OPEN FORUM - 14 November 2006

1. Young People. Open Forum was attended by teenagers from Sedlescombe who had responded to the Council's invitation to come to the Open Forum. With them were Emma Barker from the AiRS Buzz Project and Julie Powell, the Claverham Youth Work Manager, who had been looking at the current resources available for young people in some of the villages. A recent youth meeting at the Scout Hut had resulted in a list of priorities being drawn up which was presented to the Council by Robyn Baker.

The young people seemed to give the highest priority to the establishment of a youth club at the Scout Hut, which it appears is now only in use one morning a week. The lack of funding for youth workers was hindering progress. A twice-a-week youth club would cost about £60/week + hire of the venue and an 18 months to 2 year committment was sought. The Chairman of the Council agreed that availability of funding from other sources for a youth club should be investigated. In due course, the Council would consider and comment on each of the items on the young people's list of priorities.

Mark spoke of the problems of the newly-introduced much reduced bus service which restricted the movement of the young people. The Chairman of the Council suggested that they write to East Sussex County Council. She also mentioned that it might, on occasions, be possible to provide transport for groups of young people.

14-year-old girls who were present were interested in playing football. Cllr Mrs Mitchell informed them that an under-13s girls football team had just started in Sedlescombe with John Noonan as the trainer. If there was enough interest, it might be possible to start a second team. Having girls football teams could increase Sedlescombe Sports Association's chances of obtaining funding towards the proposed new pavilion.

A question was asked concerning the skate ramp which had not been progressed because no adults were willing to sign a Parish Council licence committing them to ensuring the ramp was maintained and insured etc. NPFA recommendations mean that the proposed site is too close to properties for a wheeled-sports site.

2. County Councillor Jones raised the following matters:
2.1 Veronique Poutrell runs an East Sussex County Council sources of funding database.
2.2 Peter Jones's PA, Joanna Hill, is leaving, being seconded to GOSE for two years on promotion. A new PA, Anna, is expected to start work at the beginning of January. The Clerk asked Peter Jones to thank Joanna for her assistance in various Sedlescombe matters.
2.3 The battle against enforced Police mergers had been won but East Sussex is still battling with the Home Office to reclaim the money it cost to undertake the review.
2.4 This is the time to get support from the local Police as there is currently less pressure on them because of arrests of some high-offending criminals.
2.5 East Sussex County Council has achieved a best in South East England assessment for Children's Services.
2.6 East Sussex County Council continues to win Green Apple Awards for environmental work.
2.7 Robertsbridge Community College had received a very poor OFSTED assessment. However, there is now great confidence in the new head. Peter Jones encouraged school governors of any school with concerns not to feel isolated but to involve East Sussex County Council at an early stage.

3. Dogs. Cllr Martin reported that the two dogs from the rear of the Bridge Garage are still wandering around at the Playing Field. They are a black whippet and a mongrel. Martin Hall will be asked to fill in the gaps in his hedge.

4. Deaths. The Chairman expressed the Council's sorrow at the recent deaths of Marion Selmes, Pat Smith and John F Cook.

5. Pestalozzi public meeting. All present were reminded of the public meeting to be held on Friday 24 November in Sedlescombe Village Hall at 7.30pm to hear about proposals for redevelopment at the Pestalozzi International Village.



PRESENT: Cllr Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Cllr A Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council),
Cllrs W Cameron, N Foord, Mrs J Mitchell, Mrs M Irwin, P Martin, Mrs P Glew, R Dellow
Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer: Mrs P Raymond

C06/07.93 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. None. All present.

C06/07.94 MINUTES. RESOLVED: That the Chairman is authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 12/09/06.

C06/07.95 INTERESTS. Members were reminded to disclose interests as they arose.

96.1 Planning. RESOLVED:
That the Minutes of the Meetings of the Planning Committee held on 12 & 26 September and 17 October 2006 are received.

96.2 Finance. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Finance Committee held on 31/10/06 are received, apart from the items numbered 12.2.2, 12.2.8, 12.2.12 and discussions regarding professional playground inspections all within Minute F06/07.23 which will be considered later. Members agreed that the Finance Committee meeting planned for 12/12/06 should be moved to 02/01/07.

96.3 Best Value and Community Projects. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the Meeting of the Best Value & Community Projects Committee held on 17/10/06 are received, apart from Minute BV06/, 1.2.8 and 12.2.12 which will be considered later.

96.4 Crime and Safety. RESOLVED: That the Minutes of the meeting of the Crime and Safety Committee held on 10/10/06 are received.

97.1 Footpaths Working Group.
A new footpaths page had been added to the website. A list of current jobs had been drawn up by the Clerk. Cllr Dellow reported that further work is in hand.

97.2 Environment Working Group. Matters raised at the recent working group meeting had been included on a new environment page that had been added to the website. Cllr Dellow reported that he had removed one lectern holding the interpretation poster at Red Barn Field Nature Park. Cllr Rand would collect it.

97.3 Emergency Working Group. The Clerk reported on the recent working group meeting. A list of vulnerable people is to be drawn up and councillors were asked to consider who, from their areas, should be added. It is intended that an emergency planning workshop meeting run by Rother will be held in Sedlescombe in the new year. The Chairman suggested that utilities should be given numbers to contact in the Village in the event of an emergency.

98.1 New England Lane/A21 Junction.
Arrangements made for the School bus not to use this dangerous junction.
98.2 Changes to Sedlescombe bus services. The change in service from a one-hourly to a two-hourly bus service is proving very inconvenient for users. The Clerk was asked to write to East Sussex County Council objecting to the changes.
98.3 The 2007 Annual Rother Parish Conference will be held on 20/03/07 in Brede Village Hall.
98.4 Churchland Lane. Following a meeting of the residents of Churchland Lane, it has been decided to erect a fence and locked gate at the village end of the Lane and also to erect a fence or barrier at the Hurst end of the Lane to be closed once a year.
98.5 Public Conveniences. Rother's Cabinet decided at its meeting on 02/10/06 that, as part of the Rother budget-setting process, to consider additional investment into the public conveniences in the District, apart from two in Bexhill, to bring facilities up to modern standards. As other services are considered for devolvement to Town and Parish Councils, the public conveniences should be considered within this framework.
98.6 A donation in memory of Noreen Hipwell for the Friends of Sedlescombe Parish Church has been acknowledged by the undertakers.
98.7 A donation to the BACT Golf Day on 29/09/06 at Sedlescombe Golf Club has been acknowledged. At least £2500 was expected to be made.
98.8 The East Sussex Local Transport Plan Delivery Report 2001-2006 is now available.
98.9 Minor highway work to the Village Green road is expected to be done by ESCC followed by a more major job which will entail closure of the road at some time in the future.
98.10 Drought. A letter from Southern Water gives an update on the current drought situation in the region. Underground sources, which provide 70% of water supplies in the region remain seriously depleted. It is anticipated that five months of above-average rainfall is needed this winter for levels to return to normal.
98.11 Oaklands Lane. Oaklands Manor and The Stables have a new address, Oaklands Lane TN33 0GR.
98.12 Shelves in village hall cupboard. Reg Glew was thanked for building splendid shelves in the large cupboard in committee room 1 which is shared by the Parish Council and the Clinic.
98.13 Information for businesses. Wise use of water and emergency planning information for businesses will be sent to Sedlescombe businesses when they are invited to advertise in the 2007 Annual Report/Directory.

99.1 Village Hall Management Committee.
Cllrs Mrs Glew and Mrs Irwin declared personal interests by virtue of their being trustees of the Village Hall. In accordance with the Code of Conduct, they remained in the room. Cllrs Mrs Glew reported that, following John Cook's death, she and her husband had temporarily taken on as much as possible, including village hall bookings for Sylvia Cook. User groups are asked to co-operate by putting out and clearing away chairs.

99.2 Sports Association Committee. Cllrs Martin and Mrs Mitchell declared personal interests by virtue of their being members of the Sports Association Committee. In accordance with the Code of Conduct, they remained in the room. Cllr Martin reported that, following criticisms of the Parish Council by John Cornford, Sports Association Chairman, he had resigned as the Parish Council's representative on the Committee. He was, however, willing to return now as the Chairman had resigned. Cllr Mrs Wright read a letter she had received from John Cornford in which he apologised for his remarks. Attempts were being made by the Committee to find a replacement Chairman.

A meeting with the Football Foundation on 28/11/06 will be attended by Cllr Mrs Mitchell and John Cornford at which advice will be given regarding the suitability of the Sedlescombe Sports Development Plan and the Business Plan. Following this meeting, it is hoped that an application can be submitted for Football Foundation funding.

The Clerk reported that work, including some additional work, had been approved and was in progress at the new disabled entrance adjacent to the proposed pavilion. This work would be paid for by the Parish Council from its Sports Pavilion Fund, saving the cost of VAT.

99.3 Neighbourhood Watch. Cllrs Dellow and Mrs Glew declared personal interests by virtue of their being members of the NHW Group. In accordance with the Code of Conduct, they remained in the room. A paper produced by the NHW Group was provided for members. A new offer of cabon monoxide alarms at £17 each had also been launched by the group.

Discussion took place regarding the security items belonging to the Parish Council that had been purchased several years ago which were now surplus to requirements. RESOLVED: That the outstanding security items should be advertised in the next Bulletin and any remaining given to the Neighbourhood Watch Group.

99.4 Rural Rother Youth Forum. Nothing to report.

99.5 Rother Association of Local Councils. Cllr Mrs Glew declared her personal interest by virtue of her being the Council's representative on RALC. In accordance with the Code of Conduct, she remained in the room. Cllr Mrs Wright reported that she had resigned from RALC and SALC; the Council's thanks were recorded to Cllr Mrs Wright for her dedication to these bodies over several years requiring journeys to attend meetings all over the county and, at times, even further afield.

Items raised at the meeting on 25/10/06 included: 1) Agreement that parishes should be invited to a district-wide event, perhaps involving training; 2) Members wishing to hold a district-wide traffic seminar, following Sedlescombe's road safety meeting; 3) Dissatisfaction with the last Parish Conference; 4) Rother Chief Executive's opposition to any penalisation of non-quality councils; 5) Rother Leader's specification that parishes should have quality status and a parish plan before any devolution could be considered; 6) Criticism of the quality of legal advice received by Fairlight Council from SALC with two other councils expressing satisfaction with the advice received from SALC.

99.6 Tree Warden. Cllr Martin, Sedlescombe's Tree Warden, reported as follows:
99.6.1 Some trees have been cut back at the Sportsfield but more work will be required.
99.6.2 With horse chestnut trees in decline, Cllr Martin has collected enough conkers for each Sedlescombe schoolchild to grow a horse chestnut tree. He is awaiting the headteacher's reply to this idea.
99.6.3 Local farmer, Elizabeth Cole, is planning to plant a new hedge in December and is inviting Sedlescombe schoolchildren to be involved.

Members were invited to offer their services as the Parish Council's representative on RALC but no-one came forward. RESOLVED: That Cllr Mrs Wright should continue on the Local Strategic Partnership Action Plans Committee but should represent Sedlescombe Parish Council instead of RALC.
It was noted that RALC's Constitution had been amended and only one councillor from each council is now eligible to vote at meetings.

101.1 Amalgamated inspection reports.
The Clerk reported on playground/tennis court inspections since the last meeting. In brief, these were: Tennis courts - twigs and leaves on the surface, fence to be secured at the bottom, one net needing attention. Riverside - picnic table fire damage and graffiti, rubbish bin overflowing, equipment muddy, acorns, branch of tree (fixed), slight movement on bollard (fixed). East View Kickabout - fences damaged (part-fixed), units needing cleaning, fire damage, beer cans and vodka bottles (cleared), acorns, remains of bike on roof of shelter.

John F Cook's recent death had left the Council without every other week inspection, litter collection and disposal and no-one to do a list of miscellaneous jobs. Members were asked to consider whether professional inspection should be introduced as considered by the Finance Committee prior to John's death. No decision was made but some councillors offered to undertake additional inspections and work and the Clerk was asked to arrange litter collection and disposal pro-tem. Further consideration will take place in January. DEFERRED

101.2 Under 10s playground at East View Terrace. Orbit Housing Association had decided to remove the equipment for health and safety reasons. It appears that the Association is seriously considering not replacing the play eqipment because there are not enough children of that age at East View and they should be able to walk to the Riverside and use the refurbished playground there. The Parish Council had already written objecting to this proposal and the Clerk was asked to write again.

101.3 Proposal of Orbit Housing Association and the Anti-Social Behaviour Officer that the shelter is removed from the Kickabout Area. Members had been provided with copies of the Sedlescombe Parish Council Report on the advantages and disadvantages of the East View Terrace Kickabout Area. Details of recent discussions can be seen at CS06/07.48. DEFERRED.

101.4 Final clearance of last jobs arising from the Riverside playground refurbishment. The Clerk reported that the final work following refurbishment had been completed and Robert Dudman (who was present) would be sending off the cheque the next day. RSS Playgrounds had agreed to give a discount on the resurfacing around the Orbiter and this money, together with interest, means that it could be possible to install another small item at the playground. Robert was asked to suggest what his committee would like installed.

102.1 AGM of SALC.
Attended by Cllr Mrs Wright and the Clerk. A presentation of a certificate was made to Sedlescombe Parish Council for being runner-up in the Annual Report of the Year Competition. In brief, the following matters were discussed: 1) Allowances for councillors - RESOLVED: That Sedlescombe Parish Council's Finance Committee should reconsider the payment of basic allowances to councillors from June 2006. 2) Need for there to be 31 Quality Councils in East Sussex by the end of 2009 before a stream of funding is realeased. 3) A thorough study is being undertaken re the infrastructure of the south east in connection with the Government's requirement for extra affordable housing. 4) Change in the way the SALC sub is calculated which results in a reduction for Sedlescombe from £261.50 this year to about £210 next year.

102.2 Photoshoot, presentation of PCSO Car to Sussex Police. Attended by Chairman, Clerk and Cllr Dellow. Photo included on front page of Battle Observer.

102.3 Sussex Police Authority, public meeting at Battle, 24/10/06. Very low attendance at the meeting, mostly District Councillors or Battle Town Councillors. One member of the public was very concerned about bicycles on pavements in Bexhill and another about dangerous motorised wheelchairs on paths in the rural areas. Chief Inspector Brookman had given a report. Anti-social behaviour had been tackled during the summer by several operations including Operation Temptation at designated hotspots, both in Bexhill and the rural villages. The community links in rural areas have proved very valuable.

102.4 Rother Planning Seminar, 01/11/06 at Battle. The Seminar had been attended by Cllr Cameron and the Clerk and both agreed that it had been a very useful meeting. Cllr Cameron reported receipt of a report on the meeting which will be circulated to members.

102.5 Rother Clerks' Conference, 09/11/06 at Brede. The Clerk attended this meeting but was not impressed with its content.

102.6 Society of Local Council Clerks Meeting at Battle. The Clerk attended this meeting and found it very interesting. The speaker was Malcolm Constable, Rother Elections Manager. The Government is putting a great amount of extra work on the Districts regarding elections but is not giving them any extra funding.



C06/07.105 REVIEW OF SEDLESCOMBE LIFT SCHEME. Cllr Mrs Glew had received reports from drivers involved with the Scheme which had been in operation since June. Not all drivers had been asked to provide lifts but those that had had not encountered any problems. Likewise, nothing but appreciation had been received from those getting lifts. Lifts had been given to Bexhill, the Conquest, Westfield Surgery and the Dentist. Councillors agreed that it should be left to individual drivers to consider whether they would be willing to take people to visit someone in hospital. However, the Scheme should not be extended to giving lifts for social purposes such as to the Blind Club when taxis could be used.

106.1 "Strong and prosperous communities".
The Local Government White Paper had been published. Members had been provided with a very brief summary of provisions affecting local councils.

106.2 Sedlescombe Parish Council Pre-Budget Survey forms. Residents that had answered the survey had been most dissatisfied with PCSO services. Members are not convinced that Peter Crotch spends enough time walking around Sedlescombe, for instance at half-term. The car had been seen in Robertsbridge Station on a Sunday evening and the headteacher had had to contact the Parish Council to find out how to get the PCSO to be outside the School at arriving and leaving times. Cllr Dellow had attended a recent crime and safety forum and had been told by Inspector Franklin that nothing further can be done by the Police about the anti-social behaviour at the Kickabout Area because the young people are over 18. The Clerk was asked to write to Inspector Franklin, explaining that Councillor Jones had assured the Parish Council that the Rother Police are just waiting for us to tell them what we want them to do. The Council would like its own PCSO, that he should attend both the Parish Council Meeting and the Crime & Safety Meeting, that the PCSO car should be parked outside the Post Office on occasions and that incidents should always be followed up by him. Cllr Mrs Irwin reported that the current PCSO has been to see her twice.
Members had been provided with a list of the comments local residents had included on their survey forms. It was agreed as follows: 1) Chairman to speak to Bistro operators about parking outside the Bistro opposite the B2244/Brede Lane junction. 2) Parish Council to discuss with Rother what can be done to improve the layout of the Brede Lane public car park to encourage less parking in Brede Lane. 3) Ensure hedges at junction of Gorselands and Brede Lane are kept cut back (mirrors not allowed on verges by ESCC). 4) Chase ESCC re drainage of Balcombe Green, especially regarding piped channelling run-off into Red Barn Field. 5) Maintenance of roads and footways, including weedkilling and filling pot-holes.

106.3 East Sussex Fire Authority Five Year Risk Management Plan. A clear and concise Plan had been produced with Fire Authority visions as follows: 1) To reduce the number of house fires through a programme of home safety visits. 2) To reduce road traffic collisions by working with partners to prevent accidents and to respond effectively to incidents when needed. They plan to educate young people of the dangers of driving through the Safe Drive, Stay Alive programme. 3) To reduce fires in schools and workplaces by providing free arson assessments for local businesses and eduction in schools. Also to promote sprinkler systems in public and commercial buildings. 4) To reduce anti-social behaviour working through youth agencies with those who already have a record of anti-social behaviour through the Local Intervention Fire Education (LIFE) project. 5) To encourage staff development by ensuring that all staff have access to flexible and family-friendly opportunities for self-development.

106.4 Rother Local Development Framework Core Strategy. Members were informed of two workshops being planned by Action in rural Sussex in November and December. Members were provided with Residents Core Strategy Survey Forms.

106.5 Rother & Romney Catchment Flood Management Plan. Consultation ends 01/02/07.

106.6 Hastings & Rother Transport Survey. Members were provided with Survey Forms.

C06/07.107 HIGHWAYS
107.1 Review of Public Meeting.
A public meeting had been held on 27/10/06 in Sedlescombe and members had been provided with the Clerk's Report. It had also been included on the Parish Council website.
107.2 Review of the SID Campaign. Members considered that the SID Campaign at the end of September had been successful in drawing the attention of the public to the 30mph speed limit through Sedlescombe. RESOLVED: That a further 2-day SID Campaign is undertaken in March 2007. It was agreed that the Parish Council should request that the PCSO should be allocated to Sedlescombe for those two days to note down the numbers of vehicles found speeding, without seatbelts and using mobile hand-held phones. PCSO to write to the drivers as appropriate and for the Council to receive details of the letters sent. The following sites should be used 1) half-day Brede Lane (new site for risk assessment); 2) half-day Village Green; 3) full-day Century House. The Clerk would ask Sussex Police to follow up the SID Campaign as offered by Keith Ellis at the Sedlescombe Road Safety Meeting.
107.3 Future action in connection with the Sedlescombe traffic issues. Members had been provided with the list of issues raised at the public meeting. It was agreed that the following requests should be forwarded to East Sussex County Council: 1) New buffer speed limits from Sedlescombe Vineyard to the 30mph speed limit just north of the village hall. 2) Double white lines at the top of Church Hill. 3) New buffer speed limit in Chapel Hill. 4) Adjustment of the Chapel Hill/B2244 junction to separate the Pestalozzi driveway from the Chapel Hill entrance.
107.4 Drainage problems in Balcombe Green/Long Lane. A resident of Long Lane had written to East Sussex County Council and the Parish Council concerning increased problems of run-off during and after heavy rain now that Balcombe Green has been surfaced. She also writes of her concern about the speed of the traffic in Balcombe Green. The Parish Council will follow up the pipe channelling water into Red Barn Field as part of the proposed improved drainage scheme being considered by ESCC.

108.1 Rother Waste & Recycling Focus Groups.
Rother District Council is arranging a series of Wast & Recycling Focus Groups in the district during November/December. Those wanting to take part should book places. Cllr Cameron mentioned that he is currently involved in a Small Change Focus Group in Sedlescombe.
108.2 "Focus-On on Waste and Recycling". The Parish Council decided it would not be appropriate to hold a further public meeting in Sedlescombe as Rother is arranging meetings. At Cllr Dellow's request, the Council agreed that a press release should be issued detailing what Sedlescombe is doing to combat waste and increase recycling eg Small Change, ReThink Rubbish Bus, Earth Day at Pestalozzi, Leaflet.
108.3 "Waste Not" leaflet. The Council agreed that the leaflet as drafted should be prepared and delivered to each household with the January Bulletins.

109.1 Matters raised by young people.
A list of priority actions had been presented to the Parish Council at the earlier Open Forum. Although the Council was willing to be supportive in, for example, getting a youth club restarted, the young people would be expected to act responsibly. It was agreed that the Council should not put any additional money in the 2007/8 budget but should consider doing so in 2008/9.
109.2 INSPIRE. A new Tressell Training Initiative INSPIRE (Intervention and Supportive Project in Rother towards Employment) is available in Robertsbridge.

C06/07.110 ENCOURAGEMENT OF BEES AT RED BARN FIELD NATURE PARK. Cllr Dellow reported that the Environment Group is planning to produce a simple leaflet on wildlife gardening and encouragement of bees is expected to be included.

C06/07.111 PROPOSED DOG CONTROL ORDERS. Rother District Council has issued proposals for consultation for the introduction of Dog Control Orders throughout Rother. They are to apply to all land which is open to the air on at least one side and to which the public are entitled to have access, with or without charge. It is to apply to roads, footpaths, promenades and twittens (including Highways) and open land owned or maintained by Rother District Council, East Sussex County Council, Hastings Borough Council and all Parish and Town Councils within Rother District. The following controls will apply:
a) Dog faeces to be removed.
b) Dogs to be kept on a lead in all areas except those specifed in Schedule A. NB - there are none in Sedlescombe.
c) Dogs to be prohibited from areas specified in Schedule B.
d) A person is to take no more than 6 dogs onto the land.

It was RESOLVED: That Sedlescombe Parish Council should forward the following amendments to Rother for inclusion in the proposed Dog Control Order:

Amend/add to :

Schedule B: Dogs to be prohibited from
Cemeteries and Churchyards except the public footpath Sedlescombe No.8 through Sedlescombe Churchyard where dogs should be kept on short leads (length of lead to be prescribed).
Sportsgrounds except the public footpath Sedlescombe No.31 through Sedlescombe Sportsfield where dogs should be kept on short leads (length of lead to be prescribed).
Allotment sites except the public footpath Sedlescombe No.1 through Sedlescombe Allotments where dogs should be kept on short leads (length of lead to be prescribed).

Add Red Barn Field Nature Park to the list of places where dogs should be excluded.

It was RESOLVED: That Rother District Council is asked to dedicate some of its enforcement staff's time to enforce areas in the parishes.

It was RESOLVED: That enforcement of the Dog Control Orders in Sedlescombe by the Police Community Support Officer is pursued.

C06/07.112 HELP FOR OLDER PEOPLE. It was agreed that Cllr Dellow should research what is required to help older people in Sedlescombe and then report back to the Council.

C06/07.113 ACTION IN RURAL SUSSEX "GETTING OUT AND ABOUT". A day course is being organised by AiRS at Heathfield Community Centre on Wednesday 29 November, 09:30 to 15:30.

C06/07.114 CODE OF CONDUCT. The local Standards Board Monitoring Officer has always advised that residents co-opted to parish council committees must abide by the Code of Conduct, including declarations of financial interests. However, recently, the Standards Board has confirmed that, if these people are in a non-voting capacity which they always are in accordance with the Local Government and Housing Act 1989, section 13, they are not bound by the Code. The Standards Board would not investigate any complaint against them. RESOLVED: THAT CO-OPTED MEMBERS OF THE CRIME & SAFETY COMMITTEE WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO DECLARE FINANCIAL INTERESTS IN ACCORDANCE WITH STANDARDS BOARD ADVICE.

C06/07.115 JOBS. Members made the following decisions: 1) Delete from list of jobs - installation of bat box in oak tree at Riverside Playing Field - 2) Tennis Courts - decision on future use to be DEFERRED for further consideration; £500 to be allocated in the 2007/8 budget. 3) Litter bin outside Old Hall House - remove bin altogether.

C06/07.116 COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE. A letter and poster had been received from the Countryside Alliance regarding the threat to rural post offices. The Clerk was authorised to put up the poster.

C06/07.118 WELCOME PACKS. Members were reminded to deliver Welcome Packs to newcomers.

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