Sedlescombe Parish Council Agenda

A meeting of Sedlescombe Parish Council is to be held on Tuesday 14 November 2006 in Committee Room 2 of the Village Hall following the Open Forum which starts at 19:00


C06/07.93 To receive apologies for absence.

C06/07.94 To authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 12/09/06.

C06/07.95 To remind members to declare interests as they arise.

C06/07.96 Committees. To resolve that the Minutes of the following Commitee Meetings are received:
96.1 Planning, 12 September, 26 September, 17 October 2006. To resolve that the Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 12/09, 26/09 and 17/10/06 are received.
96.2 Finance, 31/10/06. To resolve that the Minutes of the Finance Committee held on 31/10/06 are received apart from the items numbered 12.2.2, 12.2.8 and 12.2.12 within Minutes F06/07.23 which will be considered later.
96.3 Best Value and Community Projects, 17/10/06. To resolve that the Minutes of the Best Value & Community Projects Committee held on 17/10/06 are received apart from Minute BV06/, 12.2.8 and 12.2.12 which will be considered later.
96.4 Crime & Safety, 10/10/06. To resolve that the Minutes of the Meeting of the Crime & Safety Committee held on 10/10/06 are received.

C06/07.97 Working Groups. To resolve that reports from the following working groups are received:
97.1 Footpaths Working Group.
97.2 Environment Working Group.
97.3 Emergency Working Group.

C06/07.98 To receive the Clerk's Report.
98.1 .New England Lane/A21 Junction.
98.2 Changes to Sedlescombe bus services.
98.3 The 2007 Annual Rother Parish Conference will be held on 20/03/07 in Brede Village Hall.
98.4 Churchland Lane. Following a meeting of the residents of Churchland Lane, it has been decided to erect a fence and locked gate at the village end of the Lane and also to erect a fence or barrier at the Hurst end of the Lane to be closed once a year.
98.5 Public Conveniences. Rother's Cabinet decided at its meeting on 02/10/06 that, as part of the Rother budget-setting process, to consider additional investment into the public conveniences in the District, apart from two in Bexhill, to bring facilities up to modern standards. As other services are considered for devolvement to Town and Parish Councils, the public conveniences should be considered within this framework.
98.6 A donation in memory of Noreen Hipwell for the Friends of Sedlescombe Parish Church has been acknowledged by the undertakers.
98.7 A donation to the BACT Golf Day on 29/09/06 at Sedlescombe Golf Club has been acknowledged. At least £2500 was expected to be made.
98.8 The East Sussex Local Transport Plan Delivery Report 2001-2006 is now available.
98.9 Minor highway work to the Village Green road is expected to be done by ESCC followed by a more major job which will entail closure of the road at some time in the future.

C06/07.99 To receive reports from representatives
99.1 Village Hall Management Committee - Cllr Mrs Glew (Cllrs Glew and Irwin to declare interests).
99.2 Sports Association Committee - Cllr Martin (Cllrs Martin and Mitchell to declare interests).
99.3 Neighbourhood Watch (Cllrs Dellow and Glew to declare interests).
99.4 Rural Rother Youth Forum - Cllr Rand.
99.5 Rother Association of Local Councils - Cllrs Mrs Wright (Cllrs Wright and Glew to declare interests).
99.6 Tree Warden - Cllr Martin.

100.1 To appoint a councillor to replace Cllr Mrs Wright who no longer wishes to represent the Council at the Rother Association of Local Councils.
100.2 To note that, although the Council is entitled to appoint two representatives, only one will be allowed to vote at the meetings in future, in accordance with the revised RALC constitution.

C06/07.101 Playgrounds
101.1 To receive amalgamated weekly playground reports.
101.2 Orbit Housing Association's proposal to clear the children's playground at East View for health and safety reasons.
101.3 To consider the proposal by Orbit Housing Association and the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer that the shelter at the Kickabout Area should be removed (see CS07/07.48 for details of recent discussions). [The Sedlescombe Parish Council Report on the advantages and disadvantages of the East View Terrace Kickabout Area is enclosed.]
101.4 Final clearance of last jobs arising from Riverside playground refurbishment.

C06/07.102 To receive reports from councillors and the clerk on meetings/events attended.
102.1 AGM of Sussex Association of Local Councils - attended by Chairman and Clerk.
102.2 Photoshoot, presentation of PCSO Car to Sussex Police - attended by Chairman and Clerk and Cllr Dellow.
102.3 Sussex Police Authority meeting at Battle, 24/10/06 - attended by Clerk.
102.4 Rother Planning Seminar, 01/11/06 - attended by Clerk and Cllr Cameron.
102.5 Rother Clerks' Conference, 09/11/06 - attended by Clerk.
102.6 Society of Local Council Clerks Meeting at Battle 09/10/06 - attended by Clerk.

C06/07.103 Bank Reconciliations. To resolve that the bank reconciliations for September and October 2006 are received.

C06/07.104 Accounts. To resolve that the cheque list is ratified or approved for payment as appropriate.

C06/07.105 To review the Sedlescombe Lift Scheme (Cllr Mrs Glew to report).

C06/07.106 Consultations
106.1 "Strong and prosperous communities" - The Local Government White Paper.
106.2 To consider what action should be taken concerning the comments made by local residents on their pre-budget survey forms.
106.3 East Sussex Fire Authority Five Year Risk Management Plan.
106.4 Rother Local Development Framework Core Strategy. Two workshops have been arranged by Action in Rural Sussex on Thursday 30/11/06 at 18:00 and Saturday 02/12/06 at 10:00.
106.5 Rother & Romney Catchment Flood Management Plan. Consultation ends 01/02/07.
106.6 Hastings & Rother Transport Survey.

C06/07.107 Highways.
107.1 To report on the public meeting held on 27/10/06.
107.2 To review the SID Campaign and to agree a list of actions.
107.3 To consider future action in connection with the Sedlescombe traffic issues.
107.4 To receive a report on drainage problems in Balcombe Green/Long Lane.

C06/07.108 Waste & Recycling
108.1 Rother District Council Waste & Recycling Focus Groups.
108.2 To consider whether further a "Focus-On" campaign on "Waste & Recycling" should be launched.
108.3 To consider the draft "Waste Not" leaflet. To be distributed with the December/January Bulletin.

C06/07.109 To consider youth issues.
109.1 Matters raised by young people.
109.2 Tressell Training INSPIRE (Intervention and Supportive Project in Rother towards Employment).

C06/07.110 To consider whether Red Barn Field Nature Park should be used to encourage bees (at request of Cllr Dellow).

C06/07.111 To consider Rother District Council's proposed dog control orders.

C06/07.112 To consider whether research should be undertaken by the Parish Council to try to establish what can be done to help the older people of the Village (at the request of Cllr Dellow).

C06/07.113 Action in rural Sussex "Getting Out and About" at Heathfield Community Centre, Wednesday 29 November, 09:30 to 15:30. Lunch and refreshments provided.

C06/07.114 The Code of Conduct as it applies to people co-opted to Parish Council committees. The local Standards Board Monitoring Officer has always advised that residents co-opted to parish council committees must abide by the Code of Conduct including declarations of financial interests. However, recently, The Standards Board has confirmed that, if these people are in a non-voting capacity which they always are in accordance with the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, section 13, they are not bound by the Code. The Standards Board would not investigate any complaint against them. To RESOLVE: That co-opted members of the Crime & Safety Committee will not be required to declare financial interests in accordance with Standards Board advice.

C06/07.115 To consider the following matters considered by Best Value & Community Projects and Finance Committee:

Subject Best Value Finance
Bat Box at Riverside Playing Field Install bat box in oak tree. Delete from list of jobs.
Tennis courts Attempts are made to set up a tennis club to run the courts as well as continuation of discussions with Sedlescombe Golf Course. Research future of tennis courts, including use as a multi-sports facility, and report to the Council in due course.
Litter bin outside Old Hall House
Replace litter bin. Remove bin altogether.

C06/07.116 To consider the letter from the Countryside Alliance regarding threats to rural post offices.

C06/07.117 To remind members to deliver Welcome Packs.

Mrs P Raymond

Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer, Sedlescombe Parish Council
01424 870508,