PRESENT: Cllr R Dellow (Chairman of the Committee), Cllr Mrs P Glew, Cllr Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Mrs P Raymond: Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer

Co-opted members: Mrs J Dellow, Mr R Glew

CS06/07.64 Apologies for absence. Mrs S Martin (other commitments), Cllr A Rand (work commitments).

CS06/07.65 Minutes. The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 5 December 2006.

CS06/07.66 Interests. Members were reminded to disclose personal interests in matters on the agenda as they arose, the nature of any interest and whether the Member regarded the interest as prejudicial under the terms of the Code of Conduct. None disclosed.

The Clerk reported that she had obtained advice regarding the number of members of this Committee that should make up a quorum. The advice is that a quorum of 3 should be included in revised terms of reference, 2 of whom must be parish councillors.

CS06/07.67 Report on matters raised at previous meetings.
67.1 Special Constable advert.
It was agreed that the Clerk should write to Inspector Franklin asking him to arrange for a special constable advert to be placed in a local paper soon, so that training can start in April.

67.2 E-mailed crime reports. PC Cleverley had apologised for not sending the reports for the noticeboard as promised. Cllr Dellow reported have just received an e-mailed report for December.

67.3 Use of CCTV cameras. Nothing heard from the Residents' Association.

CS06/07.68 Police Community Support Officer
68.1 Revised PCSO patrol schedules.
PC Cleverley had sent a copy of Peter Crotch's revised patrol schedule now that he covers, Sedlescombe, Whatlington and Mountfield. The Clerk had spoken to the Clerk to Whatlington Parish Council who, to date, had not met or spoken to PCSO Crotch. It was expected that he would attend the January Whatlington Parish Council meeting.
Cllr Dellow had been authorised by the Parish Council to contact the Police regarding the ineffectiveness of the Sedlescombe PCSO. He had an appointment to meet PC Cleverley and PCSO Peter Crotch tomorrow. It was agreed that, following this meeting, Cllr Dellow should write a report to send to County Councillor Peter Jones.
68.2 PCSO surgery. Information from Peter/Tina still awaited.
68.3 PCSO Report. The Crime Report for December recorded two crimes, a burglary of food at Pestalozzi and criminal damage to a fence panel in the rear garden of a property in East View Terrace. There were several road-related incidents in the parish and an increase in anti-social behaviour at East View Terrace around the Christmas holidays. Peter reported that he has been involved with local youth workers in attempting to set up a youth club in Sedlescombe.
68.4 Use of PCSO car. Inspector Franklin had confirmed that the car should be parked in the Village when Peter is on duty. Members still had not seen it but it was reported that, currently, it is off the road with boot problems.
68.5 PCSO visits to victims. No feedback received from Peter regarding visits to victims. Cllr and Mr Glew reported that they had not been visited following damage to their rear fence. Cllr Dellow would check whether the resident of Orchard Way who had had a chicken stolen had been visited.
68.6 Occasional PCSO visits to local businesses. As Peter was not present, no information was available on visits to local businesses although it was noted that this was included on the patrol schedule.
68.7 PCSO contact with the School. As Peter was not present, no information was available on contact with the School although it was noted that this was included on the patrol schedule.
68.8 Overtime by PCSO. PC Cleverley had informed the Council that 2.5 hours overtime cash had been used on 12/12/06 for PCSO Crotch to attend a BUZZ meeting regarding youths in Sedlescombe and the setting up of a Youth Club. Members were not happy with this use of funds and were concerned that Peter might be being taken away by the Police for duties elsewhere and then funds from the overtime pot used for him to attend meetings in the Village.

CS06/07.69 Community Safety Officer. At the last meeting of the Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Forum on 8 November, it was suggested that a member of the community should be chosen as The Community Safety Officer to meet with victims of crime in the area. The victim should be put in touch with the Crime Prevention Officer and information passed to the police, social services etc.

Members were surprised that this subject should be raised. Sedlescombe Neighbourhood Watch members have undertaken this role for several years. It is also part of the role of a PCSO who should be contacting victims and giving out suitable information. Cllr Dellow would take this to the next Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Forum.

CS06/07.70 "No cold calling" packs. It was agreed that several packs would be obtained to give out at the Parish Assembly. The fitting of home security equipment free of charge is means tested in comparison to the Sedlescombe scheme which is genuinely free of charge.

CS06/07.71 Crime & Anti-social Behaviour Meeting, 08/11/06. Items had been extracted from this meeting's minutes and included on this agenda. Electric blanket testing had been raised by Sedlescombe representatives but had been omitted from the minutes. A report on electric blanket testing is expected at the next meeting to be held on 31/01/07.

CS06/07.72 East View Terrace update. Members of the committee had been copied into recent e-mail correspondence about anti-social behaviour at East View Terrace. Cllr Dellow reported his meeting with local residents who are not complaining about the noise, but about the swearing and abuse directed at them. Other residents are affected but are too afraid to come forward. Cllr Dellow intends to talk over a plan with PC Cleverley tomorrow. It appears that children from Westfield have joined friends at Sedlescombe, playing chicken in Brede Lane.

CS06/07.73 Speed Indicator Device. Following the Council's recent approval of another shorter campaign in Sedlescombe in March, Cllr Mrs Glew plans to visit the people on the SID list to see whether they are willing to participate this time. The Clerk will produce the schedules for use with the SID.

CS06/07.74 Neighbourhood Watch Report. Mrs Dellow reported that the public liability insurance had been renewed. Sedlescombe had recently suffered from a spate of shed break-ins and so the NHW is offering shed alarms. Carbon Monoxide alarms have been purchased and distributed in the parish. Members have provided help with installation. A total of 167 Sedlescombe homes have received home security visits of one type or another.

Cllr Dellow reported that, if the youth club is started, counselling of young people could be offered to discuss issues such as bullying, self-worth, trouble with parents, anger management etc. There would be a £45 charge every two weeks. Members thought this subject should be passed to the Youth Service when they are next in contact.

CS06/07.75 Proposed electric blanket testing session in Sedlescombe. Cllr Dellow hoped to be able to have another electrict blanket testing session in Sedlescombe in 2007. However, members stressed that, if arranged, it must be better organised this time and participants must be made aware of what could happen if their blanket fails (plug removed by the fire officer). Incorrect information regarding replacement blankets had been given by the Fire Service and questions regarding benefits asked in public. Having said that, it was a popular event that provided a very useful service. Unfortunately, it was not under the control of the Parish Council.

CS06/07.76 Date of next meeting. 6 March 2007, 10am.

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