A Meeting of the Crime & Safety Committee of Sedlescombe Parish Council is to be held on Tuesday 5 December at 10:00 in Committee Room 2 of Sedlescombe Village Hall


MEMBERS: Cllr R Dellow (Chairman of the Committee), Cllr Mrs P Glew, Cllrs Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Cllr A Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council),

Co-opted members: Mrs S Martin, Mrs J Dellow, Mr R Glew


Mr Craig Atkins (Orbit Housing Association)
Representative of East View & Conqueror Community Association
PCSO Peter Crotch

CS06/07.53 To receive apologies for absence.

CS06/07.54 To authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of Committee held on 10/10/06.

CS06/07.55 To remind members to disclose interests as they arise. To note that co-opted members will not be required to declare interests in accordance with recent Standards Board advice. The Monitoring Officer has removed their names from the Public Register.

CS06/07.56 To receive a report on matters arising from previous meetings where not covered by other agenda items
56.1 Special Constable advert.
56.2 E-mailed crime reports for noticeboard.

CS06/07.57 Police Community Support Officer
57.1 PCSO Report in accordance with patrol schedule.
57.2 Results of PCSO surgery on 21/10/06 in Sedlescombe.
57.3 PCSO working with the Sedlescombe CE School.
57.4 PCSO overtime.
57.5 PCSO car marking and parking outside the Post Office.
57.6 PCSO attendance at meetings. Inspector Franklin has written as follows in reply to Sedlescombe Parish Council's request that the PCSO attends Parish Council as well as Crime and Safety Meetings: "PCSOs will attend when available and for the first part of the meeting to update policing issues. There are questions relating to the crime and safety meetings as these should be and are covered by other specific meetings. Attendance is also variable on other policing constraints."
57.7 Visits by PCSO to victims of Sedlescombe incidents.
57.8 Occasional visits by PCSO to local businesses such as Dennis Thomas (Builders).

CS06/07.58 East View Terrace update
58.1 Letter from Greg Barker, MP about anti-social behaviour.
58.2 East View & Conqueror Association Report.
58.3 Orbit Housing Association Report.
58.4 Youth issues.
58.5 Provision of youth worker.
58.5 Proposed ban on the consumption of intoxicating liquor in designated places in Rother Area.

CS06/07.59 Speed Indicator Device
59.1 Second campaign planned for some time during week beginning 26/03/07.
59.2 Comments of Graham Beattie on points raised after first campaign.

CS06/07.60 Neighbourhood Watch
60.1 Ringmaster Scheme.
60.2 Report.

CS06/07.61 CCTV Cameras.

CS06/07.62 Electric Blanket Testing and Safety Day.

CS06/07.63 Date of next meeting ?16/01/07.