MEMBERS: Cllr V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Cllr A Rand (Vice-Chairman of the Council), Cllr R Dellow, Cllr N Foord, Cllr Mrs P Glew, Cllr Mrs M Irwin, Cllr Mrs J Mitchell, Cllr P Martin, Cllr W Cameron


C06/07.119 To receive apologies for absence.

C06/07.120 To authorise the Chairman to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on 14/11/06.

C06/07.121 To remind members to declare their personal interests on matters on the agenda, the nature of any interest and whether the Member regards the interest as prejudicial under the terms of the Code of Conduct.

C06/07.122 To resolve that the Minutes of the following Committee Meetings are received:
122.1 Planning 14 November, 19 December 2006
122.2 Crime & Safety 5 December 2006
122.3 Finance 2 January 2007 including approval of the 2007/8 Sedlescombe Parish Council budget and precept.

C06/07.123 To resolve that the reports from the following Working Groups are received.
123.1 Parish Council/Sports Association Pavilion Committee
123.2 Environment

C06/07.124 To receive the Clerk's Report.

C06/07.125 To receive reports from representatives.

C06/07.126 Bank Reconciliation. To resolve: That Bank Reconciliations at the end of November and December are received.

C06/07.127 Cheques. To resolve: That payment of December 2006 cheques is ratified and of January 2007 cheques approved.

C06/07.128 Playgrounds
128.1 Amalgamated inspection reports
128.2 Arrangements for inspection of playgrounds in 2007 (decision deferred at November Council Meeting)
128.3 Under 10s playground at East View Terrace
128.4 East View Kickabout Area
128.5 Riverside Playground.

C06/07.129 Youth Issues
129.1 Proposed Designation Order under the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, Section 13
129.2 Report re youth priorities
129.3 Rural Rother Youth Network - What do you want for next Christmas? Designed to support any volunteers working with young people in rural Communities. Tuesday 30 January, 19:00-21:00 at Westfield Parish Hall.
129.4 Closure of Scout Hut.

C06/07.130 Crime & Safety
130.1 Police Community Support Officer. See Minute CS06/07.57.1.
130.2 East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service. Annual Report 2005/6 & Performance Plan Summary 2006/07 received.

C06/07.131 Highways Issues
131.1 Reply from County Council re road safety issues, weeds and potholes and extension of the footway in front of the Queen's Head.
131.2 New proposals for setting local speed limits. (Please complete and return the "settling local speed limits questionnaire.)
131.3 Letters from Colin Boyd re traffic calming within the 30mph speed limit.
131.4 Drainage problems in Balcombe Green/Long Lane.
131.5 Second SID Campaign. To receive the report of the NHW group who has been tasked with reporting to the Parish Council on what form the next Campaign should take.
131.6 Public footpath 2c, proposed diversion of path away from wet and muddy area and through Horns Wood.
131.7 Voluntary Public Footpath Maintenance Work.
131.8 East Sussex County Council Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2007-2017, draft consultation (by 23/07/06)
131.9 Parked cars obstructing the entrance to Pumphouse Yard.

C06/07.132 Water supply interruption, 12 December 2006 0800 to 2100.

C06/07.133 To agree the format of the 2007 Annual Assembly of the Parish Meeting.

C06/07.134 To receive a report from Cllr Dellow regarding what the Parish Council could do for older people in the parish.

C06/07.135 Environment
135.1 Waste & Recycling
135.2 Yellow pages collection
135.3 Campaign to Protect Rural England - "Fieldwork" Newsletter received.
135.4 Volunteer environment work at Pestalozzi.
135.5 Nest boxes in Red Barn Field report.
135.6 Wildlife gardening booklet.

C06/07.136 Changes to bus services in Sedlescombe - reply from East Sussex County Council to issues raised by Sedlescombe residents.

C06/07.137 Lack of volunteers in Sedlescombe. In its latest newsletter, AiRS focuses on the difficulties of finding volunteers in villages.

C06/07.138 Rother Local Action Planning Network Meeting - How to bridge the gap between Statutory Agencies and Local Action Plans. Saturday 27 January, 09:30 to 13:00, Beckley Village Hall.

C06/07.139 Revised Code of Conduct
139.1 To authorise either the Clerk, in consultation with the Chairman, or the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman to forward appropriate comments on the revised draft code when it is published as it is expected that consultation time will be short.
139.2 To note that the new Code of Conduct will need to be adopted prior to the elections and, that unless the new Code is received prior to the March Council Meeting, a special Parish Council meeting will need to be held to allow the Council to adopt it.

C06/07.140 Affordable housing. To consider the letter from Kelly Jaggard, Rural Housing Development Officer at AiRS whose role is to work alongside parish councils, the District Council and Housing Associations as an independent party to help identify the housing needs in a parish and assist in seeking ways to improve the provision of affordable housing to meet the needs that may be identified. She offers to meet the Clerk and one or two parish councillors for each parish to discuss the issue further.

C06/07.141 "Creating an NHS Fit for the Future". East Sussex Downs and Weald Primary Care Trust is holding a series of meetings in January to inform residents on plans for improving health services in East Sussex. The meetings are to be held on Tuesday 23/01/07, 18:00-21:00, The Gold Room, Winter Gardens, Eastbourne; Thursday 25/01/07, 12:00-15:00, Royal Victoria Hotel, Marina, St Leonards on Sea; Tuesday 30/01/07, 14:00-17:00, The Weald Hall, Uckfield Civic Centre. Numbers are limited and therefore your place needs to be booked.

C06/07.142 Welcome Packs.


2 January 2007