be grateful that we do not live on an inner-city estate with all the problems that are experienced on them.

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