PRESENT: Cllr R Dellow (Chairman of the Committee), Cllr Mrs V Wright (Chairman of the Council), Mrs J Dellow (co-opted), Mr R Glew (co-opted), Mrs P Raymond - Clerk, Sedlescombe Parish Council


CS06/07.77 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE were received from Cllr Mrs Glew and Cllr Rand (work commitments), Mrs S Martin (medical appointment). Apologies had also been received from PCSO Crotch (moving house) and Craig Atkins, Orbit HA (training).

CS06/07.78 MINUTES. The Chairman was authorised to sign the Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee held on 16/01/07.

CS06/07.79 INTERESTS. Members were reminded to disclose personal interests in matters on the agenda as they arose, the nature of any interest and whether the Member regarded the interest as prejudicial under the terms of the Code of Conduct.

80.1 Special Constable advert.
Cllr Dellow reported that Inspector Franklin had confirmed that the special constable advert had been inserted in a local paper. No-one present at the meeting could confirm this. Unfortunately, it appears that, after missing the special constable training last Autumn, it is unlikely that any person responding to the advert will be able to undergo special constable training in April. Members expressed their disappointment at not receiving any co-operation from the Police in obtaining additional policing for Sedlescombe. It was RECOMMENDED: That a letter should be sent to County Cllr Peter Jones expressing the Parish Council's frustration at not being able to obtain effective, visible policing for the parish, even though funds could be available, and also the difficulties experienced in obtaining the services of a special constable. The reasons for needing additional policing are high numbers of social housing in a small village and reduced PCSO cover.

80.2 Proposed electric blanket testing. Cllr Dellow had not, so far, been successful in persuading the East Sussex Fire Service to take on this task. He would continue to press for a satisfactory outcome.

81.1 PCSO Report.
Members had been e-mailed a January crime report (nothing since)
81.2 PCSO Car. Cllr Mrs Wright reported that the Director of SLM Motors, who had helped to provide the car, is very dissatisfied with its use, having not seen it around the village at all. He has today written to the Chief Constable expressing his disappointment.
81.3 PCSO surgeries. Members had seen a comment from the Police that the last surgery at Sedlescombe was not well attended. However, members agreed that Cllr Dellow should ask for another to be held in the village.
81.4 Assigning of the PCSO to duties outside the Village. Members were disappointed that the PCSO is still being assigned to duties away from the village, leaving us with no cover.
81.5 Monthly report. PC Cleverly had promised Cllr Dellow that all members of the C&S Committee would be e-mailed reports to include a list of incidents but also where patrols had been made. Also the number of hours spent in the village and the number spent on incidents not relating to the villages. Two reprts had been received up to 13/02/07. Members agreed the schedule report is useful. The inclusion of times, as in the 07/02/07 e-mail from PC Cleverley, is additionally helpful. Cllr Dellow to ask PC Cleverley for reports from 14/02/07 onwards.
81.6 Communications. PC Cleverley had asked that all e-mails should be sent to her and not to PCSO Crotch. However, it was noted that she does not open e-mails which are copied to her rather than sent directly.
81.7 Meeting. PC Cleverley had agreed that a member of the committee should meet with Peter in the village once a month to discuss any problems or suggestions, eg visits to vulnerable people. Cllr Dellow had spent an hour in the village with PCSO Crotch and they had visited a lady, who could be described as "vulnerable". Sarah O'Shaugnessy had been visiting at the same time to carry out a home security check. It was agreed that other members of the committee and the Clerk would take it in turns to take part in this monthly meeting. Communication with the Police and PCSO remain unsatisfactory. It was agreed that the PCSO should at least attend the Crime and Safety Committee Meeting.

CS06/07.82 ORBIT HOUSING ASSOCIATION. No report had been provided. However, it was believed that a letter had been sent to Orbit tenants threatening loss of property if someone in the tenant's property is found to have been involved in anti-social behaviour. The behaviour situation at East View seems to have improved following this letter.

1. Following a spate of burglaries and attempted shed break-ins, the NHW had put home security notices in the parish news and window of the Post Office.
2. Security lights and rear gates had been tampered with in Streetlands.
3. A lady living on her own had phoned being concerned by unwanted phone calls. She had been advised about the telephone preference scheme.
4. Reports had been received that the Scout Hut door had been kicked in twice.
5. Action seemed successful re mini motorcycles with the Police responding quickly to a call and confiscating one vehicle.
6. Thirty Carbon Monoxide alarms have been sold.
7. With a current home security installation, a total of 168 had been carried out by a small group since the start of the scheme.
8. Since the hold up at Staplecross, the Police, the PCSO and Sarah O'Shaugnessy are calling in to our shop regularly. The CCTV van was left outside over two days last week.
9. A report had been made to the NHW that ladders that were stolen some time ago have been seen outside a house in the village.
10. PCSO Crotch followed up a report that men were calling at houses in Gorselands offering to do tree work. He established that a fair price was given for the work undertaken and the quoted price adhered to.
11. Three Police/PCSOs kept watch on houses in Park Shaw during a recent funeral and helped to control traffic outside the Church. The bereaved gentleman was very appreciative.

300 leaflets were printed and delivered by not only PCSO Crotch, but also NHW co-ordinators and Sarah O'Shaugnessy. Members suggested that PCSO Crotch had missed an opportunity to visit many houses in the parish at the same time as delivering the leaflets. Mostly, the centre of the village had been covered. Members noted that there appears to be no PCSO patrol cover in the outlying parts of the parish and would like to see the PCSO walking along Hurst Lane, Compasses Lane, New England Lane, Poppinghole Lane and other outlying parts of the parish. Cllr Dellow to pass on the message.

CS06/07.84 DATE OF NEXT MEETING. Tuesday 1 May 2007.

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